The Record Flathead Catfish For Every State In America

Flathead catfish are bottom-dwelling monsters that swim throughout lakes and rivers. Flatheads are opportunistic feeders that will chomp on anything from oysters to live bluegills.

I located flathead catfish licensed documents in 36 out of 50 US states as well as, after looking into the weights, I’ve never ever wished to catfish more. Below is the document flathead catfish for every single state in America.

Orange– Flathead Native Range Red– Flathead Non-Native Range PC: USGS State Weight Angler Lake Year Alabama 80 lbs Rick Conner Alabama River 1986 Alaska Arizona

76 lb 9 oz Eddie

Wilcoxson Bartlett Lake 2013 Arkansas 80 lbsWesleyWhite ArkansasRiver 1989 California72 lbs 14oz Billy JoePotter Colorado River2003Colorado 30 lbs 10 oz MichaelFlock LakePueblo 2017 ConnecticutDelaware Florida 69 lbs 4 ozMarvin GriffinYellow River 2019Georgia 83 lbsCarl Sawyer AltamahaRiver2006Hawaii

Idaho 58 lb8 oz J. Newberry/K. McCormick Brownlee Reservoir 1994 Illinois81 pounds 7 ozJames Klauzer

Sangchris Lake 2015 Indiana79 pound. 8 oz Glen T. SimpsonWhite River 1966 Iowa 81 lbs Joe Baze EllisLake 1958Kansas 123 lbs Ken PaulieElkCity Reservoir 1998 Kentucky 97pounds Esker Carroll Environment-friendly River 1956 Louisiana 95 pounds Roland Lasseigne Wax Lake 2007 Maine

Maryland Massachusetts Michigan 52 lbs Dale Blakely Barron Lake 2014 Minnesota70 pounds N/ASt.Croix River 1970 Mississippi 77pounds 7 oz MattBingham Mississippi River 2012 Missouri 100 pounds Mathew McConkey Missouri River 2015 Montana

Nebraska100 lbs 8 ozReece French Missouri River 2018 Nevada New Hampshire

NewJersey 5 pounds 8 oz Delaware River

New Mexico 78 pounds Jim Wilson Elephant ButteLake1979 New YorkNorth Carolina 78lbs Brian Newberger CapeFear River 2005 North Dakota 29 pounds 6 oz

Heart River 1985 Ohio 76 pounds 8 oz Richard Affolter ClendeningLake 1979Oklahoma 78 lbs 8 oz Richard Williams El Reno City Lake 2010 Oregon42 pounds Joshua Kralicek Serpent River 1994 Pennsylvania 56 lbsJonathan Pierce Schuylkill River 2019Rhode Island

South Carolina 84 lbs 9 ozPaul Daniels Cooper River 2018 South Dakota63 pounds 8 ozDavin Holland James River2019 Tennessee 85pounds. 15 oz LarryKaylor Hiwassee River 1993 Texas 98 pounds 8oz James Laster Palestine Lake 1998 Utah

Vermont Virginia 68 pounds. 12oz. JeffreyE. Dill Lake Smith2018 Washington 22 lbs11 oz C. L. McCary Snake River 1981 West Virginia38 lbs 8 oz L.L. McClung Little KanawhaRiver 1956 Wisconsin74 pounds 5 oz N/A MississippiRiver 2001Wyoming 22 pounds7 oz Dallas Stanton NorthPlatte River2004

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