Bottom-fishing rods for fishing river white bream

Bream willingly swims into the cloud so it can easily lure to the edge of the main current or in a calm Bay near shore dumping – then for its fishing, you can use the fishing rod easier.

Feeder rod

1. Bottom rod with trembling tip feeder of the type in which the alarm device is vershinka. The rod should have two replaceable vershinki in the kit. For big river rod pick up as long as possible, for example, 4.50 m, for the small river – 3,00-3.6 m, it must also have a fast system (Fast), progressive deflection of the test to 60 or 90 g and be prednazanacheny for rapid and deep currents.

2. Reel for bottom fishing with a fixed spool and a gear ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 small or medium in size. The spool should be wound 50-100 m of the line.

3. Fishing line for bottom fishing with a diameter of 0.14-0.20 mm, the choice depends on the weight of the lure, speed of water current, the casting distance and weight of caught fish.

4. A leash is required, we recommend you flood the fishing line with a diameter of 0.10 to 0.16 mm. you Can use the leash from braided line with a diameter of 0.04 mm is increased strength with a small diameter of the leash.

5. For connection of the leash with the main fishing line is recommended to use the swivel No. 18-20.

6. For shipping you can take the sinker on the main line or feeder, for example feeder a feeder.

7. The tube prevents the line from tangling, especially in the presence of the trough. For fishing in shallow water
we recommend you to use the tube the color of the bottom.

8. Hook. You can use small (e.g., No. 14-16): bottom feeder leevy or plotnichnyj.

Bottom fishing rod

1. Bottom rod: build X-Fast or Med-Fast progressive deflection, test 2-2,5 lbs, length 360-450 see

2. Reel for bottom fishing medium size, for example, 3500 (40), we recommend you to use the silo
if Long Distance ( for distance casting).

3. Fishing line for bottom fishing (or feeder), little stretch, no memory effect, fast sinking, the color of the seabed or water in the place of fishing. The main fishing line diameter of 0.20-0.26 mm.

4. Leash pedestrian fishing line diameter of 0.14-0.18 mm. you Can use a braided line with a diameter of
0,04-0,06 mm.

5. Hooks should be small (e.g., No. 14-16) bream feeder type or plotnichnye for bottom fishing.

6. Shipped flat, placing position is Central, it can be a flat feeder for bait or the flat feeder with attractant. In a deep, but quiet is over the trough you can use a container of live maggots.
7. Bait can be worms or insects, pieces of fish meat, dough, grains.

Bream can deeply swallow the hook, so you need to take the extractor or forceps, you will need to extract it

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