The hold on the 2nd okunikko not have to wait long

Quite excruciating period of freeze-up for carp, when a lot of them hibernate, while others are tired and ill take the go to killers– it’s time to gaming and also searching. The outcomes of the pike on the replica fish bring right now the most effective catches, occasionally it takes place a great deal as well as grasps on rewriters.

And pike do not stop and also okuneye attractions, often attacking off-trim them, targeted at the barbed Humpbacks. Perch as carelessly going after small fish, at the same time avoiding hoggish pike mouths as well as along the road, rushing for playing the spoon.

Apparently, constant perches grip on the dummy pertaining to the fact that and also are rather energetic right now Bursch-roach has not yet picked the irreversible feeding grounds and also environment, absence of exercise and also standing in the yard, not yet been up to all-time low. Besides, little fish clearly scares reckless-assertive stress carousing killer. In short, the bass as well as the pike is just nothing, even where there is a great deal of stuff… … Sometimes it is virtually impossible to capture smaller sized fish for the nozzle on tees zherlits.

Being in a tiny woodland lake, I invested all morning on the capture of real-time lure, as well as in some way scraped two okunishi, went down among them into the hole, exposing the replica fish. As quickly as the bait started to fuss in the ice, like a strong jerk almost tossed the angling line out of my hands. Mechanically cut fish quickly huddled on the ice. The hold on the second okunikko not also long to wait. I placed only currently the imitation fish as ««» lit up » check box, as well as one more pike sprayed out from the hole, securely captured all 3 tips of the tee…

… Winter trolling

Usually in the beginning of the winter season can get to betting and also capture the predator, making use of a variety of hornblende. Speaking of attractions, it is possible to keep in mind some distinctions between grab for angling on the program and also in the nearly still water of lakes and tanks. On the frequently used slim lenticular spinner, quite tiny, weighted by the hook, evaluating from 10 to 50g. One of the most popular colour is Matt silver, but normally bleszinski he discovers his fortunate lure.

There may be various variants of silver with brass or copper, tombac, and cupronickel. The training course is usually made use of spinners with soldered dual or solitary hook. In position without circulation or with low circulation made use of ploskovaty lure with suspended trinicom, which can be downy red hairs. The technique of trolling is met with experience, yet the standard regulations are the same– locating the bottom, lift the bait regarding 10-15 cm (this work), then swing the rotating raise to 30-40cm and also is lowered to the functioning degree, adhered to by a time out of a few secs as well as duplicated once again.

Mentioning the pike perch as well as bersh, it needs to be kept in mind that in recent times happens that the most innovative and also expensive baubles might produce some light weight aluminum scratch, yet with a growing of fresh sprat. « Naked » appeal the predator usually rejects to take not only today however yesterday and tomorrow…

… With the arrival of silicone baits jig increasingly began to give way to hefty jigs and also jig heads with Twister and vibrohvosta. The only « however »– a lot of retirements and breakages of tails whirlwinds. Ultimately, I was furnished with jig-heads and also jigs 3-4 centimeters short leashes with young doubles, events became much less.

Ways to play different attractions, varying from touching on the bottom, you can examine the version of the video game the normal jig with climbs as well as descents, and after that a means of trolling, although it is much less typical. Whitebait, with more as well as smell, it is frequently much more advantageous than silicone. She can take a seat as whirlwinds, extra leash, which also decreases the probability of retired lives.

Frequently success can bring equilibrium weights, as they function almost like the old spinners, particularly, in the straight airplane. This has the drawback that the flaps usually catch on snags.

On the current as well as deepness are utilized quite huge baits– 5-8 centimeters « Head » of the balance weight need to be somewhat increased due to the moved center of gravity, or else excellent game can not be attained. The reduced tee is required (due to the fact that the predator typically takes across), however often need to put on your own as readily available equilibrium weights with weak and extremely little tees. A Threesome can be hung on the clasp or little crown ring as well as outfit it with the « enjoyments » of red hairs. It is feasible to plant and sprat, commonly braid. Shades of lures might be various depending on the reservoir, however many great combination of yellow and also red or environment-friendly and also yellow. The quill of the equilibrium weight preferably from Plexiglas.

Bristles and also steel, in my viewpoint, worse. Above the balancer you can connect a short chain with a tee, outfitted with supposed « fly » hairs red or a plastic tube, or talk to replanting the tiniest of a shad or Twister.

Angling technique coincides as trolling. Finding all-time low, the lure is lifted by 8-10 cm, then, in obedience to a mild hand motion, it goes up to 20-30 cm Height is examined empirically in each situation. It occurs that the balancer has to raise over half a meter. When planning bait to the bottom, it is preferable to manage her loss, seeing the balancer with a light line stress, giving full slack.

Prior to lifting the attraction to knock the balancer under, elevating a cloud of turbidity. Time out 3-4 secs, however in many cases it may be 5-6 sec. Sometimes success can bring smooth video game lure, as in angling deal with.

Walleye, Bursch, pike as well as prefer searching areas with sharp slopes of the deep: the edge, inclines into the pit, old rivers, ridges of rocks and the midsts of 6-10 m.

Back to silicone baits and also the wonder-fish, sprat, it ought to be stated that the making inquiries anglers contrived and created another crossbreed snap. On a rather strong present near the depth and also the channel began to use something similar to the framework ground in the winter efficiency. Hefty jig head as well as weight better Cheburashka with ears as well as a tee (even more flexible bet), nagisetty sprat rests or silicone (for the smell– it’s whitebait); above the line is tied on a leash with a size of 20-25 centimeters with a heavy jig, on which nasazhivajut the same sprat or wattle worms, rarer waders. The gear sinks to the bottom, jig head, or « Cheburashka » is airing vent a little bit, and then spinning with a hard nod is set in the opening, customarily Donk. Every now and then can be made lengthy activity of the rotating by returning the jig head back, as well as once again to pit downstream. This tooling frequently is upset bersh, however you can capture perch and even bream.

Spinning to trolling is fairly long (as much as 50-70 cm), with a tough whip and also a large coil with a diameter of regarding 10 centimeters is Desirable to have several Ugolnikov under various problems of fishing. Fishing line– braid 0,08-0,1 mm. It reacts better to the bite and also stronger than monofilament. For a little icing it can be greased with glycerine.

Live lure

Angling Gerlich focused extra on the pike, yet if you establish an objective to capture a walleye on a real-time fish, the success is not much less most likely.

Pike are often captured in places not extremely deep: three-six-meter depths, on the drop-off– decline to these midsts. A especially successful as well as rewarding angling in the grabs, in the swamped forests, river-beds of previous rivers flood zones of reservoirs. It takes place that pike « paths » are at a certain range from coasts and also Islands in locations where the lower topography is smooth, with the exact same depths.

Apparently, pike is below on the energy costs. I typically put imitation fish on such a featureless plateau with the same depth perpendicular to the shore or the island with a busted chain. At the initial secure his hold predator imitation fish subjected to « the shooting line»», parallel to the shore or the island as well as likewise zigzag. Frequently this strategy functions, and also pike takes it right here.

I have actually embraced the replica fish sort of stand-strut-coil-spring with a flag, the, in my point of view, practical and simple, but parvaldu typically use imitation fish-tripod. They are not visited the wind on the bare snow-free ice.

Perch is frequently captured along with pike, however in much deeper locations (with a few previously mentioned exemptions) closer to the fairway. Concerning the Gerlich potamo still, we always discovered two or 3 of the raised flag and also normally one large walleye got on the hook. Prior to the early morning passed into day, specifically as much as 9 hours, we caught usually 2 or three excellent perch, and afterwards started to take pike.

If pike as online bait for almost any tiny fish (often even fish), the perch is far better to provide a narrow lengthened « Belle » — — verkhovka as well as bleak, which in winter season is difficult to catch, yet early in the period is possible. Somewhere verkhivka picking at the bloodworms under the ice, somewhere it is captured in the red melanocytoma. Collecting with Gerlich especially for walleye, I typically caught the day in the past on our non-freezing near the town the river stark traditional light float pole.

Was these mild fish in the cool water hareruya compressor for fish tanks. En route to the Volga included the air a pear-enema. Typically dovozil of bait fish dynamic as well as sensible, despite the widely known ««» quelet » grim. Generally, these efforts have actually brought success. Placing replica fish with grim somewhere near the fairway, the drop off in the pit, I generally blesny. The boxes had actually hardly begun to « play»», it took place a bite and also a grab. Came a flock of fattening walleye. The only thing that transformed in a snap Zander Gerlich is leashes as well as tees. As opposed to tough steel leads knotted or nichrome, I made use of tungsten as well as tees were changed with № 8,5-10 at No. 8, old numbering.

Usually after hold angling line instead of go deep, began a loop to bend up. Zander began to swiftly rise. We had to grab the slack and also reel it in again, as well as a lot more vigorously, otherwise it was a feasible celebration.

Fishing for pike on the imitation fish is no less interesting than on a synthetic attraction, and also in a great place and also problems as lucrative.

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