SKAT (Batomorphi)

Rays is the flying carpets of the undersea world, because the supposed cartilaginous fish with a flat body shape. The reps of this organized group is extremely diverse, so United in some teams, constitute a solitary superorder Rays. On the planet there are about 340 types of fish. Systematically they are all close to sharks.

Because of the strong flattening of the body Gill openings, these fishes have actually entirely changed to the lower side of the body. There is additionally a large mouth. On both sides of the mouth you can see a small hole. Oblivious individuals can take their little eyes, actually, it bryzgalina.

Via them SKAT pumps water right into the Gill slits to breathe. Genuine eyes are beam of lights on the upper side of the body. In different species, their size ranges from huge to small, and the blind electrical ray they are completely hidden under the skin.

About such anatomical features have developed and body organs of motion. Rectal fin rays lowered, and chest integrated with the body turned into a level « wings ». Some of the rays wings-fins are fairly little as well as do not join the motion, the primary pusher they, like other fish, works as a muscular tail. In other species, on the other hand, the pectoral fins are massive, as well as the tail is weak as well as slim. When a fish swims, it at the same time increases and also reduces the fins, as if flying in the water column. Incidentally, this method of movement permits us to create slopes better rate as well as also jump out of the water a few meters.

Size as well as coloration of these fish varies within very wide limits. Amongst them are the monochrome (grey, black, brownish), and also really vivid types (multicolor, figured).

The little Indian electric ray reaches Dean is only 14 cm, and also the largest manta, or sea-devil — — gets to a length of 6-7 m and therefore weighs 2.5 lots! When the huge leaps out of the water, his body falls under the sea with a cannon holler.

No much less varied and the habitat of the stingrays. These fish are located in all weather zones — — from the tropics to the polar regions. Some types like the year-round cool water, others do not leave the cozy currents, there are those that move fars away.

By nature most of the slopes are solitary, some species might form huge gatherings. This pack is Eastern typical bichenov of migrating from Mexico to Florida, has about 10,000 varieties.

Stingrays can be located in shallow waters and at depths of approximately 2000-2700 m. Most of them live in the seas and seas and only the stingrays of the household of river stingrays has actually understood the freshwater of South and Central America.

Typically, these fish are near all-time low, which is flat shape of the body suits quite useful. The huge manta is not scared to swim much from the coast and also base, huge dimension shields it from enemies.

Prey stingrays are marine pets. Tiny types consume worms, benthic molluscs, crayfish, crabs, tiny octopuses. A huge catch of fish: they are usually the victims of sardines, haddock, capelin, mullet, plaice, cod, eel, salmon. Yet a significant manta, on the other hand, eats plankton and also really little fish. Its target, it merely removes, the water flowing via the gills. However, one of the most unusual methods of angling exercised listing sawfish and also electrical rays, or fish-saw (not to be puzzled with saw sharks!).

First have electrical organs that are taken care of by an unique Department of the brain. « « Battery » is able to build up fee at the best minute to release at a current of 7-8 Amer voltage at different kinds can get to from 80 to 300 volts. For little animals such a shock deadly to human beings at best, very uncomfortable at worst can trigger lasting paralysis of the arm or legs. As for fish-saw, her nose is elongated in the type of Board, studded on the edges of sharp teeth. With the help of this device list sawfish Stingray excavating in the soil, loosens it, and ruptured into a flock of fishes, struck the events and kills his targets.

Surprisingly, the rays, in addition to their closest loved ones the sharks have an extremely created reproductive system. When breeding they either lay their egg capsules, or give birth to live young. In the very first instance, the female lays 1-2 eggs with an interval of 1-5 days. The breeding cycle can take months, during this period, one grown-up manages to lay from 4-5 to 50 eggs. Each egg is clothed with a Horny sheath, the sides of this bag end with threads, with their assistance, the egg capsule connected to the ground or algae.

The advancement of the embryo in various species lasts from 4 to 14 months. This is a very long time for fish, but the egg comes out not fry, and also completely developed young stingrays. Have viviparous varieties the fry are creating in the mother’s body in a special organ, like the uterus of mammals. The primary source of food for them is the yolk of the egg, additionally, embryos suck the liquid, which produce the appendages « of the uterus ». This technique of feeding comparable to feeding milk from pets.

In nature, relative security is that flaunts manta, which is because of the significant size, nobody attempts to strike. Various other varieties come to be sufferers of numerous aggressive fishes, particularly sharks. For protection stingrays have actually created a number of tools. Some varieties depend on safety coloration and flat physique, masking them against the background of the dirt. In the daytime benthic stingrays are non-active and prefer to relax under, sprinkled himself with sand. Pelagic species depend on broadband as well as capacity to leap out of the water. Stingrays are protected by a discharge current.

Yet one of the most hazardous rays. These fish remain in the middle of the tail low-profile spike length 10-37 see On the bottom surface of the stud has a groove, littered with harmful cells. Seek the ramp with all his stamina his tail from side to side, stab him a thorn is exceptionally excruciating, and also for a person else as well as extremely dangerous. Also relatively harmless river stingrays poison can create paralysis of the limbs, as well as the toxic marine species create a sharp drop in high blood pressure, throwing up and paralysis of skeletal muscle mass. One of the most popular victim of these fish is a popular Australian naturalist Steve Irwin, struck a needle right in the chest.

Some kinds of fish are the items of Commercial as well as amateur fishing. Particularly delicious is meat Mediterranean stag (mobula) and liver of sea cat. At the very same time, larger species of manta rays require defense, as fish with reduced fecundity. As a result of the level shape of the body the rays are not extremely ideal for maintaining in residence aquariums, since they require a large tank. However one can commonly see them in public fish tanks, where the friendly non-venomous types are everyone’s favorite. These fish are willing to give themselves to be brushed and also take food from the hands of site visitors.

In the Black and Azov seas are extremely typical fish such as the ramp-hvostokol. His second name, is a sea feline. Its look it is like a big flat pancake, his body is really smooth and streamlined form. Shade it dark purple practically black to shades of gray. Its fins like wings, with which he calmly moves in the water area.

This kind of incline normally lives near the coast, at a deepness of from 10 to fifty meters. Mostly generally on the bottom. Covered with seashells and also sand. This slope, extremely smooth skin, and at the end of the tail is a sharp spike. Which consists of a hazardous material. This poisonous substance is very hazardous, he is like a snake and extremely harmful to human beings.

The Stingray meat is not fit to eat, so it is not especially caught. During the stumble he very usually catches the anglers on the hook. If you mistakenly captured such a miracle, it is much better to allow him go, yet very carefully, don’t forget about the toxic tail.

In the black sea waters, dwells another sort of incline, as a sea Fox. Appearance she is fairly powerful, many thanks to its colour. She celepation brownish body with a lot of backs, even on the tail spikes in two rows. But unlike the sea feline, Fox is not poisonous, and also its meat is fairly edible.

In order to catch it, you require the night or at night, established special tackle. With thick fishing line. The hooks must be connected to the major angling line, at periods of about thirty inches. Starting from the load, which is chosen the end of the pole. It is best to catch online bait such as tiny gobies or shrimp.

All night to wait and rest when will certainly start to bite, do not need. As Fox itself often fall for the bait. Most importantly, the right take on and also properly approach to this concern with the choice of area for angling, this kind of ramp. To install the gear to the desired setting, it can be done by swimming, or by using a long pole as well as an effective reel.

Since of his skin than meat, primarily it is believed that manta rays are caught. This fish has very resilient skin, and is rather commonly made use of. Stitch straps, bags, portfolios as well as purses. Very commonly manta rays are caught with seines or different networks. During normal fishing. Yet most of the fishing happens on online bait. Making use of an excellent strong fishing line as well as hooks for capturing big fish, as the rays expand to fairly remarkable sizes.

Fishing Stingray is a intriguing and impressive task that will enable each fishermen to obtain unforgettable emotions and also excellent mood from the procedure of fishing. That’s why today, not just Amateurs, yet additionally experts, understand about this incredible fish, as the ramp– hvostokol.

Basically, the fish lives, ranging from the Black sea, to its cozy coastal waters of Africa.

Mosting likely to capture a Stingray on the Black sea, you can satisfy 2 kinds of rays: hvostokol, and sea Fox. With regard to very first Vila, on his tail, you can spot the spike, with a toxin gland, it consequently, as well as can cause severe damage to somebody who is attempting to capture her.

The body of a Fox has sharp spikes, they are mostly utilized in protection. Before you go angling this fish, it is essential to study all the peculiarities of this fish in order not to be encountered with certain troubles.

If you make a decision to catch a Stingray on the Black sea, it is best to make use of– a powerful rod that will obludit length up to four meters. Then there’s constantly the alternative to return house with a catch.

August is the very best time for capturing this fish, so, if you chose to fish for Stingray, you can give preference to this month. It is essential to know that the Stingray is normally discovered along the shore, often he goes closer to the coast, but it’s usually in the dark.

As well as don’t think that you are lucky since this occurs hardly ever. This fish frequents the tidewaters, and also there are commonly specialist fishermens go after the bull from the watercrafts, so they can always « stumble» on them.

If you fish from a watercraft, locate a ramp is likewise feasible, but to pull out it is troublesome, especially for the novice. If rubber boat, after that do it whatsoever tough, because this fish will easily have the ability to punch an increased Board, so better not to risk it.

Angling scaresly you will certainly be to catch a Stingray on the Black sea, it is best to use as bait– a tiny fish. And lots of fishermens favor the goby, tiny goby, it will be possible to stick a whole, the outcome is a real-time bait.

Keep in mind that catch of a slope– hvostokol quite dangerous, as he can always harm the angler’s hand, so hundred times assume before to go on such a dangerous as well as exotic angling.

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