Searching lands of Bashkiria update boundaries

Based on the decree of the head of Republic Bashkortostan from 24 December 2018 No. HS-327, in the searching economic situation of Bashkiria there have been substantial changes.

Ohotnichih from the general public lands of the Republic of 6 community districts allocated 9 stories prepared from the debt consolidation through the auctions for the right of conclusion of the appointments the Belarusian delegation arrangements.

Additionally altered the boundaries of a few of the hunting Association of hunters and also anglers of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and some private hunting ceased its presence.

Customized the boundaries of hunting territories of Bashkiria and also created brand-new sections for safeguarding

And also now extra, what areas and also in what locations of the Republic has actually gone through adjustments and changes.

  • Baltachevskijj district: 1 picked plan for securing the location, altered the boundaries and lowered the location Baltachevskogo hunting Air RB;
  • Beloretskiy rayon: created 3 stage for the public auction, changed the border and the location of Beloretsk searching Air RB;
  • Buraevskiy area: alloted 1 plot of land for loan consolidation;
  • Gafuriyskiy rayon: started 2 plan for the auction of land public hunting premises;
  • Karaidel’skiy rayon: assigned 1 land is public land, we plan to combine;
  • Sharanskiy rayon: 1 formed the boundary of the preparation location under loan consolidation.

All-natural Park « Zilim — » — searching. Gafuriysky area of Bashkortostan appeared the specific boundaries of the new nature Park « Zilim », developed last year by the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan from 15.10.2018 No. 491. Seekers must understand that under the protection program of the natural Park restricted any type of hunting on its area.

Public searching grounds in Bashkiria ended up being much more

Stopped kupresanin, you have actually removed 3 of hunting:

  • SP Khaliullin, R. K. (bakalinskiy rayon)
  • SP Zalyaeva (Belebeevsky district)
  • OOO « Nordlayn » (Beloretskiy rayon)

These former searching ranches moved into the classification of public hunting land.

All border changes and updates are reflected on the page with a map of the searching grounds of the Republic of Bashkortostan, as well as in a mobile application « Map hunter»».

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