A favored special is horse mackerel anchovy, yet the hunt for a pack of this fish are not constantly successful. Discovering the risk, anchovy astray in a thick pack. The mackerel, in this case, nothing stays how to split this collection right into numerous diverse groups.

Only then it could be burglarizing. Security from killers by spinning in a thick pack utilized by many fish. In particular the mackerel itself utilizes this method to secure versus bigger killers that have pursued her. This is the pelamida, as well as bluefish.

Course steed mackerel accompanies the run of mackerel is not unintended. This ravenous predator is not always attains success. He needs to damage the pack. Mackerel is a fish types. This is understandable as meat is really

nutritious. It contains up to 20 %healthy protein, fat– 2 to 4%, vitamins a, D, B2, B12 as well as minerals, which are extremely helpful for our body. In the home of Jack mackerel you can prepare some delicious dishes. It is great as boiled, and cooked.

Capture as mackerel on a float with the watercraft as a ground rod from the shore, if it comes close to the shore. It is thought that a good time for angling is angling at night and also in the first half of the evening. In the training course are portions of fresh fish, Nereis, and so forth of the nozzle.

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