Salmon fishing

Salmon is a massive team of a special breed of fish, which stands apart from other mass fish Kingdom. Fundamentally, the salmon is separated right into two huge groups: the far East (Pacific) as well as the Atlantic salmon of the region.

The major difference is that Pacific salmon spawn just as soon as in a lifetime, and also his Atlantic equivalents — — do it a couple of times.

If we consider the physiological differences, Atlantic salmon can be recognized by the visibility of adipose fin as well as 7-9 rays in the rectal hole (much East individuals-10-16). As a rule, far Eastern salmon, the Atlantic is a lot larger.

The varieties of salmon.

If to mention qualitative criteria of the far Eastern salmons to begin with without a question is the Chinook salmon (« Queen » salmon). Following are: coho, Seema, pal, pink, and sockeye salmon. Apart in this series stands Steelhead and its selection of rainbow trout. These types are little researched as well as are much rarer than others.

Salmon, Atlantic detachment presented mainly well known to all of us salmon, which are plentiful in the Barents as well as the White sea. In Karelia, on the Baltic coast, fishermens are capturing typical salmon. In inland lakes of these regions (e.g., the basins of Ladoga as well as Onega) found in lake salmon (tidy only citizen of the fresh waters). Listed below the lateral line they have randomly scattered dark places.

These smaller sized salmon of other varieties (maximum length is 85-95 centimeters.), while their noble loved ones of some specimens as much as 5 feet and also evaluating up to 10 kilos. Commonly in these storage tanks to capture and also COSMU — — smaller as well as extra active salmon.

The salmon spawn.

Salmon spawns in might (10 days) when the water temperature is in the range of 5-6 degrees. The incubation duration of females lasts for around five weeks. The main function of salmon is the truth that they maintain the ability for succeeding spawning and also rolled back into the sea water.

Amazing is the reality that regarding fifty percent of the males in the sea do not leave, remain in fresh water and also they gain weight prior to puberty. As you know, the far East siblings salmon spawn when (4-5 years) as well as die after generating in their native stream, where one obtain, suffering numerous difficulties and dramatically dropping weight.

Salmon angling.

Catch of salmon in all water bodies has to do with the exact same. Main techniques: rotating and fly fishing. Although, we ought to discuss the float rod (vprovodku), and also upright jigging in wintertime, donkey, as well as also the « ships ». All this does not go in no contrast with a sports fly-fishing and also casting good-quality rotating. Salmon — — solid, determined as well as quick fish. The procedure of playing the salmon is full of delights and exhilaration, specifically if the hook sat a specimen.

Really hassle-free to have the carbon fiber rod. If you capture the large ducts, using heavy appeals, it is best to have a firm two-handed sword with a size of not less than 3 meters. And if a small fast rivers with thick financial institutions, the method will certainly be the pole not greater than 180 centimeters the Coil is far better to utilize immediate (preferably at least two bearings). Necessary sturdy monofilament of 0.35-0.4 mm (ideally branded, uniform as well as durable over the whole size).

As for attractions, there is a full dream angler requires to assist to select the most reliable. In the course of as well as turntables, and spoons, and also other varieties. Surprisingly, the salmon in each river, each lake has their very own choices regarding the form and also types of lures. You have to readjust to a certain location, having attempted a range of attractions. When it comes to flies for fly angling, preferred a variety of « completely dry» flies. Several anglers make use of different sizes of replica fish, dragonflies, frogs, leeches, etc.

The strategy for getting to the spinners the following; makes a throw across the current, goes down the spoon to the base, a minor time out and also a silent twitching rod (the amplitude is chosen empirically). It went to this point usually adheres to the bite of salmon. When playing, you have to be planned for the fact that salmon can leap high out of the water. Salmon require to put on down an ability and also not pressure. This fish has unforeseeable final development. And also remember, a landing internet must be there as well as always ready.

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