The float on the eve of the freeze-up

The most dependable and ideal right away before the development of ice continue to be small river. Check out the clear water and it seems that the fish went and left the area to the large water.

But it is not, in every river there is a resident population of fish that was born as well as increased below, just need to locate where in a whirlpool or a hole hidden roach, perch, gudgeon, perch, ruff, Dace and Chub.

Prior to the advent of the edges of the ice fish is kept in essentially the same locations as in the summertime, and also in conformity with care and camouflage it efficiently caught. With the development of the sides of the fish begin to relocate better to the bed as well as to the much deeper areas. In areas with a higher deepness for weaker as well as edge flanges are formed in the first place.

The side is very easy to navigate as well as to capture in the circuitry practically beside the ice. From the moment when the ice will get to the riverbed, the only areas for fishing stays open stretches of water on the rapids and listed below the dam. But if the existing is solid, fish out in the bays under the ice.

Fish, which currently can be relied on to stay gudgeon, little cockroach, perch, bream, skimmer bream, Chub as well as Dace. Their task before the freeze-up is a lot less than in summer season just in excellent climate there are durations of energetic biting. It so takes place that within the hr the fish are attacking effectively, practically not paying attention to the density of a fishing line as lure and the all-natural movement of the attraction in the water. This is rare, and require to rely on a very cautious bite, even if there is an area of a blockage of fish.

The selection of area and also fishing tactics essentially altering, and also the way we made use of to do in the summer, currently to capture efficiently. Summer fishing is mainly based upon the layout, which is necessarily present the bait. Bait, without exemption, consist of big amounts of highly nutritious and quickly absorbable parts. When the water temperature is high, after that the process of adaptation by the fish bait is quick as well as nearly never ever observed the reality of overfeeding fish.

With decreasing temperature level water rate of handling of the blend is reduced to 4-10 times. The crucial sensible final thought that the quantity of bait must be either minimized several times, or require to make use of less calories combination, or bait needs to be stayed clear of at all. To lower the calorie material of standard summer lure can only be obtained by dilution with planet, sand or other ideal component. Even better, change the bait with a high web content of biscuits, corn, bran, peanuts, marijuana and cake on bloodworms and maggots.

You can not depend on the truth that the lure will attract fish to the angling area. Currently lure can be essential only in order to sharpen the cravings of the fish, which is located in this location.

The suitable rope will be a plug, but this is just if you discover a point of catching and won’t typically change the fishing location. If you stroll along the river as well as systematically to sh in intriguing locations, after that you will certainly require a light five-six-meter clearomizer pole. To suggest which is better — — plug or centrifugal post, now there is no point, given that whatever depends upon the circumstance. If you fix the trouble with the fish finder, with the methods of fishing and also picking a fishing rod, it is necessary not to be misinterpreted with a breeze.

You might need to alter the floats of balsa timber on the drifts from foam. The delicate balsa float is simple to harm as well as compromise its honesty when you clean the float of ice. Excellent drifts of cork as well as wood. Wooden floats can be fertilized with warm linseed oil and then brightened. Refined the float is a lot easier to get rid of from the cold ice. Snap style is very simple. On a thin angling line with a diameter no thicker than 0.10 mm is connected to one hook and weight. The weight of such tooling is seldom more than one gram, usually makes use of snap-ins weight 0.5– 0.7 grams

At the centrifugal post, the descent is the same as during the summer fishing, however on plug take on far better descent established to make sure that the weight hung a few inches above the bottom, as well as a hook with lure protected weights at a distance of from 10 to 50 centimeters. If the snap-in is simple, as well as the current is strong, this distance can be enhanced align to five feet. The technique would be to hold snap-ins in one location, no matter the stamina of the present.

If you catch on the river don’t intend to, you can attempt to catch carp.

In some bodies of water large carp can be conveniently captured, also when there’s a rim of ice. Furthermore, attacking big carp can continue the first ice.

Select a pond where currently the fish can attack, not even if the fish are extremely particular fish.

The second crucial factor is look for a place of fishing. Crucian carp with chilly water like any type of other fish family Cyprinidae, except the minnow, took specific places, tightens the location of search for food and much less relocations. Consequently, to count on the action of the lure is not needed.

You can begin with ««» summer season » areas, that is close to plants or near the imprints on the bottom. Given that all tooth cavities in the « karasini » waters generally silted, to assist in their search can only be reasonably heavy depth gauge, which conveniently ««» touched » all-time low. The most effective places for fishing are those that lie near undersea plant life from the neighbouring recesses. In superficial ponds that are heavily overgrown with yard carp action or in snags, or in the deepest places. Usually such locations are located at a preserving dam.

When selecting a place for angling you require to think about such factors as the direction and force of the wind, offered the truth that he can transform the instructions. It is extremely essential to discover to forecast feasible weather changes. Well, if the wind changes instructions, then absolutely need to choose the surf coastline.

Practice recommends that in fairly calm climate, a nice carp captured up until the ice, mosting likely to a much deeper location, and ultimately concentrates in the pits, where it can « obtain » just «

long-throw ». As soon as the fishery is specified, it is important to comprehend where the water currently the fish is maintained, considering that this will depend on the structure of the lure, as well as method of feeding, and also angling method.

In the type of lure is best utilized not greater than a kilogram of the least expensive « basic » composition, it is needed to plant two times the ground from the coast. The land is first diluted with water to acquire a thick uniform mass, and after that it is contributed to a dry lure mix up until the desired uniformity. Afterwards, the bait will certainly not be unneeded to include a handful of bloodworms and also maggots. It is much better to tempt such a means regarding use all of the ready dosage.

A really effective lure in the autumn and also the winter is a major Joker, blended with the planet.

As honeypots can be utilized as the nozzle of plant origin, and lure. The carp in the cozy period is incredibly fussy regarding appeals, but in the autumn, as a rule, declines maggots as well as bloodworms or a piece of worm, although there are situations when he is proactively bite on barley or « mash ». While capturing large carp best bait is, as in spring, a typical earthworm, has actually generated concerning of the reservoir, for instance, under the origins of nettle or willow.

When angling near the coast is the most reliable use the plug, which will permit you to use thin as well as ultra-light snap-in.

As it I constantly use « okleechnuyu » alternative with a line no thicker than 0.10 mm as well as float with lugging ability of not more than 0.4 g. If the deepness is greater than five feet as well as snap dramatically draws, after that placed the drifts with an ability of as much as 1 year

Select a float with a heavy adequate keel to drift quickly took to the water in a vertical placement. In tranquil weather condition, is extremely convenient to utilize lengthy as well as thin floats of the ««»needle », since with their aid, most just define the perspective of fishing, which is currently feeding carp.

Angling technique is to silently drop the gear at the chosen point, wait a couple of secs and also quietly relocate the lure a little. Or lower the bait to the base as well as hold in place till the bite.

If captured a respectable size carp on the guard, the bait as well as a worm kid, much better put on all-time low as well as change the descent to make sure that the breeze does not birthed surface.

Capture mahovym pole in the cold autumn water, when the fish are biting at the factor, it is very difficult technically. The slightest breath of wind triggers easy snap-shifted to the point where there are fish to attack. Perishables snap is necessary, yet leads to an irreversible loss of time waiting, when the fish are again interested in the bait.

As a whole, angling for carp in the fall is very comparable to angling for cockroach when a group is a place that you wish to determine or find. To trigger the fish lure and also provide her a snap on slim reliable lure. And also at the correct time.

As quickly as the rim, catching is the pits. Range angling is typically twenty five and also more meters, and also the depth of 3-5 meters, so the best equipment is becoming « far casting » with a gliding float.

Nothing special in there. Standard sliding float with bring capability of 3 plus 4 plus 5 or 6 g on the fishing line with a size of 0.18 mm. Leash length of 15-20 centimeters from the fishing line 0,12– 0,16 mm. Shepherd boy is picked such as to keep the tooling, if it will certainly have « support»». As lure is usually better to use a big bloodworm responsible № № 16-18. Lure in many cases a negative effect.

In addition to carp, you can capture bream, if permitted inside. Bream are concentrated in large flocks and also occupies the riparian origin zone and almost never ever leaves her. All motion happens in between the network and the bottom edge. Because the centrifugal fly-fishing or plug to reach the lower edge of the network is not in every river, you might want to take on with a moving breeze.

The primary trouble consists in locating the places with the fish. Where the depth to the coast, plainly noticeable on the alleviation, but also if you can mahovym rod to reach the depth of 4-6 meters, after that the guarantee attacking is absent. The pack can stand in a different area. Look with long casts as well as a lot more reliable, given that it provides the necessary flexibility. Assist that bream are active. He reacts well to the bait and actively takes bloodworms, maggots and also worm. Bait is absolutely necessary. It will certainly help to hold the fish and make it much more active in search of food. Gear as well as fishing strategies vary bit from summer season. In cool water it is always better to make use of a thinner fishing line.

Seldom, and usually at night, have the ability to hold the pack lure for a couple of hours. When night fishing will be crucial plug, below. As a whole, fishing is now an intriguing, subtle, specifically if you’re lucky with the weather.

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