Ruff. Fishing ruff

The substantial majority of anglers contemptuous Ersu and consider it a « weed » fish, preventing to create huge as well as honorable fish. This is partially true. Ruff is found almost everywhere, virtually in every body of water where there goes to the very least some fish.

He is widely understood in individuals concerning him there are a great deal of Rhymes and also proverbs. The initial production of a novice fishermen is ruff. Expert fishermen, an organization of burbot, are eager to capture the pig because they know that this nimble and also « hirsute » fish — — a preferred delicacy of the night predator, the starved cod.

Yet on the other hand, it is not a real angler’s soup without a loads brushes, which give the ear an extraordinary flavor and also taste. So, in industrial terms ruffs can not be discounted.

Ruff. Summary.

Ruff the closest loved one of the perch. By and large, he also, like the perch is a killer. But, not as a result of their exceptional size, to catch it on real-time lure only to amuse others. The typical size of this fish is between 13 and also 15 centimeters Although there is proof that in the Ural and West Siberian waters you can capture huge ruffs to 17 — — 19 cm, But it is still uncommon, the usual size of a palm of a grownup. The most exceptional specimens of ruffe captured and also remained in the competitors, had a size of 21-23 cm

His look, ruff might not be so gorgeous as a perch, yet he has his natural creativity. Caught as well as pulled from the midsts, it is very important bristling, put up dorsal increases scallop, places in the prickly gills, lovely flexes the tail toward the head. He has large purple eyes bulging. It their funny goggles, attempting to capture a ««» terror » on the adversary. Paint it ugly, the back is gray-green, with dark places, the sides are slightly yellow, abdomen light. Poured dark places on the caudal and also dorsal fin.

We must emphasize another function of ruff — — it is densely covered with mucus, (much more than Lin). Due to this residential or commercial property, he was granted the uncomplimentary nickname — — snotty. If it is wrong to take, then you can get rather excruciating and also resilient injections. To take it simply behind the Gill cover, somewhat pushing them. His mouth will open up, as well as you can without much of an inconvenience to eliminate it from the hook.

Ruff. Habitat.

It lives in all the small and large water bodies. It stays near the bottom. Don’t such as also thick silt on the bottom, likes sandy loam and also rocky base. Ruff refers to cold-water fish. In the warm of summertime descends right into a deep pit. Likes in the daytime to conceal under rafts, barges, docks and also steep banks.

Often it can be located at the quays as well as all type of driven heaps and also abutments of bridges and overpasses. Suches as fairly tidy water, but able to reside in turbid and also contaminated waters. In winter season extra common in locations of creeks and also estuaries. Maintained flocks, as well as favors to be in the exact same area. Just a quick home heating of the water or flooding can force him to head to their houses.

Ruff. Generate.

Ruff spawns in 2-3 years old. Ladies generate in April-may at a water temperature of 10 degrees, on rocky-sandy base. Eggs are stocked much deeper places than it does pike and also cockroach.

Ruff. When to catch.

Closer to the loss ruff strays right into the pack and started to feed. Attack ruff excitedly. The lure ingests dramatically, her deep swallows. If you discovered at the pond a hole or a ditch, where he worked out ruffs, you’ll go residence with a good catch. Still the primary fishing ruff begins after the ice on the pond. Thousands of anglers out on a hardly fledgling ice to begin an exciting fishing of perch, pike, ruffe and perch.

Ruff. What to catch.

Catch ruffs on the float pole. The best outcome provides fishing on mormyshka. The jig ought to be tiny as well as constantly dark in shade. Since ruff it mostly preys on water bugs and their larvae, capture it should not porridge or rolled oats, as well as with its favored food: worm (in the summer), bloodworms (in winter). But you can fish on caddis, larva burdock moth, etc. Experienced anglers successfully catch ruffs on baitless jigs. Fishing this requires a high skill, experience and expertise.

Besides particular tackle various designs that are serious anglers themselves create. Many followers still like the conventional techniques of fishing. Remember, to cook a scrumptious soup packed with fresh fish it is required to have in the cage a loads ruffs. Without them, the ear will not be so aromatic and also scrumptious!

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