Carp: fish, secrets of fishing

Which fishing lovers never dreamed of catching a trophy fish, which is not ashamed to show it to his wife, family, friends? Such desirable prey is the white Amur.

Catch its not as easy as it seems, but if you know some secrets and tricks, there are no problems with catching you will not have. It is necessary to take into account the season of fishing, weather conditions, time of the day.

Of great importance not only choice of bait (bait), but also on what gear you catch.

Carp: what is this fish?

It is no secret that carp belongs to family Cyprinidae, and is therefore very similar to carp, common carp, IDE. The fish can reach large sizes and weight of some instances exceed 30-40 pounds. He was bred in artificial conditions in China, then spread to most part of territory of Russia and in other countries.

Amour is particularly well developed and is gaining weight put in lakes where there is no running water and a lot of vegetation (reeds, sedges, algae). At the same time the fish likes clean water with high oxygen concentration, so it is often grown in commercial ponds.

Carp kept in the pack, it can describe the quality as excellent survival rate, adaptability to the environment. In winter, the fish goes into hibernation or is lethargic lifestyle – it stays near the bottom in wintering pits. The most promising period of catching this big fish is the spring and autumn. In summer it is also caught, but not so vigorously.

Where can I catch grass carp?

Despite the fact that it is quite a big fish, it grows well in small ponds or lakes. Catch her in these giant rivers like the Volga and the Yenisei, is considered a big success. If you want to catch a Cupid, you should find it in those places where the concentration of this fish is high.

This applies mainly to pay lakes. It is very important to observe maximum silence. Sensing the slightest danger, the fish are just hiding and not responding to the proposed him the bait. A good chance to go home with a decent production there. You would need to lure one place and throw back their gear. Sooner or later the pack will fit and begin to eat the bait.

What is Cupid? How to catch him?

I wonder what some anglers call “brown cow” because a bite can happen on almost anything. As bait suitable corn, small tomatoes (cherry), cucumbers, barley, green beans, young peas. Often catch record trophy’t even on the sink, bundles of reeds, the leaves of the willow. Does not shun carp with worms, Nightcrawlers, maggots, bread.

The most effective is fishing with Hominy, which is slaughtered in a special feeder. A good option would be pea mastyrka, bread crumb, mixed fodder and other mixtures of cereals combined with breadcrumbs. Carp perfectly caught on carp tackle with special montages, fishing rods feeder with snap-ins.

Many anglers “fired” at that underestimate the strength and power of this fish. Cupid easily bend and break hooks, tearing the line. So its catching need to use only high-quality and reliable equipment.

When playing a fish to do without a landing net is almost impossible. Being strong and stubborn, carp resists to the last, which is why the gatherings often happen near the shore. The landing net needs to be with a big basket and lightweight, yet durable handle.

“Maksimikha” – the perfect place to catch a Cupid in the suburbs

Where you can catch this wonderful and delicious fish far from Moscow? A great option is fishing a manor called “Maksimikha”. It is located in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region – from the capital only 60 kilometers. You don’t have to go somewhere hundreds of miles away “in the village to the grandmother”. With us you can relax, even alone, even with family or friends. You have all for fishing: the necessary gear, fishing rods, spinning rods, bait and groundbait, stands for fishing rods, landing nets. That is, if necessary, all equipment for fishing can be rented from us.

Our ponds are rich in not only the carp, but other fish:

  • pike and perch;
  • catfish and carp;
  • trout and sturgeon;
  • tench, pikeperch;
  • crucian carp, silver carp;
  • carp, carp.

With such diversity you will not only learn how to catch decent copies, but just relax, tasting a delicious soup in the fresh air. We regularly skyblue their ponds to maintain a high concentration of fish in the ponds. Every customer, even the novice will catch a legal trophy, which you can be proud of! Check out the prices on a paid fishing, using our price list.

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