Lasker (Diplodus annularis)

Redfin (Lasker) — — marine fish, discovered mostly in the waters of the Black sea, less common in the Azov (likewise usual in various other waters of the World ocean). Sizes sea carp are not big. For the life (lives 4-7 years) gets to the maximum weight and dimension specifically of 2 kg as well as 45 cm, But generally end of Lasker 15 centimeters in size.

Sea bream belongs to the household sparovek. His body extended and slightly pressed side to side, a color light-yellow on the sides, entering darker with a Golden tint on the back. Before the tail fin of a strong, noticeable black area. Front teeth sea fish in the kind of wide cutters. These outward signs enable you to easily distinguish lascera from various other sorts of fish.

Lasker — — heat-loving fish. She lives in the Eastern Atlantic, usual in the Mediterranean and Black seas.

Look and routines of Lascari populate the coastal locations of the seas. They prefer seagrass beds, commonly collect in tiny groups near the stones and rocks, thick with sea grass. For the winter season most likely to great midsts. Feed on benthic invertebrates as well as algae. As a result of the reality that this fish is extremely thermophilic, its activity raises with the heating of water, typically Lasker is fed in the daytime.

Body lascera rounded, a little lengthened, squashed side to side. Scales are bright, although the color can vary depending on habitat problems. On the sides of lascera several more or less famous upright bars near the back fin is a dark area. Dorsal fin long and located almost across the back. A distinctive feature of this fish is the structure of the teeth. Front have the shape of incisors, there are more lateral teeth for grinding the food. On the palate the teeth are missing out on. Lasker can grow to a length of 30cm and also evaluate up to a pound. Generating Spawning in lascera runs from June to September. Caviar is kept as well as matured in the water column.

Redfin is very heat-loving fish as well as are caught, it is only in the cozy period. And also at midday when the temperature reaches its optimum, the bite a lot enhanced. Holds at such time at a deepness of regarding 2 meters, yet the coast is not particularly suited, holding at a particular, seeming him secure, distance. Chooses areas which are overgrown with algae, rocks, stones, or piers. Such areas are usually abundant favorite food lascera small crustaceans and also molluscs. Well captured this fish in the evening. Normally after dark to catch sea bream with pier, beach when the life quits and also the fish do not bother. In the evening, the carp relaxes at a depth of concerning 3-5 meters. Redfin goes in groups, so if he dropped, all set for a secure bite and often attacks

Redfin fish is extremely cautious, so to meet him in the center of coastline season near the pier or the beaches themselves other than that evening. Throughout the day it is far better to seek for more peaceful areas, where people wash as well as not noisy Motorboats as well as boats.

Flocks of large sea carp come near the convergence with the sea of mountain rivers. Generally they bite in position aktiviziruyutsya at 8pm as well as the very best showerhead right here will act as cancer cells a hermit.

Caught sea bream from all-time low. This submits most often for angling making use of bottom equipment, yet not a tiny component of the angling of this fish utilizes a float fishing-rods, and also no less success. Commonly it is essential to select the gear based on the location of angling. When fishing from piers or steep banks, obviously, will be easier to capture on the float as well as when angling with mild coastline shore, can not do without the lower equipment.

This fish commonly reject to eat in a tranquility and also begins to reply to the lure just with the development of waves. Especially excellent biting redfin after the tornado, when the water is still turbid. Under such problems it is most likely to capture a large sampling, weighing in at 500 grams, and even bigger. Biting sea bream too aktiviziruyutsya a couple of days prior to the storm, if the sea is currently starting to fret and blowing a great breeze.

Comes the ideal time for capturing sea bream when summer season crosses over the middle. Considering that completion of July of Lasker comes more detailed to the shore and starting to actively feed. Such a good bite proceeds throughout September. After, with the arrival of cool air masses and also the cold water, he sinks deeper right into the sea and its fishing discontinues until the following period.

Naturally, for sea bream, one of the most normal and natural bait, will certainly serve shrimp or mussel meat. He likewise captured on Nereis or worm of pescarola. A great account of himself as lure, items of fresh fish. Shrimp and mussel can capture straight on angling, which makes them much more prominent lure. The bite on these lures is superb and also the fish love them without worry. In order to catch adequate shrimp to have simple mecoacan the web. Having passed with him along the coast, you can quickly capture a few shrimp for bait. Even more shrimp can be discovered among coral reefs or near piers. Mussels are also not difficult to find. They typically cling to the underwater parts of groynes and also piers or rocks. It is needed to divide the shell and also remove the meat. Excellent nozzle for big sea bream is cancer cells a hermit. This bait typically captures large Lasker that cancer cells hermit, obviously, has very much to taste.

In sea bream strong take on is required since fish this though, and also stubbornly stands up to when they are on the hook, but size is not especially left. Angling line to capture this fish used is normally 0.15-0.2 mm, say goodbye to. The hooks on the residential standards No. 5-7, far better if they are with lengthy forend. To put the required deal with so that the lure is not resting on all-time low, and was from him, at a distance of about 20 centimeters Float to place as simple as enables sea.

If in a couple of days to entice the fishing place of smashed mussels, as well as this should be done a number of times a day, after that there can be no doubt a good catch. Sometimes, such an prevajanje need to spend as much as five days, yet it’s worth it if you actually intend to capture some fish. On lured place gradually start to come close to the groups of small carp, and also in the late mid-day and also odinokie bigger specimens.

Bear in mind that redfin is an extremely careful fish, it might scare off not only sound, but likewise the shape of a body, so to capture it in silence and also without sudden activities. When fishing to stand to be much less noticeable to fish, it is preferable. Take care and good fishing to You!

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