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Bleak is a little, prevalent in our waters fish. The reason for the unusual name is sticky fish scales.

Bleak in European countries was larger than the other types. With The Exception Of Southern Europe. Stark does not endure severe climate. It is not located in the Siberian and Turkmenian waters.

Still don’t understand just how this asshole has actually gone across the Ural hills and also have actually mastered the waters of the inclines of the Urals.

We have actually a bleak included in the fish fauna of nearly all kinds of storage tanks. Especially this fish a great deal in lakes and flowing ponds. In winter season, this little fish follows the deepest areas with slow-moving flow. In urban waters the flocks of fish typically are in the drains.

Large groups are uncommon for grim, as they attract killers.

Grim as the foodstuff is defined by wonderful preference. Created from scrumptious sprats.

The typical size of an adult amounts to 20-25 cm, weight 50-60 g.

Body shade grim silver. The tone of the dorsal and also back fins darkish, and also remainder– dark — — reddish. Fish shields easy-to-clean and tiny scales.

The grim favors 80-cm depth.

In excellent weather condition can often be seen jumping out of the water a trifle, as a result of its diet plan is composed partially of various midgets flying above the water surface of the storage tank. It is notable that the perch is extremely voracious. As well as this regardless of its size! Grim eats flies, insects, eggs, greenery… … In the stomachs of collected bleak in some cases there are even fragments of different leaves, twigs of trees as well as hedges.

It is notable that grim as well as active in the evening, as after sundown, a great deal of mosquitoes. Right here’s an additional interesting function stark. As you recognize, before the rainstorm, several fishes are hiding that is not strange to the bleak– remains to search for bugs. This is probably due to the fact that due to the wind and the rain the water drops are lots of insects included in the diet regimen of stark.

The complying with feature stark– intensive reproduction. Give up the relish is tiny, however its a great deal.

Sexual maturity of this fish reaches to age two. The spawning lasts from the firm’s last decade of March till mid-June.

The maximum temperature for spawning is 10-15 deg. Grim narastaet more extreme during clear weather condition. The first puzzled spawning adult fish, and afterwards fish the more youthful age categories. The incubation period for calves lasts about 14 days.

Typically, the grim online to 7-8 years of age.

Grim as the item of Amateur fishery

As a rule, the fishermen think that this tiny fish is not worthwhile of the title « the things of fishermens»». Lots of did not wait to leave the area, which makes itself really felt bleak. At the very same time fishing for bleak is a really fascinating pastime that needs the fishermen not only expertise of the routines of the fish, yet additionally a specific dexterity and skill.

Intriguing proposal: if you and your buddies feel concerning the anglers who catch fish as well as instantly release it, that is simply for enjoyable, why don’t you create a team, as well as following weekend break I most likely to the local pond with grim not to make a competitors. Think me, this is a interesting and very fascinating occasion. Additionally, you can think of a system of rewards fishermens that captured even more fish. To find up with a reward for the election « a sampling»».

Since it is easy to find, grim is excellent. Fish location can be determined by the circles on the water.

To start far better with the Yam and turns. The quieter the circulation, the more probable in places stark. In the autumn we can concentrate on predators, as their behavior currently of year commonly indicate that the Parking lot is grim. An additional advantage of bleak– if it is in some location, it will be here the whole year.

One of the tricks to an excellent catch– well selected area. For effective fishing you will certainly need lure, which is liked bleak.

The standard demands for catchability take on:

1. Alleviate.

2. The tiny diameter.

3. Level of sensitivity.

4. Thin suggestion.

5. Length summer season of the fishing pole is 2-3. 5 m, and the loss is 4-5 M.

6. The pole without going across the coils and rings, as in the extreme bite they will rapidly tire the hand.

7. Little, slim, 1-3-gram float.

8. Angling line diameter of 0.1 mm. High and 0.12 mm.

9. Small and slim hook with a lengthy forearm.

The top priority of bait– maggots, bloodworm or so-called sandwich. Some skilled fishermen utilize dough. And angling, they simply take the flour and semolina. To the flour add a little river water, a little ape. All of this is made till a thick homogeneous mass, after that the dough is full of 20-millimeter syringe. Viscous sticky hands on the dough is squeezed out from the syringe as well as screwed on the hook. Rather than a syringe, you can make use of any kind of thread, which is wound dough, and after that on the hook. This lure, if you utilize proper equipment, slowly reduced to the specified depth.

It is desirable that the bait was sinking as gradually as feasible. In this regard, the dough is finest fit for this function. Prevajanje– an unusual requirement. It is much better to use river sand if you do make a decision to make use of bait. Stark– a really curious fish, and a cloud of dregs could not be far better to attract it to the bait.

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