Rock Out With The All-New Heavy Metal Tungsten Line Up

The Heavy Metal Tungsten brand name celebrates this metal with one more amazing form of steel: Rock & & Roll. Tungsten is the most precious metal to all angling fanatics, for its boosted level of sensitivity and toughness.

With head-banging rock and all the motifs associated with it, Heavy Metal Tungsten develops among one of the most electric brand names of jigs and jig heads are understood to fishermens today.

With a rockin’ product for practically any type of incurable strategy, the Heavy Metal Tungsten schedule will certainly offer you with hardworking, longlasting, and also environmentally lures specifically developed to help you capture the bigguns.

Heavy Metal Dropshot Weights

The most preferred decline shot weights are the ball-shaped weights, yet there are times when you need a stick-shaped weight for capturing bass around particular sorts of cover. The stick weight can be considered a finesse sinker since its slender shape enables it to move with lawn, brush or various other thick covers without getting.

You can likewise go down fired with this weight along bases with rocks because it slips quickly through the rock holes whereas the ball-shaped weight tends to roll and also get stuck in slim fractures. The stick weight is also ideal for drop shotting in hefty present since the cyndrical tube form enables the weight to drift with the circulation and tick the tops of the rocky bottom without rolling down right into the rocks where it can obtain snagged.

Heavy Metal Bullet Weights(Flipping And Worm)

A bullet weight sinker can be made use of in virtually any type of presentation yet you’re 2 most prominent bass applications will be pitching as well as flipping or fishing a Texas rig. When turning or pitching you limited to cover or dense vegetation, see to it to fix your gear. When unpegged, your bullet weight sinker will certainly move up your line and complimentary fall when fished. This slows down the lures drop rate while likewise assisting make your plastic resemble it’s chasing after a baitfish (the bullet weight). We all understand bass are affordable so this can also aid trigger strikes.

Carolina rigging a tungsten weight is suitable for dragging along soft bottom like sand or mud. When fished near difficult framework like covering beds, rocks, and crushed rock bottoms, tungsten weights will certainly also radiate. The included sensitivity will certainly help boost sound as well as sensitivity. Go down a tungsten weight and also a lead weight on some blacktop or concrete and also you’ll have the ability to listen to the distinction these 2 metals will certainly make.

Heavy Metal Shakey Head/ Ned Heads

Tungsten ned gears and also unstable heads will help you supply a downsized profile while getting your lure down to the bottom quickly. Target superficial water with the lighter Ned Rig versions in the 1/8 and 1/10 oz dimensions as well as step up to the larger designs in deep water, heavy wind, or present.

The shaky heads will be best served offshore when fishing factors, coral reefs, bulges, saddles, and other framework where bass wander. Whether you’re noting fish on a graph or just have your eye on juicy looking factor, connection on the Heavy Metal Tungsten Shaky Head.

Heavy Metal Football Jig

Offshore angling is one of the most popular usage situation for football jig fishing. Deliberately, football jigs are suggested to be fished around rocks and also structure typically in deep water. The football-shaped head helps the jig head rock-n-roll via rock, lumber, and also various other offshore cover or structure.

Make long casts with the Heavy Metal Tungsten Football Jig with confidence understanding that its light weed guard and the sticky sharp hook will assist you pinfish with long-distance hook sets.

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