Skorpena (marine fish) (Scorpaena porcus)

Marine ruff (Skorpena, Red skorpena, skorpena black sea, black sea ruff, « brush » )– Scorpaena porcus– fish, which offered name to a considerable household of Scorpionfish.

Black sea ruff has a large a little squashed head, which inhabits one third of the body. On the head of a Scorpionfish has actually an extremely put protruding crimson eyes and also a massive mouth, mounted by thick lips, which can conveniently fit a tiny crab.

To manage dobutaminom Ersu assistance effective jaws with lots of sharp curves the teeth. Fish body cover with bumps and also soap the skin, concealing it under a slim stone, among which it hides. At the black sea scorpionida large pectoral fin and also one dorsal fin spiny, constantly raised and also aligned. The rays of the dorsal fin transformed into a sharp thorns.

Scorpionfish are dangerous. Paired venom glands go to the base of the spiny rays of the fins (dorsal, rectal and ventral). All such rays Scorpionfish, there are about 20 pieces. They are located at a 45 ° angle as well as offer ERSO protection from killers. Likewise the toxin is had in the bone spines on the Gill covers.

After the loss of harmful backs pain rapidly increases. The area around the shots is red and inflamed. The victim needs to make the injury hemorrhage as much as possible. You need to gently deal with the afflicted area with hot water, yet it is best to without hold-up look for medical assistance. At the meeting of Sea ruff be really cautious, as the poisonous substance continues also dead fish.

However, by brush it is tough to pass, due to the fact that it brings in the attention of elegant variegated pigmentation and also unusual appearance. Light yellow or cream-colored body of the young pets it has actually been painted brown, reddish-brown to bronze areas as well as uneven vertical red stripes. With age the pigmentation of the black sea scorpionida. It comes to be dark brown with recurring stippling on the fins or broad fuzzy upright bands on a light brown or grayish background. There are additionally crimson yellow, pink as well as black scorpionfish.

Marine fish is a predator. In natural conditions it feeds on small fish and crustaceans, which are lurking in wait and captures a sharp jerk. To identify prey black sea scorpene help the organs of the lateral line, especially created on the head. They catch the currents of water from any kind of relocating subject that permits you to quest also in complete darkness.

Marine ruff has a distinguishing characteristic that distinguishes it from other fish. He consistently drops its leather cover like a serpent. The change of the skin happens 1-2 times a month (typically after a lunar month is 28 days).

Marine fish stays in the coastal zone, in a kelp forest, among the rocks. Leads lower way of life, sedentary and not frightened. Lays eggs in small sections in sheath of mucus that float to the surface area.

Skorpena is taken into consideration one of the most delicious fish of the Black sea. Brush the meat is white, solid as well as juicy. In gliosartan can get to 30-40 centimeters and consider at the very same 1-1,5 kg.

Scorpionfish (Scorpaena) is a category of aquatic fish of the scorpionfish family, whose reps reside in the basins of the Atlantic as well as Pacific seas. All the Scorpaena genus consists of 62 types, one of the most popular of which are:

— — Black sea skorpena-ruff, or Scorpid (Scorpaena porcus). This fish, as a matter of fact, offered name to the whole genus of scorpionfish. Its range includes the Eastern Atlantic, Black, Mediterranean and also Azov sea.

Golden sea-ruff, or Golden skorpena (Scorpaena scrofa). Typical in subtropical seas, discovered in the Canary and Azores Islands, along with Magery and also Guinea-Bissau. Some varieties of scorpionfish, such as gold skorpena, are among the game fish.

Measurements scorpionfish differ significantly depending on the details species. The largest participants of the genus expand to 40-50 centimeters, but many individuals in the size does not exceed 30 centimeters. Body scorpionfish, generally, short, highly tapering in the direction of the tail, the head is huge. Pigmentation not uniform, while it is dominated by numerous tones of red and also brown. On the forward, dorsal and also anal fins scorpionfish are harmful rays, a shot which is dangerous to humans.

A Golden scorpionfish poisonous substance creates prolonged and serious pain, and in some cases, the consumed, can cause death. An interesting function of the scorpionfish is the ability to molt. Like serpents, these fish are sometimes entirely shaking off damaged skin, as well as do it frequently. So, the black sea skorpena-ruff might molt up to 2 times per month.

Frequently scorpionfish are located in coastal waters of the seas as well as in the shallows of the coral reefs atolls, yet some species choose to settle at a deepness of approximately 2 kilometers. For long trips these fish have a tendency not to– the majority of the moment they lie motionless on the bottom waiting on prey, and just the sight of an ideal dimension fish, shrimp or shellfish, make a rapid innovation. Incredibly diverse pigmentation makes scorpionfish hardly recognizable on the history of reef, which contributes to successful searching.

Spawning the wager portion. The eggs covers the sheath of mucus, which breaks up prior to wychavon larvae. Time hatching out the larvae swim near the surface area, as well as then, having reached a suitable size, and decreased in the water column.

In the Black and also Azov sea and also the Kerch Strait, you can see rather a fascinating fish called a sea ruff or tiny scorpenes. After her interesting to watch, but absolutely not worth to see it close. This is among one of the most aggressive aquatic prisoners, besides its spinal columns located throughout the body, is rather harmful.

It is an actual monster — — large head covered with protuberances, horns, bulging crimson eyes, a massive mouth with thick lips. The rays of the dorsal fin transformed into a sharp spines, which skorpena, if it is disturbed, spreads; at the base of each light beam — — toxic iron. It is defense from killers ruff, his weapon of support.

And also the weapons of strike — — jaws with numerous sharp curves the teeth — — developed for a carefree fish, came close to scorpene by the size of its swift, violent toss. All type of scorpionfish states its risk; as well as at the very same time, she is beautiful — — and there are scorpionfish very various shades — — black, gray, brown, crimson, yellow, pink …

Due to the fact that this fish is rather hard to observe at the bottom, much of its sufferers essentially being available in her mouth. She doesn’t even need to particularly quest a person. Marine ruffs order prey, making common of other scorpionfish sudden short throw, and swallow it. Skorpena preys on small fish as well as different crustaceans.

These prickly predators prowl amongst the rocks, under the algae, and also all bottom fish, changing shade to match the shade of their atmosphere, can quickly lighten or dim depending upon light conditions. Hide scorpene as well as many spinal columns, spikes, arms and leathery, transforming it into one of rocks covered with marine plant life. It is difficult to notice, and also she so relies on its obscurity, that swims (or instead, flies like a bullet from a gun!) If to approach her carefully, only. Often it can also be touched — — yet just to do — that’s sufficient! Interesting, pushing the surface area of the water and breathing with a tube, enjoy the search scorpionfish…

… The threat of sea perch that, when accidentally disturbed, he did not think to leave. As a matter of fact, it increases the dorsal backs, and thinks a protective position, arching the body with a Crescent. Not seeing him among the sea of stones and algae, it is very easy to stumble.

The wounds from the spikes scorpionfish cause burning pain, the location around the shots is puffy and red, and then General despair, temperature, and your vacation is disrupted. Specifically unsafe poisonous substance ruffs early springtime: in this time of year because of the rising hormonal agent levels, toxin is the most hazardous. If you have struggled with thorns ruff — — get in touch with your physician. Injuries must be dealt with as ordinary scrapes.

The main signs and symptoms of poisoning with poison of sea perch — — regional swelling (where punctured) and General allergy. Deaths from shots scorpionfish is not recognized. Inadvertently it is additionally no person comes and also we experience its barbs interested scuba divers and also anglers, when you take the ruff with the hook or eliminating it from the network. Incidentally, sea ruff, a really delicious fish, simply tidy it very carefully — — the toxin persists even scorpionfish, relaxed in the fridge.

Skorpena has fascinating attributes — — it is consistently shed, throwing himself — — a snake, a sock — put on skin, in some cases as much as 2 times monthly. Additionally, the better the problems in which fish live, and the more food, the more often they happen losing.

Inhabits the Eastern Atlantic, from the British to the Azores, in the black sea and the mediterranean sea, finds occasionally in the sea of Azov. Predator. Kept in the seaside location and also the majority of the time depending on thicket plant life on stony base waiting for victim. Was previously one of one of the most typical fish in the seaside area, presently, is much rarer.

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