Triggerfish (Balistidae)

Triggerfish is a beautiful fish with an unusual body structure. They belong to the order Iglobryuhoobraznyh and also relationship to unicorns and also kuzovkina. From the initial they share resemblance, however from the second the interior framework.

All species of triggerfish in a different family synorogenic, numbering 30 species.

Triggerfish — — fish of tool size, body size varies from 15 to 50 centimeters, the biggest species of it can get to 1 m. These fish have a huge head, little extended as well as narrowing at the pointer, the body, subsequently, tapers to an end, so the body of the trigger has a rounded-diamond shape. The pectoral fins are fairly little, situated high. The caudal fin is commonly a basic rounded form, but some varieties may have a long thread provides it a lyrate form.

Rear and anal dorsal fin is connected to tail, yet the front dorsal fin has an extremely special structure. Its rays are prickly, as well as two of them have become sharp and extremely hard thorns: the front spike is long, the back is much shorter than the front and back. Both of the spike — — stabbing as well as drive are a single framework. In repose thorns tucked away in a deep recess on the back, triggerfish raises them only in situation of risk. From these spikes and also the name of these fish. On top of that, sharp spikes of smaller sized dimension remains in the ventral fins, they are cleaned up in a special pocket of skin.

Mouth triggerfish is really small, however the lips are really plump as well as weighty. The triggerfish’s teeth are arranged in two rows: outer row 8 of the lengthy and large teeth, and also a small 6, which propped up the outer. This framework of the teeth connected with certain food of these fish. One more distinguishing characteristic is the rather large eyes, which, although located on the sides of my head, yet relegated almost to the back line.

These details features of the framework of trigger is simple to acknowledge to name a few fishes. Yet they have an additional unusual attribute. The reality that the scales of trigger a huge and tight , it is more like a plate than ranges. Different ranges overlap each various other as well as form a one-piece structure that is very similar to the shell Kuzovkov. Furthermore, the tail of the ranges can have bumps and also spikes. When triggerfish dies, the soft tissues broken down, and the skeletal system stays and ends up being like a box in the form of a fish.

Painting triggerfish colorful, dominated by white, gray, black color sprinkled with blue, yellow, orange, red. The pattern includes numerous big areas divided by slim bands and also spots. Krasnopolye triggerfish nearly monochrome dark blue, however whatever it was, all triggerfish are beautiful as well as extremely sophisticated. All varieties of triggerfish (except for a few of the genus Xanthichthys) is no sex-related dimorphism — — men as well as women look the same.

Habitat triggerfish covers tropical and subtropical areas of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific seas. Gray triggerfish in addition lives in warm waters, its all-natural environment on the southern reaches of Argentina and North to Ireland, not unusual to fulfill him in the Mediterranean as well as Black seas. Triggerfish live in the superficial waters, they frequently can be discovered near coral reefs as well as in the shallows of the exotic atolls, the only types that occupies far from the shore is golubovtsy ocean triggerfish.

To keep these fish alone, the nature of them is quite stringent, they are long-term areas of environment that are shielded from the various other pet dogs. For mobility they make use of the pectoral fins, as well as tail are just sprint leap. With the assistance of a swim bladder, they can produce groaning sounds.

All kinds of trigger spetsializiruyutsya in feeding upon strong food, that’s why their teeth are so « strengthened ». The basis of food is coral reefs, sea urchins, crabs, clams. All of these animals have thick skins or skeletal aspects that triggerfish can conveniently bite your very own teeth resemble cable cutters. Nevertheless, the trigger is not money grubbing as well as never ever swallow prey whole, and also bite off a little. Among them are vegetarians: rangeworthy triggerfish and spiny rinekant feed on algae and Krasnopolye triggerfish — — plankton.

Triggerfish occupy different areas, yet on the region of the male might have numerous females. The eggs they stocked the golden, frequently in new moon, when the night lighting is very little. Triggerfish strike with the sandy dirt a deep pit, in which lay small sticky eggs. In the future, they remain to protect the nest, and also the secured area extends up, not breadth. Triggerfish are very eager to protect the eggs, quickly assaulting anyone that risks to approach him. Bold fish strike not only the very same dimension, however on bigger pets. The scuba divers in instance of an attack, it is recommended to sail in the instructions from the nest (not upwards), or a triggerfish can be very attack individual. Justify these fish only what they caution regarding the assault beforehand, making the « headstand ». One of the most hostile are considered barbed rinekant as well as golubiy balistol. Have golubyatnikova ocean triggerfish eggs pelagic (free-floating), these fish do not care for their spawn.

Triggerfish is well safeguarded from attacks, so passing away in the teeth of various other pets not so typically. For protection they make use of two strategies. Free swimming they go from harassment jerk and straighten their spinal columns, so not every fish wants to catch this « epee ». Additionally triggerfish whenever possible, try to conceal in the holes and caverns of the coral reef. When in a bottleneck triggerfish spreads all her spikes as well as anchors tightly in the crevice to get him out of there difficult.

For an individual triggerfish economic worth have, in some areas the anglers do not such as these fish for the « little con» — » — triggerfish feed on the lure with the incorporate tiny items, as well as themselves responsible not across. Some types as a result of the beautiful painting maintained in marine fish tank, at the exact same time, divers need to be careful near these fish, although the mortal risk they represent.

Gray triggerfish matures to 60 centimeters in size and putting on weight 2-3 kg. the lifestyle and also look of this fish is normal for all sort of triggerfish, but unlike their fellow citizens gray triggerfish grey uniform, blue-Selena or brownish (in various other species it is much more vivid).

Grown-up fish to keep alone, or collect a small pack. They choose rough ground or thick Bush. In such places there are a great deal of clams, which are food for the fish. For breaking hard shells grey triggerfish has solid teeth in framework and also appearance resembling the teeth of blue-fin belisted.

The fish has a high rounded body. The dorsal and also anal fins are established much back, pectoral fins are tiny. The eyes lie high on the body. Gray triggerfish is very challenging skin, the appearance of which appears like concrete. This armor can take care of the defense of fish versus medium-sized killers.

An additional powerful tool used ponorogo for defensive purposes is a sharp and large thorn, which expands near the dorsal fin. In nature the fish is calm, as well as not assault a possible opponent, attempting to stab it. As a matter of fact, she smoothly offers to himself to come close to the divers. An unskilled scuba diver might pay a cost for trying to pet dog the fish, since the spike is really sharp and the prick unpleasant.

The grey triggerfish is located everywhere on the Atlantic shore. Frequently located in the Mediterranean as well as the Black sea, which received its second name the Mediterranean triggerfish. The breeding duration accompanies the Mediterranean summertime. Throughout generating, the women lays eggs in a specifically created hole in the sand, after which the clutch is to safeguard the man until the larvae which will certainly take their first swim.

Despite the thorn and also company the skin, making the fish not one of the most convenient things of industrial fishery, in some nations, grey triggerfish is thought about an exceptional delicacy. The meat itself is dangerous. Widespread leisure angling on this fish. Found additionally in big public aquariums.

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