Pro Guide Explains How To Find Walleye On A New Lake

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Wisconsin angling guide as well as close friend of the program Tom Boley describes exactly how to find for Walleye on a new or unfamiliar body of water. View Tom cover electronics, techniques and also other audio angling guidance pertaining to capturing walleye in unknown waters.

Licensed Walleye Crushers

Rapala Tail Dancer
The Rapala Tail Dancer is crafted from balsa timber and also consists of an internal rattling system. As the name indicates, the Tail Dancer has a wide tail tottering activity.

VMC Hammer Head Jig

Sticky sharp hooks as well as 2 well-placed line ties make the Hammer Head Jig both easy to use and highly efficient for capturing walleye. Rapala X-Rap Shad

The X-Rap Shad runs in 6-11 feet of water, as well as when you pause your obtain, it suspends right where the activity is. Ideal for trolling orcasting. BioSpawn ExoSwm Westin CurlTeez
The Westin CurlTeez is a crossbreed grub/swimbait that comes with a pre-rigged soft plastic that is centered flawlessly as well as protected tightly to a dependable 1/4 oz jig head.

VMC Hot and Glow Jig

The Vmc Hot Skirt Glow Jig is designed with ‘radiance at night skirts’ which have not a problem hiring large walleye.

Past MTB Walleye Boxes

The Walleye Mystery Tackle Box subscription is an easy method to stockpile on the current and also greatest fishing appeals. Below are a few instances of what you may see in a walleye box.

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