Just how To Plan Your Season Of Fishing Adventures With Bush Trout Trust Auction

As a varied fisherman myself (as well as not simply on city rivers!) I was intrigued when I heard that fishing chums John Pollard and also Roger ‘Steve’ Stephens have actually been doing specifically this.

I had to figure out extra, as well as ended up reviewing how they tackle planning their journeys with the Wild Trout Trust Auction … With hundreds of charitable contributors contributing lots from every corner of Britain and also Ireland, as well as also past, the yearly Wild Trout Trust Auction (8th-17th March) is a fabulous means for anglers to widen their horizons and explore fisheries which they could never otherwise be able to visit.

As well as, anecdotally, some super-keen participants have actually even started using it as an overview to aid them scope out entire seasons of interesting fishing experiences.

Wild Trout Trust public auction– 8-17 March 2019


Theo: John and Roger, thanks a lot for sustaining the Wild Trout Trust Auction! For how long have you been participating, and also just how did you come to start utilizing it as a way of intending your fishing period together?

John: We have actually been bidding and also winning great deals for at the very least 15 years– as a matter of fact I would certainly state it’s now simply component of our yearly routine. Generally, we make use of the Auction as a method of expanding our series of angling experiences– concentrating on trout and grayling beats we wouldn’t usually have the ability to enjoy. On the various other hand, this hasn’t averted us from being brought in to some real wild cards, like carp fishing with the WTT’s Director, Shaun Leonard!

Rather at an early stage, we additionally started to use the Auction for buying abroad vacation lots– for instance where a three-day bundle can be prolonged into a week by getting a few extra days direct from the lodge. By doing this, we’ve been able to take pleasure in price-competitive holidays in Patagonia, Spain, the Bahamas (4 times) and Mexico (two times) with the added contentment that our money was mosting likely to the worthiest of all causes.

Theo: That’s interesting … so do you have a procedure that you undergo, to identify and also prioritise your favourite lots for the year? John: Our procedure is quite simple– undergoing the brochure with a fine comb to determine great deals we ‘d both like to fish in our geographical location. As I’ve claimed, we typically try for brand-new experiences, though often the possibility to go back to a beat with understanding from a previous go to can be a tourist attraction.

We each do this individually, before discussing a final checklist over a beer with each other, to agree our optimum proposals which we work out as a portion of the overview cost. Most notably, we also concur a rock-solid maximum spend and the number of days we intend to fish! Steve then draws up a master listing marked with these numbers, and we enjoy the on the internet bidding, dipping our toes once in a while. As bidding process proceeds, we unavoidably need to rip off our listing the lots that pass past our optimum, so by the last day the checklist is much shorter.

To prevent any type of screw-ups, we’ve agreed that just Steve will bid on the last day, and also I need to wait for him to tell me how large a cheque he needs from me– that’s count on! Sometimes all our budget plan is invested before our listing has actually played via, as well as sometimes we have a couple of dime over. That’s when we might look extremely closely at the brief re-entry listing of unsold whole lots which the Trust provides after the main Auction has ended up– there’s usually another possibility not to be missed.

Steve: I won’t suggest with one word of that! I can offer you some numbers also– last year, after our beer-fuelled shortlisting conference (which we spent paring out great deals for just one fisherman, and also pretty well whatever north of the Watford Gap) our bidding process long-list included over 50 lots.

We were more or less rapidly outbid on over than 40 of these, and then I began to play feline and also mouse with the remainder. Wonderful fun! At the end, I spent the entire evening crouched over my keyboard with a huge glass of Rioja, as well as frequently the bidding went right down to the cord in the very last min. Occasionally, if we have a little bit of spare spending plan, I do go a couple of quid over our originally-agreed maximum quote to make sure of landing a really remarkable great deal …

Theo: So what kinds of great deals have you won in the past– and can you tell us regarding any of the unforgettable journeys that you’ve appreciated as a result?

Steve: I have long lasting memories of the days when we chuckled ourselves silly– especially with Shaun looking for carp on the fly, as well as some extra special days on very hush-hush Itchen beats. And also just how concerning the irrepressible Ivan Tarin in the enchanting Pyrenees!

High Pyrenees waters

Pointing out Ivan brings me on food and also wine: it would certainly have been worth the journey to Spain just for the friendliness. We’ve had some remarkable streamside lunches by the chalk streams, too. After the importance of lunch, there’s the discovering facet also– for instance, the possibility to fish with Charles as well as Alex Jardine, 2 of the nicest individuals you could ever want to satisfy, therefore numerous fantastic river keepers and also host-donors. As well as an impressive selection of Caribbean bonefish overviews, like the hilarious ‘T’ at Bair’s Lodge in South Andros (“Why do they call me ‘T’? Due to the fact that they can’t lead to ‘Theophilus’!”)

John: In greater than 15 years, it’s tough to detail all the memories of our experiences, yet I would certainly concur with Steve– in the main, they’ve been the ones where we’ve taken pleasure in the firm of wonderfully interesting hosts, overviews as well as river keepers. People that shared understanding and also experience with us, that we would certainly never normally be able to enjoy. I am happy that they have made me a far better angler as a result!

Theo: That’s so motivating– and such a substantial variety of experiences near and far. Many thanks for informing us about how you’ve taken advantage of previous Wild Trout Trust Auctions, John as well as Steve, and finest of good luck when you’re bidding as well as intending for this year’s period of journeys!

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