Features fishing for sturgeon

To catch a sturgeon is a really big success. After all, fishing for sturgeon requires skill and experience. The meat of this fish is not only great for its taste, but also very useful and nutritious. Although, of course, to try, sturgeon, you must first catch.

Features fishing for sturgeon

Fishing for sturgeon has a number of features that makes it different from most other fish. Knowing these features, you will surely get a good catch without long waits and frustration of the fish.

First, fishing involves the attachment of animal or vegetable origin. If your choice fell on the plant the nozzle, take the time to add a few drops of anise oil or garlic juice sturgeon in the search of food, rely on the olfactory organs, so the lure must be fragrant.

Second, the sturgeon is a benthic fish, so the nozzle should be at the bottom of the reservoir. This is a mandatory rule due to anatomical features of the device the mouth of the fish. If the food will not lie on the bottom, it simply will not be able to try it, and you’ll be left without a catch. And sturgeon – the fish are very capricious, and close to the surface of the water she swims, avoiding bright light.

Fishing for sturgeon on the hard nozzle is impossible – he takes the stones and do not swallow. Prefer soft tips, choosing the largest. The fact that the mouth of this fish is very wide, and a little head he won’t notice.

and, which is better to lure. But do not overdo it, otherwise it just does not react on the nozzle, fully satiated by feeding.

To catch sturgeon on the hook is only half the battle. Raising fish to the surface requires the fisherman is very great physical effort and a reliable, durable gear.

Bait for sturgeon

Now let’s look at what bait is best for the sturgeon. By the way, her choice depends on the time of year.

  1. Good winter bait will be the dough, and from animal baits are perfect meat, raw fish, squid or shrimp.
  2. In the spring you can use the bread crumb, dough, worms or squid meat.
  3. In summer the attention of this fish is easiest to draw cereals, boiled corn or peas, and from animal baits to choose fry and crayfish.
  4. In the fall but corn and peas is perfect with boiled potatoes and fry, liver, or pieces of herring.
Ways of catching sturgeon

There are 2 the most effective method of fishing:

  1. Float tackle – this method is good for fishing in stagnant ponds and estuaries, provides for catching of a predator from the shore and from the boat.
  2. Fishing for sturgeon bottom fishing rod – this is an easy and comfortable way of fishing on the river, where even standing on the shore for a fisherman to cast the lure far into depth on where to catch this fish (sturgeon prefer a depth of 2.5-3M). The best option snap – tackle with loops of twisted double thick fishing line and a reel with a free course.
Tips for catching sturgeon

To catch a sturgeon you need early morning or evening when the sun starts to set. During the day the fish are inactive and will not bite. Experienced fishermen prefer to fish for sturgeon at night. For this they evening dispersed on the surface of the water the bait, luring the predator in shallow water.

If you expect more than an hour, and the sturgeon never bite, it is better to change the place. This fish is characterized by a tendency to a constant flow, prefers to be in the same place for a long time.

The reason for the lack of bite may become insufficient fragrant bait.

Fish fish is the most difficult stage. Despite the dislike of the surface of the water, very often, the sturgeon, when caught, do the following maneuver: they rush up to the surface, jumping out of the water and tearing thus from the hook. This technique is called a candle, and it is because of this trick, the sturgeons often manages to escape and go to the bottom, leaving the fisherman without the desired catch.

Fishing in the estate “Maksimikha” – always a good catch

Today, fishing for sturgeon can be very successful on the Volga, the Yenisei, the Amur and the sea of Azov. This predatory fish prefers large bodies of flowing water. Fortunately, to enjoy the fishing and take home this beautiful trophy, not necessarily to go on an expedition to the Amur. Enough to come to the Fisher house “Maksimikha”, which is located in the Domodedovo district, 60 km from Moscow.

On the vast territory of the estate there are 2 lakes and a river where fishermen can catch 12 types of fish. You have to have such a fishing day? To buy a ticket and then pay for the fish that are caught in accordance with the prices (the “Prices” section). We do zarabianie regularly, so our guests are never left without great catch. Which, incidentally, can be cooked directly, and then enjoy a meal in one of the many cozy gazebos.

Collect friends, fishermen and come to “Maksimikha” – we promise you a wonderful holiday away from the bustle of the city and the best sturgeon as a trophy!

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