The success of the wintertime fishing on the fast river

After a frost when the ice density ends up being huge, on water bodies with a weak flow or no circulation, in the lack of even short-term income meltwater, oxygen saturation significantly degrades, which reduces the activity of big forage fish, as well as the little thing begins to bite slowly, as well as just on ultra-thin take on, which in extreme cold to capture with ice is hard and also frustrating.

Then the fishermen have particular abilities and a thorough expertise of the locations of the upcoming angling, transfer to the river with a quick current, where the fish almost all winter very active as well as where the ice stamina is not doubtful.

Winter season angling from the ice on small or big rivers with strong current is very peculiar, as well as the outcomes— unforeseeable and also occasionally unexpected. All of this comes from the reality that such waters, any fish nearly all year round it consumes mostly all-natural, animal food, which range from location to place and also from period to season is really various. On the Oka river near Serpukhov, where the bottom is rocky, the fish respond favorably to the gammarus on the hook poles, and also caddis and also dragonfly larva if they are able to create.

When it comes to the gammarus, it is currently imported from the Urals as well as market in some pet stores. On one more stretch of the river, near the Kashira where the current is weak, as well as at the bottom there is sloppy sediment, an universal large bait is bloodworms, as well as preferred the dark. It would be good to try the larva of ephemera, however it, evidently, must be collected in the fall, yet still handle to save.

This craving fish for « skoromnogo » is dictated by huge power usage throughout the life of the present, so this truth is almost completely disregards the possibility of improving the bite or the concentration of fish in the angling place with the bait– « wild» fish in contrast to tanks swiftly leaves the location where all-time low in multitudes there is something unusual and also, essential, with « non-native » scent.

The important things that identifies the success of the wintertime angling on the fast river– the all-natural search websites plentiful with fish, and also this is due to the visibility of enough food, containing numerous small aquatic organisms. Such feeding locations on the river bottom are developed in those areas where there is obvious topography in the kind of bumps, deep ditches, steep falls, sharp bends of the riverbed, etc that then creates a recognizable change in the strength as well as instructions of currents, and also this subsequently causes deposition as well as accumulation in the local place of the particles, acting as a good shelter to small pets.

As for top quality of gear, it much less influences the frequency of attacks as well as the results of fishing on a solid present. Normally it’s quite rough snap bottom with a hefty sinker and also located over or encountering straight from weights a long chain with a jig on completion. Frequently some impact of the length of the leash and also the elevation of its installment about the sinkers– these criteria have to frequently get, making the point of add-on of the leash to the primary line relocating.

However, in recent years when angling in strong or ordinary for fishermens significantly moving away from easy « breeding » fish with the above heavy tackle, and also extra likely to energetic approaches of fishing. There are 2 options, yet a trolling killer.

The first technique needs to probably confess to capture on mormyshka, weight and size representing the stamina of the circulation and deepness at a particular place on the river. As a result, it is necessary to have numerous rods ahead of time attributes under various problems of angling, due to the fact that a greater number of bites it is possible to attain just if you make use of extremely easy attraction that before she reaches all-time low, will certainly even withstand from the hole a foot or two downstream. On a big white jig fish takes uncommon, except in some cases it can take place grasp bream or Chub. Typically the lure to capture perch, Bursch, perch, using energetic video game and as bait utilizing bloodworms, worm, or fry tail white fish. Commonly the jig happen hold burbot, specifically during his poslenebesnogo Jora.

The most effective way of fishing for white fish, obviously, is the so-called bottom-posting, which applies the tackle on the basis of the wintertime spinning with a nod, the elasticity of which represents the stamina of the circulation as well as weight of tooling. A nod below not only acts as a bite indication, yet the component snap, which is the transaction itself.

Tooling is installed on an extremely thin wire (generally of 0.1-0.12 mm) at the end of which is attached by means of a bolt round sinker– a weight is picked to make sure that it certainly reaches all-time low in the area of angling, but easily would have moved downstream with a soft patike angling align just at the expense of flexibility of a nod. This technique is the competent angler no « loss of lower» might drive the sinker down the stream to a range of four meters, prolonging the angling location.

Higher weights, concerning 10 centimeters, put a chain with a little hook under the bloodworms in size, typically varying from 20 centimeters to 1 meter, and also much more, to a big level is determined not only by problems in the shery, however additionally the activity of fish. Generally, the stronger the circulation and lower the activity of the fish, the longer require a chain. Even the number of bloodworm on the hook can be strongly influenced by the bite: in winter season a positive bite of the white bream, the white bream white-eye or most take care of to attain, Narovlya only, but high quality grub. Amongst fishermen, this method of capturing river fish frequently called « roll sphere»».

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