The Record Bluegill Sunfish For Every State In America

Below is the list of the biggest bluegill ever before videotaped for every state in America (other than Alaska)

Bluegill are the among the most accessible, popular, and also finest sampling freshwater fish in North America. And also extra pound for extra pound, they could be among the hardest combating. Component of the Sunfish family, bluegill prefer cozy water

lakes, creeks, rivers, and also ponds. Bluegill are opportunists Bugs, worms, and also little minnows when it comes to feeding and also will typically eat points like plankton. Bluegill usually swim in superficial water locations littered with yard, timbers, or framework. These superficial water houses offer bluegill with both food and security from other fish.

Bluegills have tiny mouths so utilize downsized deal with to target these spunky panfish most successfully. Bluegill A lot of my angling experiences remain in the north where we consider any kind of bluegill over 8 inches to be a fatty. In fact, it may take bluegill in Wisconsin over 5 years to grow to be 8 inches long.

State Weight Angler Waterbody Year Caught Alabama 4 pounds 12 oz (World Record )T.S. Hudson Ketona Lake 1950 Alaska N/A N/A N/A N/a Arizona 3 lbs 15.68 oz Christopher Mapes Goldwater Lake 2004 Arkansas 3 lbs 4 oz Albert Sharp Fulton County 1998 The golden state 3 pounds

14 oz Michael Holoubek


Murieta Reservoir 2008

Colorado 2

pounds 9 oz Gregory Wallace Totten Reservoir

2019 Connecticut 2 pounds 4 oz Daniel Gesner Private Pond 1996 Delaware 3 pound

10 oz Clifford Snyder DiamondPond 2001 Florida 2 lbs

15 oz John


Crystal Lake 1989

Georgia3 lb, 5 oz

P.F. Gumm Shamrock Lake 1977 Hawaii 8 oz June Maeda Lake

Wilson 2000Idaho 3 lbs 8 ozDarrell Grim C.J. Strike Reservoir 1966 Illinois 3 pounds 8

oz Darren May Farm

Pond 1897 Indiana

3 pound. 4 oz. Harold L. Catey

Pond 1972 Iowa 3 pound 2 oz Phil Algree

RanchPond 1986Kansas 2 lbs 5 oz Robert Jefferies, Modoc

Farm Pond 1962 Kentucky 4

lbs 3oz Phil Conyers Strip Mine Lake 1980

Louisiana 1 lb 10 oz Mike Lamb N/A 1999 Maine 8 oz Liam Clayton Knight Pond

2008 Maryland 3 pounds 7 ozSarah Brenneman Deep Creek Lake 1998 Massachusetts 2 pounds

1 oz Heather Bulger South Athol Pond 1982

Michigan 2 lbs 13 oz N/A

Vaughn Lake1983

Minnesota 2 lbs

13 ozN/A Alice Lake 1948 Mississippi 3 pounds7 oz Ranch

Pond Gerald Thurmond 1995 Missouri 3 lbs Private Pond

Robert Giovanini 1963 Montana 2 pounds
10 oz Peterson’s Stock Dam Brent Fladmo 1983 Nebraska 2

lbs 13 oz Grove Lake Gary Ralston

1977Nevada 4 pounds 12 ozColorado River Mike Tahash 2010 New Hampshire 2 pounds

1 oz Goodwins Pond Justin Therieau 1992

New Jersey 3 lbs Ranch Pond

Dom Santarelli 1990 New

Mexico 3 pound 2 oz

Lovington Lake Thomas Smith 1963 New york city

2 lbs

8 oz Kohlbach

Pond Devin VanZandt 1992 North Carolina 4lbs 5 oz Henderson County LakeDanny Case
1967 North Dakota 2 lbs 12 oz

Strawberry Lake Budd

Hystad 1963 Ohio3 pounds

4 oz Salt Fork Lake

Willis Nicholes 1990 Oklahoma 2 pounds 6 oz Kay Co. Fish pond Tom

Shorter 1987 Oregon 2 lbs

5 oz Farm Pond

Wayne Elmor

1981 Pennsylvania

2 lbs 9 oz Keystone Lake Tom Twincheck1983 Rhode Island 2 pounds 1 ozN/A C. Rizzo 1987

South Carolina 3 lbs 4 oz


County Lake J.P. Hegler 1973 South Dakota 3

lbs 4 oz Stanley Co. Stock Dam Scott Sanner 1980Tennessee
3 lbs Ranch

Pond+ Fall Creek Brad Pendergrass

+Thelma Grissom 1987, 1977 Texas 2 lbs Lampasas River Gibbs Milliken 1999 Utah 2 lbs 7 ozMantua Reservoir Jack Rask199 Vermont

2 pounds Miller Pond John Konya 2020 Virginia 4

pounds. 8 oz Personal

Pond Thomas Jones1970Washington 2 pounds

5 oz Tampico Park Ron

Hinote 1984 West Virginia 2 pounds 12 oz Pond

Mark Lewis 1986

Wisconsin 2 pounds 10 oz

Lake Michigan Tom Glafcke 1995

Wyoming 2 pounds 15 oz Fish pond Stock Pond, Niobrara

County 2008

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