The One SIMPLE Jig Modification That Will Hook You More Bass

Heeding the guidance of the professional anglers, attraction producers have actually made jigs that you can take right out of the bundle as well as capture bass.

Some pros still favor dabbling with their jigs to improve the attraction’s design and also hook-setting potential.

The bass pros like tinkering with their attractions and a jig is among their faves to change.

All Jigs Are Not The Same

All jigs include an easy design of a weed guard and also hook molded onto a lead head and a rubber skirt connected to the jighead.

While some jigs are equipped with better hooks or other parts, all of these lures can be improved by dabbling with the 3 main body components:

the weed guard,

skirt and hook. What’s With The Weedguard? A jig’s weed guard is designed to make the lure snagless, yet the pros ensured alterations so the guard works even better. Among those modifications has currently come to be a typical feature on all Googan Jigs.

Stretching Things Out The pros raised their jig’s weedless top qualities by flattening the weed guard and also spreading its plastic strands into a V-shape. The new Googan Jigs are equipped with a U-shaped weed guard developed to be fanned out for much less snags and also enhanced hookups.

The hook point beings in the middle of the U, so when you pull the jig via a tree as well as it surrenders a limb, the weed guard hits the wood and transforms the hook factor away from the arm or leg to prevent it from snagging in the cover. Googan Squad Jigs Are More Snag Free The U-shaped weed guard assists maintain the hook in line with the guard. On jigs with straight-line weed guards the hook would in some cases get knocked out of alignment with the weed guard when the lure would certainly bump into hard cover.

When that happened the hook would certainly catch on a piece of cover at the tiniest touch. You never have to worry about the hook on the Googan Jig being subjected after crashing cover since it remains surrounded by the U-shaped weed guard regardless of how hard the jig hits something. Driving the hook with the glob of plastic bristles of a straight weed

guard can lead to missed out on fish even with a tough hook set. Nonetheless the U-shaped weed guard has only a couple of bristles before the hook, which allows the hook to easily move with the guard to make certain a solid hookup. Pay Attention To The Details In addition to having a slick weed guard style, each Googan Squad jig is hand-tied and features a double trailer caretaker.

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