October, the very best month for fall walleye angling

At this time it is organized in small flocks, in order to successfully make raids on concentrations of fish facts. On grab or rough edge fishing can be really successful. But not so basic.

Caught my pal in the autumn morning in the upper component of the Ruzsky reservoir, near angling camps Ostashevo.

Even at home I have actually prepared well for the search for the fanged predator, was changed by snastochki tees, thinking that the hooks of vanadium steel would certainly be a lot more trusted, created a loads soft silicone whirlwinds as well as fish cargoes-heads considering 8-20 g. it remained in my Arsenal and also various other baits.

The boat secured about fifty meters from each other, contrary of dry wood on the opposite Bank is a spots friend. On the 3rd deal I have a plain hook. Attempting to release the bait. Useless. Will have to find closer and to remove. Yuri turned in my instructions: — What took place? You got a problem? — Like I claimed. — Yes, by the way, I forgot to inform you, this location grabs Nemer — zeugnisse pal. — So, put nezatseplyayki. And also right here’s the first bite. Pike perch under a— kilo took — on a yellow Twister-scallop in the uncoupled instance( see picture).

It was a whole lot more fun as well as 3 hrs of the morning, each had a couple of fangs. Experience shows that sets down country tanks in very early fall, not yet slipping into — wintertime encampments as forage fish continues to « forage » on the thick superficial waters, but with the dieback of water vegetation it changes to the deeper parts. For flocks of small fish followed by the predators.

TO DETERMINE THE LOCATION On arrival at the fish pond the very first point that enters your mind is, where to locate at the very least a tiny cluster of Sudakov and also anchor. As a matter of fact, how to browse amongst a huge water location and also «the numerous differences comprehensive. Well, if you consistently see the very same tank. In this case, you well-known traditional sites fanged depending on the period and hours of their launch for feeding.

Otherwise you’ll need to take into consideration the major elements of location Zander packs. So, if in summer season, particularly in clear weather condition, day perches are resting at a considerable depth (as much as 10 m or more ), entrusting to feed in shallow areas at night and also twilight, in autumn, the situation is rather different. Fall Zander, overfed, over the summer, with cool water rarely goes searching, what’s even more, normally can abstain from food for a number of days. Nevertheless, this does not indicate that he will neglect an alluring lure, approached him. And periodic abstinence in the diet plan might discuss the extremely slow metabolic process in the body.

Fishing foam The following aspect — the visibility of the lower cover, where the predators are waiting for their sufferers and feel (intuitively) a lot more safe. The variety of Zander stops depends upon the variety of such shelters. This is generally rocky or grab predoslovie the edge of the deep-sea locations before the dams and dykes. To the potential places in addition to submarine altitudes — « the navel ».

To examine the lower topography is best with the assistance of finder, complied with by the entry of efficient points on homemade cards. I, for example, for numerous years on the Istra — storage tank with identical factor often took autumn perch. And also I observed a characteristic in their habits: in gloomy weather as well as with a drizzle fanged killers were a lot more active than on clear days when the bite quit, normally instantly after sunup.

THE CHOICE OF GEAR Experienced angler-sugacity in as the technique of « spear » to find reliable factors as well as effective «to catch a toss to an efficient lure. For the fall walleye can effectively use a soft lure, spoon lures, crankbaits deep, snastochki with a dead fish and some other lures. The important things that they operated in each instance. I, as an example, over the last few years significantly choose silicone twisters and also vibrohvost.

Cheap as well as cheerful. All presently available spinning lures constructed from soft plastic and also silicone can be split mostly into two huge groups: active and passive. The first is attraction, which at the time of publishing squirm or seductive povelivaet tail. The second need the angler to have certain abilities and also capabilities to give them the wanted game. When speed transaction, such appeals are often used. The most active and dynamic soft lure is whirlwinds as well as vibrohvost. You can use them on jig heads as well as cargo-heads with standard and also balance out solitary hooks, trebles as well as doubles, as well as an extra chain in different combinations with spinners, wobblers, foam fish as well as other lures.

On a jig-head Twister is placed as if the pointer of the hook was located around in the center. I prefer the « eared » load-heads, to which Twister on dual or single hook fastened by means of a clockwork ring. In this case, the bait plays a lot more freely and naturally comes to be extra eye-catching to walleye. Vibrohvost likewise works fantastic at any type of rate publishing, attractive poilevaya tail from even the slightest movement of the water or during a complimentary autumn to the base. Of certain interest are samoopredelenie soft lure.

They can to some extent be credited to the family of balancers, except that rather than tail rudders they have the blade of a shad, which at the time of complimentary loss bait sexy vibrate, drawing in fanged predator with a rather decent range. I would love to draw attention to the fact that for walleye you require to carefully examined take on. The rod «much better to utilize a quick system, and also as angling line — braid. The factor is that this killer is fairly tough to fall and also to get a feeling for crochet it is not easy.

Regardless, when playing large predator must not require points, if you don’t desire it full of vigor and also vitality, obtained or broke the line off the hook at the last moment. It is impossible to forget that deep sea perch when going into the top water layers, is experiencing an awful discomfort. When I caught Fang in the upper component of the ozerninskoe reservoir. To the left of the watercraft was a picturesque deciduous forest beginning to transform yellow birches, as well as in advance of the price of snag Bay, all-time low of which held a tiny stream bed.

The area was fancy, and I made a decision to anchor. On the first throw foam fish-nezatseplyayki was complied with by a crucial and also strong grip of a predator. Fifteen minutes I attempted to — use him down and offer the surface, however he stubbornly stood up to. Handled to bring the boat meter agacino as well as I have actually felt for a touchdown net as the killer whirled as well as released from the attraction. It was a very useful lesson. SOMETHING ABOUT TANDEMS Concerning the perch there is an extensive belief that he is lazy. This is clarified partly by the truth that his bite with a step-transaction, typically weakly shared.

As well as in the ordinary deal in the initial 2nd it is often hard to determine that the hook — fish or a tuft of grass. As well as just when the pike are blended in the scene, you recognize that you are managing. Perch-like fish demersal and deepwater, it would seem less fit for angling with twin bait. However, searching perch — quite lively and hostile killer with a strong sense of rivalry.

And, obviously, appropriate tandem lures in this situation can provide an unanticipated effect. I can mention many instances in support sudakevich tandems, the formation of which can be manifold: oscillating spinner+spinner; vibrohvost+Twister; two urasaki, etc. In previous years, for example, when angling for autumn pike perch I typically made use of snastochki with a dead fish. By itself changed to « foam » and jig baits. Therefore have conserved on your own from having to stock up on puskarini, cockroaches there or pipeline cleaners and were fairly pleased.

Yet this is not constantly arranged perch. Once coming to the angling base in Ostashevo( Ruza tank ), I gained from anglers kruzhochnikov that the perch takes mostly on real-time bait, yet the bite is extremely weak. After 1.5 hrs of morning capturing the « work » on porolono the one and only pike-perch evaluating concerning a kilogram, we decided to explore tandems, which he altered after every 10-15 casts.

The turn snastochki with minnow, simply in advance of the attraction I put a homemade turning rewriter with a yellow petal. It is this tandem and after that brought me 3 great perch. And also the outcome is, as always, speaks a lot more eloquently than any type of theoretical research. When picking tandem rigs for walleye, in my point of view, it is better to use a two-color rewriter (brushed silver, yellow brass )as well as yellow, red or orange twisters with neon sequins. , if SILICONE DOES NOT WORK Now lots of firms use followers the walleye angling is really efficient silicone bait, specifically made of Japanese « rubber ». They can be utilized both in fight as well as in the uncoupled version, which is really important when angling in strong «places.

However it likewise takes place that all the suggested walleye man-made attractions from your collection do not work, especially in the daytime. In this situation you can get all-natural. When fishing for them bear in mind a couple of fundamental regulations that commonly enable to move away from absolutely no. 1. Attempt to use the perches snastochki with fresh fish(stark, roach, gudgeon). It is likely that it will certainly be possible to call the fed as well as phlegmatic killer on the grip. It works in this instance to use not one, but two incorporate snastochki.

One hook is dealt with ahead of the fish, and the other in the tail. 2. Make use of the appropriate rig, designed for deep-sea angling. When catch at excellent deepness, light breeze be not effective, as it is important to do the wiring over the bottom. The light lure (without delivery)will certainly reach it too gradually, and «to manage it is not feasible. For the weighting of the snap-in ought to make use of a sinker or a special deep trolling systems considering up to 30 g — water storage tanks that is enough. This is the same Tyrolean stick, circa on the bottom as well as kicking up a cloud of turbidity, attracts the killer. By appropriately selected the sinker, the line will be at the moment of posting snugly stretched that allows you to notice even a weak bite.

Rigging natural lures might look as follows. The first hook on 15-inch leash is approximately 40 centimeters above the sinker, the 2nd hook on the exact same chain spaced from the initial 40-50 centimeters as lures makes use of a narrow fish with a length of 7-12 cm, they are normally have to be mounted on single hooks No. 2/0 or tees.

Sometimes an excellent effect offers the application of cutting( pieces of fish), the Nightcrawlers, linuxero cancer. 3. Don’t forget that most of attacks Zander on a moving bait. With shallows in depth overview it slowly, in windy weather condition keep the watercraft in cost-free drift, making casting with the spreading, as well as locating Zander pack, support as well as without unnecessary rush continue angling.

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