White amur

Carp is one of the brightest representatives of the family members Cyprinidae. The original residence of this fish is East Asia where it inhabits waters from the Amur river to South China.

Alas, but now the all-natural fish populace has greatly decreased, for that reason, the Amur is the primary things of synthetic growing. Reproduced Cupid is not only due to reduced populaces, yet additionally due to its exceptional preference, fast weight gain and also capacity to get to record sizes. Malek gaining 300-800 grams in 2-3 years, which is much faster than from his relatives.


The fish resides in packs. Turf carp are defined by high endurance, he can conveniently endure in problems that are unliveable to other species in the family Cyprinidae. Can stay in seawater (as much as 10 grams/liter) and quite possibly tolerate wintry winters months.

The lawn carp favors to live in areas with an abundance of aquatic plant life. Often it can be found in the water canals, tiny rivers and storage tanks. However, when you are looking for fish, you need to take note of the area in which a great deal of algae.

Prefers to stay in waters with a huge forage base, however spawns only in streams. In many rivers of Central Russia carp is totally accustomed and its population rises. The loss of this fish is not intimidated.


Carp is a very large calm fish, optimum size is 120 cm and also a weight of 30 kg. the Body is somewhat oblong, covered with thick scales, and also nearly not flattened at the sides. The forehead of the fish is extremely large.

White Amur is a fish of excellent charm. Its greenish-gray back, dark Golden flanks and dark rim, dividing the edges of the scales, simply mesmerize the eyes of the anglers. The fish is very gorgeous light Golden belly. The intense fins, other than dorsal and also forward, they are much more dark. In the eyes of the Golden eyes are.

Carp usually comes to be the item of fish pond fisheries. Extremely commonly, the Amur can be caught in ponds, which help cool the plant. In such conditions it spawns Cupid alone can not, however its larvae are

imported from fishermen

. Spawning The spawning duration of grass carp, unlike his kin, is determined not just by climate condition as well as water temperature level, and forage. Yes, so right here goes, Cupid is still believing what will certainly he eat his fry.

Spawning usually falls on the month of may, hardly ever in June, depending on region and climate condition, the main signal to lay their eggs for yard carp is the water temperature level at 26 to 29 ° C. in Winter the Amur descends right into wintering holes, and also the embryo growth is similar to silver carp.

If you compose in the reservoir sufficient that the development of the eggs is delayed significantly, as well as the fecundity of fish is lowered. Under typical problems specimen 6 extra pound weight offers to 1 million eggs, which lay in the water column.

A natural surroundings for spawning are ideally of a network of huge rivers with extremely solid currents. Mass spawning of the Amur river happens at a water temperature 23-28 ° C. This gives a gain in synthetic recreation, controlling the timing of spawning by readjusting the temperature level of the water.

A substantial drawback of carp is that it declines to spawn in temperature levels listed below 26 ° C and also generate just in running water. Consequently, in a lot of natural waters Cupid is not the spawns.

What to capture

Especially strong activity Cupid receives April and also may. Clearly claim where precisely to try to find Cupid does not function, however it can be suggested that on the water it should be populated and synthetically on the location of fishing should be a lot of water plant life.

Mostly fishermen choose to capture carp on the float pole, the way the fish is rather strong so furnish all of them very carefully. Bait for yard carp is obligatory, and also as the bait is ideal fit canned corn. It tastes the fish is bad, so their usage is highly unfavorable.

As bait you can also utilize tender, young plants, it can be an ovary cucumbers, young corn stalks, a couple of young pea leaves, you can get rid of the scarlet leaves from the thorns. The lure is linked to the hook using string floss, color which fits it.

Fish calendar

Biting task of yard carp is rather foreseeable, so a skilled anglers have long had the ability to forecast the bite. Those who have had less experience, we use you to look at the calendar nibble yard carp, and also use it to pick the days for angling. Click the photo to enlarge.


January is a dull month for capturing lawn carp. The probability of biting fish is lowered to absolutely no. We can securely say that he does not bite.


In February, the activity of the Amur river is not observed. The fish are not attacking.


With the beginning of spring warmth the fish starts to Wake up, but in March of Cupid attacks very rarely. His capture was viewed as a success


The April heat of the Amur awakens after winter months hibernation, yet the fish continues to be easy as well as hesitantly takes the used her the attraction.


If your area in might the water temperature level gets to 12 to 16 levels, then Cupid starts very well caught.


In June angling for carp begins to bring the desired outcome. This month the fish are attacking ideal.


In July, the Cupid comes zhor. Anglers celebrate energetic and also sustainable attacking of this fish.


With the beginning of the August extensive feeding of yard carp does not quit. The use of float deal with to catch a Cupid becomes relevant in the second half of August.


In September zhor subsides, and also with it attacking. But to capture a Cupid is still possible, though a little bit harder than in summer season.


In October of the Amur river remain to capture on float take on till the water temperature level falls below around +12 ° C.


In November, the Amur is nearly inactive, and most of the groups sent out to the wintering openings, where not out.


In December, the fish bases on the wintering pits and also capture Cupid — — a rarity. So head down to the Amur in winter is unwise.

Appears like carp

The white Amur has a long body, somewhat squashed on the sides, and his wide mouth is located at the end of the flattened head. It is very easy to identify from various other members of the carp household by the particular black edges of each scales. Near the pelvic fins are rounded, which belong to the tail fins.

The rear component of the stubborn belly and the back in the facility fin is likewise slightly bent. The rectal fin of the fish is also rounded. Yard carp are defined by an instead large dorsal fin.

The caudal fin of the fish is pretty large. It is identified by a small neck dimension. In the side line of carp is about 50 scales. On the gills can observe the characteristic radial strips.

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