Sea feline (hvostokol) (Dasyatis pastinaca)

Among one of the most unique and also attractive sea animals sea pet cat occupies a leading placement. The fish belongs to the class of thermophilic cartilaginous fishes from the team Vostokovedenie, household Hvostokol (rays, sting rays).

Some fascinating qualities of the species, habits, life cycle and other nuances will review in this write-up.

The look of compressively fish species became known as « sea felines » because of the particular appearance, which is highlighted by the stem, looking like a tail. Fish habits is also uncommon: as Pets, she likes to search during the night in shallow areas. In a state of tranquility sea pet cat burrows in the sand as well as leaves sticking out of the stem on the surface (like doing domestic cats), which substantially draws in interested homeowners of the local fauna.

Sea cat has a diamond-shaped or spherical body, long, threadlike, jagged tail with a spike (often in nature there are circumstances of two spikes, however this takes place really seldom), and also a nude body is without thorns and also backs.

Unlike lots of other species of fish in the sea hvostokol missing out on fins, which impacts the distinct residential or commercial properties of swimming. The top part of the disc is painted gray or olive-brown, the lower completely white. The average body size is 1-2 meters. With appropriate feed and great forage varieties grow up to 2 as well as a half feet in length. Intriguing function: women are always bigger than males.

To commemorate the terrific production can in cozy areas of the Atlantic coastline, near the shores of the African and european countries. The normal gregarious habits offered by relocating cross countries. In some cases, one pack is greater than a couple of thousand individuals, that easily « drifting » in the sea void and searching for readily available food.

In Russia, the pet can be discovered around the black sea coastline and in some components of the Azov sea.

The fish belong to the thermophilic marine animals that reveal traces of their activities only in the summertime. With the start of autumn cold, they are leaving precious locations as well as most likely to depth. In many cases, the sea cat is attempting to swim near the bottom, where it usually buries itself in the sand and also not making any kind of steps. In this state, he simply combines with the atmosphere and looks a fixed object of an unnatural origin.

But after a short rest the fish makes blowing up « UPS », increasing from the bottom of the ocean at really broadband. After that fish the cat starts to « rise » or « fly », swing their fins like wings. When searching for food, among the most stunning residents of the sea strikes with a body of sand to vzmutit it and enhance the chances of catching scrumptious target.

Diet sea pet cat contains:

  • crustaceans;
  • shellfish;
  • other plankton.

Eat fish catscity-stingrays are ovoviviparous animals, but aside from the yolk in the egg, the embryos create in the womb and also get her body’s unique liquid with extraordinary nutritional homes appearing like milk. It is produced in unique outgrowths that are found on the wall surfaces « of the womb ». Bundles of these outgrowths permeate the little openings of the embryos, leading to really useful minerals and also vitamins get in the digestion tract of calves.

In cozy, southern areas of our country the reproduction duration takes place in June or July. One woman in one season can expand from 4 to 12 young. As well as though comely crumbs are born with sharp spines, the process of childbirth lacks discomfort. As well as all since in the womb of matter Pleskodale embryos covered in a tube, appearing like a cigar, which prevents aggressive influence of backs on the internal organs of the woman.

After birth the baby rapidly adjusts to external conditions, transforms and also swims away.

Nutritional worth of sea pet cat, is almost zero. Nevertheless, in numerous nations of the globe it is caught in big quantities and used for food preparation delicacies in the elite various other venues and first-class dining establishments, unique food. In the liver of fish is more than 63 per cent of dietary fat enriched with a very beneficial vitamin D.

If this species of Stingray assaults on humans, injuries can be extremely excruciating. The reality that the spikes have some toxic substances that cause dreadful pain.

The sea pet cat is represented by the manufacture of tools of sharp spikes of the fish. For many years, regional island locals utilized them as an efficient tips for spears, who, after worked as a tool for catching fish.

Caught stingrays additionally press fish oil. The pet may make a person more unsafe. In the hostile problem, it can cause fatal injuries, adhered to by a lengthy as well as unpleasant fatality due to the efflux of blood.

In most cases, sea pet cat strikes individuals after they step on his body, buried in the sand.

Harmful poisonous substance hvostokol can create:

  • spasmodic pain;
  • muscle paralysis;
  • infectious illness;
  • blood poisoning;
  • deadly– the fatality of the victim.

Sea cat is among the most common sorts of stingrays aquatic fauna of the European coastlines. The majority of the fish located in the waters of the Atlantic sea, near the Islands of Britain and also Spain, and also even in the Mediterranean sea. Himself underwater occupant is extremely sensitive to any changes in temperature. If the water temperature level goes down below 6 levels Celsius, he might pass away. Reduced rates within +5-+7 levels Celsius he manages to make it through.

In North as well as South America had the ability to catch an uncommon American hvostokol.

Some fish can endure openly in freshwater fish ponds, for example, in the mouths of American rivers.

The body shade is determined by the water, atmosphere and sunshine color. If some stingrays are repainted brown, others can be dark gray. The reduced component of the body can be light or entirely white lotion.

The natives of the American continent made use of needle hvostokol to produce very effective tools, particularly spears and daggers. Needles are fixed on the shafts. Incidentally, there is old Greek myth, Odysseus was eliminated by this arrowhead. Constructed from thick leather, they extended their musical tools, particularly drums.
Once created the medium-sized species of whip that was made use of to force activity on slaves or prisoners, local locals of Western African countries and also Ceylon. In turn, the Seychelles whip was utilized to frighten better halves.

When meeting with the pet that swam into the net, the fishermen right away cut off his tail, and afterwards released back into the water. The truth that barbed tail stands for a massive danger to various other living beings. Because of this, it is sometimes possible to capture species, which has no tail. The fishermen from southern Africa case that from the liver of hvostokol you can get really beneficial fat, which will certainly work for the therapy of pneumonia and also avoidance of other harmful diseases.

Off the shore of Mexico sea felines form big schools that are falling under the sea basin.

Poisonous properties

Do fish cat agcac mentioned over, SKAT is able to expose a fantastic danger to people or their neighbors. Call with an animal which has actually triggered hostile behavior rarely finishes happily. Furious and quick monster promptly assaults her abuser, letting the toxin out of the needle into the target.

Dangerous needle hvostokol is a long knife-edged tail. If hvostokol a person mad, he struggled striking the tail under and triggers the needle to a fighting state. Such dangerous tools immediately to incapacitate a swimmer, inflict long lasting injury or bring about tragic repercussions in the kind of an excruciating death.

Tail needle has a different length. In most cases, it gets to 25 to 35 cm, although some specimens the size is 42 centimeters.

This unsafe weapon is a bag with a poisonous substance which is very hazardous. When injected into the wound with the towel, the poisonous substance that fills up the grooves of studs, deteriorates the activity of the cardio system, triggering a sharp decline in blood pressure and also accelerated heartbeat. Additionally bite hvostokol might be come with by vomiting response, and heavy sweating.

According to the stats, just in the United States each year from the bites of the sea feline is experiencing greater than 1500 individuals. And this is not connected with aggressive fish, but only with its environment. Just recently a big group hvostokol relocate to coastal areas, where they create the so-called « beautiful vault»». Going into the bottom of the pet develops into a harmful tool, contact with which is highly unwanted.

Also small stingrays, a body size of no more than 50 inches with 20-inch tail that are discovered on the Atlantic coastline efficient in causing the target’s gruesome injuries. At large members of the species that grow to 3-4 metres in size, the tail, the thickness of a human foot, it is a huge 30-cm spike. With his help, the fish can cause an awful strike, efficient in punching all-time low of the watercraft.

In any type of waters lived in by fish cottam several travelers go to the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands as well as in various other unique regions in order to have fun with sea pet cats, take brilliant pictures and also feel the extraordinary feelings from such actions.

Some aquarists type of hvostokol in particularly created storage tanks with salt water. For house upkeep this fantastic occupant of marine waters are not ideal, since it requires to develop a large pot with a water quantity of 1 thousand litres. The slope shows high demands to the problems in which he lives. He requires an appropriate temperature level and correct hydrochemical composition of water.

In huge fish tanks and also aquariums stingrays live openly in captivity, where they are fed little fish and also plankton.

Regardless of a number of unfavorable elements, consisting of aggressive habits a defensive reaction as well as toxicity of the needle, the sea feline is among the most incredible animals of our earth. His good-looking appearances, excellent size as well as intriguing behavior will not leave indifferent any type of visitor. Meeting SKAT guarantees excellent memories as well as feelings for a long time. Perhaps that is why several traveling countless miles to see this colorful resident of the oceans as well as seas.

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