In the angling circle huge prize is talked about and remembered for a long time

My tale took place in my head for life. For all his years of fishing experience that fish on their lines I did not capture. Not also pictured. Nevertheless, I recognize that the anglers caught her on trotlines, seines, yet rotating…

… In the peaceful as well as warm summertime day I wanted to just unwind . I showed up on the river Great and quit on the coast below D. Dar. This area had been in the past. All kind of bans on fishing spinning was eliminated. According to my observations, by the middle of June a big pike, otmetiv delicacy, have had to « slide » downstream.

Prepared the boat, safeguarded her small motor, put the spinning rod, touchdown net, paddles as well as spoons. Slowly swam a Great support and under the appropriate Bank. And afterwards started the normal job of spinning.

In the afternoon the skies was covered with clouds-sheep. However it was hot. I gradually changed the factor of casting. Rose to its slow-moving the electric motor up and also drifted downstream. The bite was not. It is evident, certainly, otmetiv eggs, pike has gone from this location. So it shows up to posledeistvie zhor. Well, it’s not deadly. Float-ka under the left coastline, as well as if there is not abribus, go down to the dam. Thinking believed by idea, I place on the line the hefty turntable with a flower of bright copper tint as well as with a strong tee and secured under the left Bank. Below was smaller sized.

The spoon was making blind bubbles after casting. Only after the next throw for a minute, quit abruptly. Then angling line left along the arc in one instructions, then in an additional. The coil does not rotate! It occurred to me: « There is a crocodile!! This»is not a hook ». So, not all «predators are « gone » from below.

This oiled stay. These thoughts are a hurricane, as well as instantaneously changed by others: « a fish out of this river monster»? » Spinning, well repeling the jerks of the fish, curved arc, and also really felt the circumstances at the end of the fishing line good. Getting him to the watercraft but didn’t be successful. Truthfully, I began to be afraid that the fish will certainly go off the tee. That would certainly be really disappointing. Progressively, inch by inch, I took care of to bring the fish to the boat.

And also just when it fairly exhausted and also polspline, I saw that it was not a pike, as well as carp! My eyes for a few seconds they established that it remains in my gear. When all were persuaded that rotating natural massive river carp, hands trembling shiver — — whether from a fair part of adrenaline, whether from shock. Effective tee turntables have Sabail of this « wild boar » is not in the mouth, and also next to him, for his face. So, he still tossed a spoon, however why else would certainly your face lure set up? I was much more worried as well as anxious for the obvious factor…

Strange initiative, I confiscated the landing net carp handle that split while raising the weight of the fish. Therefore, in the future, I had to climb up over the side of the boat. I groaned and also panted and caught her breath, pleading God that this beast dressed in mesh landing net is not torn « muscles » boar’s torso.

It is clear, begin the engine, I did not. Gotten hold of the anchor from the river and also rowing sprinted to the shore, the good news is the ground was extremely close. I grabbed the touchdown internet along with carp and also moving away from the water’s edge, plopped down a sack on the lawn. In life I had to be in chaos, my hands haven’t stopped shaking a little. Gradually I started to recoup.

In my head was a word play here that is not to convey: « Where do carp come from? I really took his « samudera » sabugal! Hurried if he’s trolling? It seems that Yes, due to the fact that the tee was embeded the face near his mouth.» These and various other similar concerns I provided answers and also he himself questioned their accuracy. Yet one point was clear that I was checked out by a fantastic success!

Staring at the trophy, I thoroughly checked from head to tail: thick effective body, scales in old Royal cent… … My prisoner was still in the landing web. I hesitated to take him out, although he got on the shore far from the water.

When ultimately passed, the trembling hands, and my heart returned into the body, I gathered all the angling equipment and went house to bachinovo garage.

Father Ivanovitch pumped the brakes. Muffled addressing my greeting, they proceeded their occupation. I could not stand up to: « Hey, professionals, I am a « pig » got, prepare cigarette smoker!» «» « What are you, his automobile was hit on the highway?» — » — Petrovich Ivanovich looked at each various other, not thinking my words. « Yeah, » verified I! When they looked in the trunk, I wheezed at the same time: « wow! Genuine swine…»

… » Carp pulled 9 kilos 800 grams. On the exact same night was the smoked « pig»». And the conversations were simply on an angling motif.

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