Fishing became more interesting

Every angler is committed to ensuring that the fishing trip was interesting, exciting and profitable well of course. Each achieves this in its own way and each has its own secrets to achieving these complex tasks. In my fishing life as a matter of fishing it suddenly became intense and interesting.

It just so happens that quite a long period of time I could devote to fishing any day, or almost any.

Free work schedule allowed me to monitor the weather, choose a weekday and if something went wrong, to come once again, not bothering to overcome any possible difficulties or “podobnosti”.

And recently my job has become to have a more strict schedule. Now, like many of my friends, I’m the only one for the week fishing are starting to plan day 3-4. What’s remarkable, you ask?

The fact that I used a week to go to three different places. For example, on the don, on the Akhtuba or lake and “reconnaissance” quickly pointed to the prospect of one or another direction of choosing the next fishing. Things are different now.

We have to shovel a bunch of fishing report on the fishing forums, to at least roughly have an idea about where you caught fish, how caught and on what. When using the analysis of foreign fishing selected direction begins more detailed planning of the route, visiting reservoirs and accordingly methods of fishing.

I carry myself to the universal fishermen. Me and swing a fishing rod to sit wondering and spinning predator fishing. Even often dabble in fly fishing. And now, I catch myself thinking that I want fishing to catch it.

I understand that after two hares chase – you will not catch any, but because we weren’t really hunting! Fishing that can be arranged.

Sunday – Wednesday!

One of the first of these trips happened at the Volgograd reservoir. As I said, it was chosen a direction, a plan of visiting a new place, but with the use of well-established pattern of walleye fishing on a jig from shore.

However, a few fishing reports from the area said that he began to be caught a good perch. And Chub in the morning were given a single outbreaks and rare capture. I decided to diversify jig fishing and even attempts at catching Chub and perch.

Found a place quickly, though not immediately. And here is the first surprise! I have long forgotten that our brother-angler – very much. On the new, we can say the secret place with us fished 10 people.

I did, of course, suspected, but constantly catching the week – not much suffered from the pressure of colleagues on hobby. Well, you’re gonna have to put up, to adapt.

And there is no confrontation. No problem all to sh. Just opportunities became limited. Here the place is busy, there is someone whom I interfere, etc. For some it’s mundane situation, and I saw the complication of fishing and I liked it!

If I can!?

We had lucky. Our secret spot was not busy. Other anglers passed this place, apart from its promising. Well we are here already second time and we know that in this place the depth is quite close to the shore, and a kind of local hole with a slow flow.

Only here’s the thing, this time only caught bersh and small perch, which the hand does not rise to put on the pan. Then – even more interesting.

Passes by the familiar Fisher forum and complains about the cool cruel brow with shells, which he was never able to carry a decent walleye. Bite was, Zander feels a good size but the playing is terminated at the ill-fated edge, namely mertvym hook with open or cut the braided lines on the shell.

The other angler would not have gone there probably. And on the contrary I was wondering – and I will be able to Park a good perch? I want to try!

I have a long metal leash, I have my own methods of dealing with this scourge. I’m going up with the tide under the cliff. You know, no cargo I didn’t interrupt. True, and decent walleye caught no. Only medium size bersh and a couple of perch. Apparently while the adhesive have got to my friends, not me. Well, no problem! The plans also Chub and perch!

Diversity is interesting!

After lunch on the shore were just the two of us. Someone went to look for new places, someone already obnovilsya stuff. I methodically began to sh in the Bay, exploring the end of the pit. The edge of the pit is always fun!

Delirium booties on the water, trying to do maximum casts. This contributes to a three-meter spinning Mottomo Balista 12-45 In my Arsenal one of the most long-range tools.

I think the groove is removed from the shore. Time to do 2-3 steps further load of 35 grams already dragging the bottom, occasionally collecting algae.

No bites, but I have decided to essentially reach the end of the Creek. From the Cape I should throw a little further, maybe something in there will bite on the foam fish? But I never came.

The next drawing bait along the bottom suddenly something heavy was hanging like a big bunch of grass. Slowly exhausting. Spinning bend. Sometimes it seems that this bunch something to cling to and inhibits. Then you see that this strange grass comes to the shore at an angle. So is the fish?

Yes! This bass ate a gray porolono. Yes decent! Such is not a sin to be photographed! Well, that’s great! Everything goes according to plan! I re-equipped.

Change the spinning AirRus Bora (232 cm, 10,5 – 42) and put stickbait. The fact that the weight of the blank of this spinning is very small. Because of this quality – they can be quite bearable to techinhawaii.

I pass this place with stigmata, but, of course, stickbait does not fly as far as 35-gram Cheburashka with parolantoj. Meanwhile, Andrew catches fish on a Cicada! So our guesses are correct!

It was quite possible to bet on the big perch and Chub, and not to catch the fanged detail. But time is already past noon. The heat is unbearable. Sun fuck right in the forehead, and swimming is still cold. We decide to end the fishing expedition, so to speak, there. Couple of pound of perch, two “edible” bersha and a handsome perch for 800 grams I have in the standings.

And now, for the third day at work I re-analyze fishing reports and try to choose the direction of your next fishing trip. Apparently, I’m the first half of the day to dedicate to catching on the flywheel rod and then take up spinning.

You really want to catch the twitching, and then at night dawn Pochobut on Akhtuba. The expectation of this fishing has long draws to mind the picture how I do it. Working through the details of a future fishing I already put in a bag everything you need.

It turns me on and friends of the question, they say, what will I do without frequent trips feel – you say that on the contrary, fishing for me was more interesting, more desirable and more saturated.

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