Molva (sea pike) fish (Molva molva)

Fish Molva, which is commonly otherwise called a sea pike because of its some resemblance with freshwater namesake is a common deep-sea fish, whose weight in the native environment often reaches 20-25 pounds with a maximum body length of 180 centimeters.

Nevertheless, occasionally there are a lot larger circumstances, which evaluate one and also a half times greater than the previous individuals.

Ling — — Ling and also Molva inhabits around the coastline of Norway as well as Scotland.

Malva is a cross between cod as well as sea eel. Body elongate, tapering posteriorly, covered with very small ranges. Head lengthened, squashed. Upper jaw longer than the lower component. Mouth small teeth. Chin to be unpaired barbel. The pectoral fins are brief. Dorsal fin 2. The 2nd dorsal fin and also anal fin gets to the back fin and do not merge with him. The side line is directly. This is a regular deep-sea fish, living at depths of 60 to 1,000 m (primarily 300-400 m). Just fry for Ling experienced at shallower depth (approx 100 m).

Molva (Molva molva) gets to a size of 150- 180 cm, keeps near the bottom, mostly at midsts from 100 to 300, as well as even 500 m. for Ling — — predacious fish (feed upon crustaceans, molluscs, tiny fish). Reach sexual maturation at the age of 8-10 years at a length of 80-100 centimeters Molva is industrial fish. Annual catches amount to 60,000 bunches. Catches of fish in Norwegian waters. Specifically appreciated Ling in Spain as well as France.

Fish Molva (sea pike) particular functions are lengthened eel-like body, the surface area of which has a brown-green marble spots on the back and also sides. The color of the belly of the fish Molva (sea pike) varies from white to yellow-colored, while the pectoral as well as forward fins are reddish in colour.

Visually, the fish Molva (sea pike) is mainly like a cross between cod as well as sea eel. Located this sea fish at a deepness of 50 to 900 meters mostly along the Atlantic coast. While the favorite environment of a fish Molva (sea pike) are a sunken ship as well as sandy locations.

Fish Molva (sea pike)is a predator that mostly eats various other smaller sized fishes, or echinoderms, crustaceans as well as cuttlefish. Sexual maturity in fish Molva (sea pike) happens at 8-10 years of age, and she spawns in April-June.

The very best depth for capturing this fish is taken into consideration to be 300-400 meters, while year-round is produced along the continental rack with longlines, lower trawl, repaired network or in deep water trolling. The major provider of fish Molva (sea pike) in the other country is Norway.

Meat from fish Molva (sea pike) is sufficient density and also a pleasant taste, so it is extensively utilized for cooking functions in the prep work of various fish meals. Meat fresh fish characteristic flexibility and also fibration, and visually fillet fish Molva (sea pike) recalled meat cod of the types, though somewhat drier as well as rougher. On the whole, fish Molva (sea pike), which will make delicious dishes, very helpful for human health and wellness.

Molva (sea pike) is a beneficial source of protein, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, salt as well as several various other essential body substances. Regardless of all these benefits of this fish, a huge industrial value it has.

To prepare a delicious and also healthy and balanced recipe of fish Molva (sea pike), it is necessary originally to pick quality seafood. So, the level of freshness for Ling can be established by outside data — — pectoral and ventral fins have fresh fish a red shade, with smooth scales tight to the skin.

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