Fly Fishing In Iceland

Fly angling in Iceland– most likely the most effective trout and char angling destination in the northern hemisphere!.?.!! This blog by Ceri Thomas will certainly provide you a concept of the high quality of angling offered. Continue reading to find angling in Iceland …

In July of 2019 myself and also Tim Hughes of Airflo visited the volcanic wild of Iceland in search of brownish trout and Arctic char. Our trip was organized with Fishpartner as well as entailed four days of hardcore fishing on numerous lakes, plus two highland rivers, the Kaldakvisl and Tungnaa.

Along with the usual selection of Airflo angling tackle, we took along a broad option of Fulling Mill flies, recognizing that their resilience as well as fish catching prowess were without equivalent.

On the afternoon of day one, we fished a small lake called Villingavatn, where the trout were unbelievably in shape and also attractive. We observed many huge fish feeding in this lake on sticklebacks, so we imitated these with Fulling Mill lite-brite minnow patterns to terrific success. It was necessary to make lengthy casts with our Airflo SuperFlo lines beyond a weed line, once in the taking zone the hits were extremely savage, with every single fish taking us well into the backing. The ordinary dimension of the butter gold trout we captured were stone’s throw off 60cm– yet apparently these were just the smaller sized ones in the lake!

On day 2 we fished the large Lake Ulfljotsvatn, which generated countless tough battling char as much as 50 centimeters to fairies fished under a strike sign in a deep water network. Favourite Fulling Mill flies of the day consisted of the traffic control buzzer and also the Czech weapon, a pattern that truly chose the much better fish.

We invested the night of day 2 and afterwards the next two full days spying of the elegant Fishpartner Highland lodge on their rivers, the impressive Kaldakvisl as well as Tungnaa, where we put in some seriously lengthy hours on the water.

Day three we spent totally on the Kaldakvisl, with its sensational falls and rough pools and also runs. Right here our favoured method was to fish two flies under an Air-lok bung. Once again chosen out repeatedly by the char, the Czech tool fairy with its red tag was. We additionally had some fantastic angling with large, black streamers, with fish after fish hitting these flies hard when removed back throughout the river mouth where it entered a glacial lake. It is no overestimation to state we landed huge quantities of char from the Kaldakvisl, even more than we ever believed feasible. Many were in between 40 as well as 52 cm and were the most lovely fish we had ever before seen. We additionally captured some extraordinary trout to over 50 centimeters. Our last day was invested in the Tungnaa, a gin clear river that in its upper reaches flowed via what seemed an unusual landscape, full with volcanic canyons and lurid eco-friendly greenery. The angling was also better– below big char balancing 45cm to 55cm abounded, as did many sizable browns, which we landed to 57cm. Even bigger trout were seen and also lost on banners!

Fulling Mill redneck barbless nymphs in size 16 fished ‘duo style’ worked a reward on the Tungnaa, particularly when drifted over view fished char. In the deeper, much faster runs we located that FM Duracell jig fairies in a size 12 were unbelievably reliable– I landed 8 char in as numerous casts with this fly in simply one run, they absolutely loved it!

Dry fly also entered its very own on the Tungnaa, with the Fulling Mill warp speed klinks in dimension 18 functioning an appeal for midge and caddis sippers. Viewing prehistoric browns slowly going up with the deep, clear water to purposely take your dry fly was something else.

The journey was really amazing, and also not when were we pull down by any kind of product of our take on. The Airlite V2 fishing pole and our brand-new V2 fly reels done superbly, with the reels smooth drag systems coming to the rescue on numerous events. The Fulling Mill flies we utilized confirmed to be as long lasting as they were effective; they did a great work of surviving the gnarly jaws of the various char as well as trout that we recorded.

To sum up, I ‘d advise Iceland as a brilliant destination for any type of angler searching for non-stop action in the most fantastic views you can imagine. We will definitely be back next year to provide it an additional go!

Our trip was prepared by Fish Partner– go to for more information on Fishing in Iceland.

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