How To Rig The Mojo Rig

During this situation, a skill variation of the Carolina rig works best for me, especially in clear to discolored water. The finesse Carolina gear is much better referred to as the Mojo Rig, which is thrown on lighter line with spinning tackle.

The Mojo Rig has rapidly become my preferred finesse angling method. The Carolina gear with a heavy weight is great for angling deeper than 10 feet but it comes to be too unpleasant for me to fish when bass are shallower yet still desire an appeal near to all-time low.

Some fishermens established their Mojo rigs with a tiny barrel weight complied with by a small swivel with a leader line of about 1 to 2 feet affixed to the swivel. Connected to the leader is a light cord 1/0 or 2/0 hook. I like setting up my Mojo rig with a faster as well as easier method. I use a Mojo gear kit which allows me to slip my major line of 10-pound fluorocarbon via a 1/16- or 1/8-ounce cylinder-shaped weight secured with rubber strands.

The package has an unique Mojo gear device for pulling the rubber hairs through the sinker to secure the weight. Affixed to the end of my line concerning 12 inches far from the sinker is a 3/0 worm hook that I penetrate a 6-inch plastic reptile.

Another means to set up a quick-and-easy Mojo rig is squeezing a couple of bb split shots on your main line about 1 foot over a soft plastic bait.
A number of soft plastic tempts in smaller dimensions service the Mojo gear. I recognize Table Rock Lake overviews favor Mojo setting up with do-nothing worms such as the Centipede or French fry.

Other excellent attractions to make use of on Mojo gears include 4- or 6-inch skill worms, 4-inch plastic craws or Senkos and 3- or 4-inch swimbaits.

River smallmouth can be easily fooled by this skill gear.

When bass are generating or travelling the shallows, the Mojo rig creates for me in the springtime. I started tossing the rig when I saw my jigs and also other attractions I such as to drag along the bottom were slowing down in the moss-covered rocks.

The Mojo rig fixed this issue as my cylinder weight pulled through the moss easier and also the tracking plastic lizard rode over the rocks to avoid the lure from snagging the sludge. I retrieve the Mojo gear by sweeping my pole similar to obtaining a Carolina gear and after that pausing the lure for a number of secs before the next move.

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