Annie Orth, “Bobber Anne,” Selected for National Freshwater Hall of Fame!

Today she can still be found at major sport shows pitching not only the floats, but all of the products that Gapens manufactures.

Monthly MWO Mag contributor Annie Orth joined the Gapen Tackle Company 30 years ago as a sales assistant at sport shows to promote the company’s European-style floats and earned the trademark name, Bobber Anne.

She also knows how to use this equipment having achieved a world record for Cubera Snapper, having landed a 243-pound tarpon as well as several 50-pound plus lake trout.

There isn’t a North American freshwater species she hasn’t caught, from the alligator gar to the mighty Chinook salmon. Over the years Bobber Anne has given countless seminars, appeared on numerous television segments, has been featured in DVD’s, books and articles.

She has published her own books and, along with MidWest Outdoors, she has written for many publications across the United States.

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