Rock perch-Zebra (Serranus scriba)

At the rock perch side to side pressed completely high, the body covered with tiny serrated scales. Dorsal fin solitary, its spiny and also pulps virtually equivalent in size.

In addition to weapons in the type 10 sharp backs of the dorsal fin, behind the rock perch includes 3 solid backs in the rectal as well as one in each of the small, located under the pectoral, pelvic fins and also 3 sharp thorns on the operculum. The caudal fin is at the rock perch truncated or somewhat rounded, and also the pectoral fins are not broad, nearly balanced: long medium and also short the extreme rays.

The shade of the rock perch very colorful, dependable masking of this killer among the algae as well as rocks. The General history of the body brown-yellow or brown. The sides stretch five to eight dark cross bands behind the body extending on dorsal fin. For these bands the rock perch commonly called a Zebra. On the sides of the head, under the eyes and also before them, are oblique orange stripes, and also the top part of the head striated narrow, winding blue lines alternating with red areas.

The dorsal fin of the perch are bluish-grey in the front component as well as the back component of it, as well as the back and anal fins are brownish-yellow. They are all covered with rows of small dark red areas. Breast yellowish fins are bluish transverse red stripes, as well as the bluish gray of the top part of the pelvic fins replaced on the ends in red.

Often rock bass gets to a size of 36 cm, however frequently discovered specimens with a size of 20-25 cm.

This fish lives in the waters of the Eastern Atlantic off the shore of southerly Europe as well as North Africa, in the Mediterranean and also Black seas. From the black sea coast of Russia, it is unusual.

Typically the perch is kept in coastal areas of the sea at midsts approximately 150 meters, favoring stony and also rough places with thickets of undersea plant life. Here the protective coloring makes the predator nearly identical from the bordering items. Hrs it can lie in wait for prey without leaving the shelter. Only the balanced movement of the Gill covers, Yes, weak, faint turns Golden eyes can offer the existence of a hiding fish. However the evident calmness is deceitful: it needs to appear near a small fish like quick roll bass appears of ambush and also confiscating victim, once again takes his setting among the rocks and aquatic plants. Food for the perch offer fairly big fish and crustaceans.

Rock bass spawn in the Mediterranean from April to August and also in Black — — from June to September. This fish, like various other serranova, hermaphrodite. In the gonads each specific establish both female and male sex cells. One of the most of every sex gland is the ovaries, and also a little rear — — testis. Typically, the eggs and milt from one types ripen at different times, and also it in turn executes the functions of the male and the lady. Often observed synchronised maturation of man as well as female sex-related items, which can lead to the fertilizing of the calf bone’s own milk. Currently, straight proof of “self-fertilization” at the rock perch are lacking, although such data are available for some loved ones of the American types.

Participating in the spawning as the women, stone perch spawn from 17 to 102 thousand floating eggs. Emerged from the eggs the larvae are likewise kept in the top layers of the water. Generally young stone perch fairly very early become killers. Already at a length of 2-3 cm, they pass to feeding by fish fry. Frequent in this species and cannibalism, note just how at an early age and also in grownups.

Because of its low wealth, in our waters shake bass has no industrial value. Normally outside the breeding period these fish are kept singly, so they remain in small quantities are generated only post as well as line fishing equipment.

We have actually located in the Black sea and also one more close view of rock bass — — milkfish(Serranus cabrilla), reaching a length of 40 centimeters It can quickly be distinguished from the rock perch due to the absence of bright blue stripes on the top of the head. On your way of life the milkfish is really similar to the stone perch, however likewise discovered at depths down to 500 meters.

As an outcome of human tasks in the dispersal of different fish varieties in Russian waters appeared, and also the representative of one more family of Perciformes — — Centrahoma, or sunlight perch (Centrarchidae). Sun perch, also called eared, inhabit the freshwaters of North America, from the Atlantic shore of the United States as well as Canada to Central us States. They look similar to of, however the dorsal fin they constantly have one, and the spiky component below the back, consisting only of soft rays.

Eared perch like clean, standing or slow-moving water with a bright sandy bottom. Here the adults are maintained alone in thickets of water vegetation, avoiding much in the summer-warmed water layers, oxygen-poor. Juveniles developing small groups. Of the 30 species of this household in the waters of Russia presently has just one.

Largemouth black bass (Micropterus salmoides) was deep space we have in lake Abrau in the Krasnodar region. Although he is a thermophilic fish, it has had the ability to expand additionally in the Moscow and Voronezh regions. Under favorable conditions, feeding this fish, with tasty as well as tender meat, can get to a length of 50-60 centimeters and also weight approximately 10 kg. of Sexual maturity of largemouth bass in the southerly region gets to in a year or more, and also in the North — — to four years. Eggs females lay in a specially constructed nest, which is a saucer-like depression in the ground with a diameter of about 60 centimeters. With a body weight of about 1.5 kg and the women generates approximately 70 thousand eggs.

The male meticulously shields their spawn, and securing recently hatched from the eggs larvae. Juveniles not long need of treatment. At the age of 3 to 4 months the fry themselves become killers, without any less zeal eats not just fish, but likewise tadpoles, and likewise little frogs. The development of the range of targets substantially broadened. A two-year perch get to a weight of 300-500 grams, and three — — 600-700 grams. This quick growth gives a high financial impact when reproducing this species is particularly recommended to reproduce largemouth bass in fish ponds inhabited by little weed fish.

In spite of the hot nature as well as gluttony stone perch he can being in ambush and await the victim will certainly go to the right range. Watching future lunch, perch barely relocating, only an eagle eye concentrated on the movements of your preferred delicacy. At any moment a cuckoo makes an abrupt activity and orders the victim.

Lots of underwater seekers discuss an exceptionally endure personality of our marine hero. Rock bass are so zealously protecting its territory, that even the horrible harpoon does not scare him.

Sea the cuckoo likes the midsts of the sea, but all summer you can see it on rock shoals in the spawning duration. This gorgeous fish notification when diving the mask on the pebble coastlines, little coves or the high Bank.

Rock perch meat is useful as well as extremely tasty, but massive hunting of endangered fish is not performed.

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