Chatterbox fishing from monkey

Prater Park is a very popular nozzle made from semolina. Has a very high efficiency and is becoming increasingly popular among lovers of fishing peaceful fish.

Chatterbox. Recipe of mash.

Preparing the mash for fishing is very easy and simple, you only need to stock up a little patience.

The evening before fishing, in the normal faceted glass, pour one spoon a tablespoon of semolina and fill it with cold water so that water covers a little cereal on top. Carefully stir, preferably with a wooden stick and leave the mixture for twenty minutes to swell the grains.

Twenty minutes later, stir again very thoroughly and add a little more dry semolina. And so add slowly, while stirring carefully, until, as long as the talker begins to reach for his wand. There is a very important point that each time you add semolina in the chatterbox, need to interfere each time, slowly, for about three minutes, at least.

When the mash reaches the right consistency, it needs to shift, using the same sticks in a container that will go with You fishing, closing it with a tight lid. The lid must be closed tightly.

Fishing again thoroughly mixed mash. Mix should stick without touching the mixture with your hands.

Stick the hook you need to use the same sticks that You are the head stirred. Stretching the talker is necessary, literally, to reel in the hook, making two or three turns.

That’s the whole secret of cooking mash.

I should add that the mash should stick to the hook every cast, as it is soluble in water and flies in the end. But, but, You on the hook outside the nozzle, which actively draws the attention of the fish.

P. S. I Personally, instead of capacity to mash, use conventional syringes. 20-CC syringe filled with mash, I have enough, almost always, on one fishing. Mixed to desired consistency, I fill the syringe by removing the plunger talker. Broke off the metal needle from the plastic mounting, make the end cap with the other hand of a syringe and going fishing in the morning…

Stick with this capacity is too easy and faster, just pushing the plunger of the syringe, squeeze the mash through a hole and wound on the hook…

To ensure that stubs are not lost, I tie them up, using the same fishing line to the syringe in the photo below you can see everything.

Hope, blah-blah prepared after reading this article, will help You increase your catch.

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