Pergolide, the period of ice angling

A narrow-minded point of view, the yearly cold of some component of the world is just a natural calamity, which must in some way make it through, either moving South to warmer seas, or as low as possible going into the road, where vicious frost or howling snow storm, and all sorts of cold-related health problem as well as aim to hold on to every shuddering resident.

That’s why at least the weekend ought to be sure to being in the home warmth and also convenience, indulging in easy human weakness.

However, there are others, and they are many for whom wintertime is manna from heaven, a miraculous sensation of nature, the expected with the huge impatience, the cooler it comes to be. And also firstly followers of winter months sports and also a significant military of seekers and anglers.

Regarding the latter, ice-fishing fish– a special Russian development that was spread out in those nations where winter months takes place. In the curative impacts of winter months fishing on the body had no time at all to see, watching some man all summer quietly sleeping under a frog croaking near their fishing pole on Karaseva the pond, with the onset of freeze-up kind of an adversary together with the young people presented completely attire on calling pervalidus, not behind or in punching a lot of holes, or in the exhilaration of uncover ulovistyh places, in General, as if once again was born.

To an outside observer, not associated with this remarkable occasion– fishing from the ice, it might appear that all wintertime « penguins » committed to something is dull, as well as it is depressing to hatching fish around the dark round Windows in the ice. Yet it is not so, and also how strikingly similar the honey is various periods of wintertime, so different methods to finding and also catching fish in such traditional winter season, which the anglers identify 3: pergolide, gluhozime as well as last ice. Concerning the features of fishing in these periods and will better the discussion.

Pergolide probably one of the most impressive as well as enjoyed by the fishermens of the duration of ice fishing. After the fall of slushy moisten the earth for 2-3 weeks a pure white tranquility– from the very first crispy snow, not yet completely covered the area, and as clear as glass ice on the icy waters promptly.

The very first ice is so great that he’s acting without deceptiveness: always alerting crackling and also warn also rashly angler, that went across the unseen line, normally existing between the ice came to be young and also solid, also a thin crust of ice. An exaggeration to state that all instances of « showering » at the beginning of wintertime is the result of negligent actions themselves anglers, not understanding or overlooking the simplest rules of « relationship » with the ice.

And they are as follows:

  • don’t make an action without examining the strength of the ice is an effectively, but to defeat it we must not ourselves that will certainly action in, and also a bit sideways;
  • to keep away from areas where you see wet areas or iced up in the ice algae, bushes, snags, as well as where the ice kept in mind the build-up of big air bubbles;
  • do not take place the ice from the coast, which is straight adjacent to the deepness;
  • do not stroll on slim ice in file;
  • rapidly leave the unsafe location, if done from the wells starts to defeat the water fountain of water;
  • beware on the river;
  • be sure to have a means of insurance policy as well as saving.

Ice-fishing killer at the winter zhivtsovy bait or iuzovka

Pergolide is the short time when you can enjoy lots of wagering quest for perch: tiny « candy striped gang» gathering in huge groups, and genuine strong Humpbacks-heavyweights, leading secretive lives in the shadows of the deep Svalov or in the debris of the snags. Trendy, and also its negligent ridicule for the quality of the equipment in early winter months perch, most likely, as well as provided motivation to the phenomenon in the light of the marvelous inventions– ice spinners, and after that the jigs that capture these killers without any bait.

In the very early formation of the initial ice perch recouped from the temperature level shock caused by unexpected air conditioning of the water as well as an abrupt change in its thickness, therefore end up being temporarily the single owners of the fish ponds.

« Striped» before insatiable moments Jora in the young, and generally personal, overlook the shallow water where it can hardly reverse, or climb under the ice, clutching the small thing to its lower side and robbing it of maneuver.

With these features of the actions of fish connected used in the first ice high-speed techniques of angling. It is mainly the infiltration of a series of holes on the ground, the shallow seaside drop-off, and if the depth of angling large sufficient, after each captured redfish is good to shorten the line, requiring a meat-eating pack to increase higher and also higher and faster supplying the bait to the fish by minimizing the time of immersion as well as the battle with the fish prize. Yet remember that bass are not a follower of intense light, so in Sunny day and no snow on the ice it is better to look in the shadows steep Svalov, and ice serves to darken, having actually spread out cloak, or throwing completely dry turf or straw– like artificial shade is to frequently draw in the fish to the start of heavy snowfalls.

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