Your New Lake Cheat Sheet: 6 Lures That Will Catch Bass Anywhere

Since they frequently experience unfamiliar waters while contending on the competition tracks, bass pros generally depend on a handful of lures to avoid over-packing their boats.

Packing your lures for waters you’ve already fished prior to must be not a problem, yet choosing baits for a trip to unknown bass fisheries might become rather a thinking video game. A little fear could set in as you fear you’ll leave the one lure that generates limitations for neighborhood anglers.

You cram nearly every attraction you own in your watercraft as well as battle to shut the covers of your overstuffed storage boxes.

Here are some of the pros’ attraction options that work in the majority of problems on almost any type of bass fishery.
1) Crankbaits

Googan Squad Banger

Crankbaits are readily available in various colors, however the majority of pros stick with 4 standard hues: chartreuse green, shad patterns, chrome as well as crawfish. They additionally select a selection of plugs that range from 1 to 12 feet deep. The pros can afford to take less crankbaits than other lures due to the fact that they keep an attraction retriever in their boat that prevents them from losing crankbaits.

2) Jigs

Gamechanger Trashmaster

Two plastic energy boxes can hold over 100 jigs in a range of colors and also sizes. The pros supply a lot of jigs in 3/8 as well as 1/2 ounces in black/blue and also brown colors. Keep things straightforward with a couple of great versions of a football, swimming, and also casting head jig and also you’ll be prepared. You can never fail with a black as well as blue or green pumpkin jig.

Clearwater— Green pumpkin, all-natural colors
Dirty Water— Black and blue, vivid colors

3) Spinnerbaits


Some pros lug a pair hundred spinnerbaits to an event, but they suggest any starting anglers should equip their boxes with a couple of sizes, blade mixes and colors such as 3/8- and 1/2-ounce versions with Colorado and also willowleaf blades. A spinnerbait with a chartreuse-and-white skirt can be used the majority of the moment since it creates in both dirty and clear water.

4) Soft Plastics

Yamamoto SENKO

The pros combine these appeals into a box each of reptiles, Senkos, creature tubes, craws/chunks, and baits. Each box contains different sizes of each type of these plastic lures. The pros color choices for each and every box are green pumpkin as well as June pest for reptiles; smoke/red and black/red for tubes; black/blue, environment-friendly pumpkin and also watermelon/red flake for Senkos, craws, pieces as well as animals.

5) Finesse Lures

BioSpawn Plasma Tail

If the pros recognize they will be checking out a heavily fished lake with clear water, they will also equip boxes with unsteady head jigs, finesse worms as well as terminal take on for drop shot gears.

6) Seasonal Lures

10,000 Fish Death Stalker

Buzzbaits, topwater plugs as well as plastic worms can be accumulated in different boxes for fishing in warmer periods. A box or 2 filled with suspending stickbaits are a need when winter season angling on clear water lakes.

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