Fishing different species of fish in the winter spinners

Winter fishing is consistently popular, despite the potential risk, because the most impressive catches fall on the first and last ice. Packed and baitless jigs are primarily designed for white fish, predators, the majority of anglers prefer to fish with lures.

These lures are not similar to those used by anglers in the warmer time of the year. For winter fishing using a vertical spinner, which differ in both form and features of the game. Fishing lures winter has a minimum of intersections with summer fishing: provide and bait (although some models are suitable both for summer and for winter, but there are not a lot of options) and the method of their presentation. There are the features in relation to the main object of fishing.

The main objects of fishing

In winter, trolling can be quite successful to catch the main predators of our waters – perch, pike and Zander. At the same as the shape and size of the baits and the technique of playing them. For the perch to fit the small bleszinki that differ depending on the conditions for which they are intended. So, for shallow water with no current (on the first ice predator often gather in such places) used models with a wide profile, but low weight. This approach gives the bait enough time to play and attract fish at shallow depths.

Options for large depths and currents have a narrow body and a large mass. About the same regularities in the construction of the lures seen in the models, designed for pike and Zander, Zander is that usually more narrow and elongated, pike have large surface area and a smoother, sweeping the game.

Selection of fishing rods

Winter fishing rod for fishing spinners are reasonably affordable, so it is advisable to have a few outfitted for catching different species of fish and under different conditions.

The requirements are relatively few:

  • The length of the whip. For catching the nod will be sufficient 25 centimeters, and if the desired option is longer, 40-45 cm is the best choice and will ensure proper control of the lure and ease of the transaction. How is required when fishing in winter trolling a nod, still there is no consensus. It is believed that if the whip is flexible, and the weight of the lure and the expected catch is large, it is possible to catch without it, if the main object of catching medium – sized bass, the element of the set must be present. Well, if the rod design includes the possibility of replacing the whip, allowing to adapt under different conditions and spinners.
  • The coil can be both open and closed. The main requirement is that the lack of scrolling in the time of hooking and playing, as well as the smooth discharge of the line when you press the lever.
  • The material of the handle. The best options from cork or foam, they do not give a feeling of cold even in the frost. Balsa models are usually a bit more expensive, the foam is considered to be a budget solution.

Important! Some versions of ethylene vinyl acetate although seem warm in the conditions of the heated shop, but in the cold above the hole are pretty cool.

Snap of the winter fishing rods

The choice of fishing line depends on the object of fishing and models of spinning. For “balalaika” with closed coil design are more suitable for thinner variants with a diameter of from 0.08 to 0.12. This scaffold will be as inconspicuous in the water, and will go well with a miniature fishing rod, equipped with a soft whip.

Bigger fish like pike or walleye require stronger tackles. “Balalaika” for these purposes is not suitable, and the diameter of the used lines may exceed 0,16. It is better to choose a special winter options, as the material properties of such products does not change at low temperatures.

Varieties of lures

Winter spinners not a great variety. There is no division with spinners and wavering, as in the case of summer metal lures. Conventionally allocate shirokotelye planning models and heavy ash borer. The first is designed for areas of water bodies with shallow depth and absent or weak. Planning in the water, turning from side to side so the bait has time even at shallow depths to attract a predator. Perches winter baubles diamond a good example of a planning model. Heavy ash borer options such as carnations are also popular, they quickly reach the bottom, and a small surface area prevents the demolition.

Important! Don’t always purchase spinners play as it should. However, you can always affect the play of the lure, shifting the center of gravity by soldering in the right places portions of tin solder.

Also some anglers klassificeret winter spinners the fish that best responds to them. It is possible to allocate:

  • Okunev. Relatively small, to 30 mm long, are made of different metals and their alloys in the form of bent metal plates with welded or secured using a chain or ring catchy hook. Tally directly to the line.
  • Pike. Are large in size and broad body. Attached to the fishing line through the winding ring, as pike require metal leashes in order to avoid cut bait with bite the toothy predator.
  • Zander. Also large, but compared with the magic models the body of such lures more narrow. Elongated shape, and bright color (the majority of anglers prefer a silver color when fishing for this fish) well mimic the main prey of pike.

Photo 1. Zander lures-tube.

Features hooks

Different winter spinners and ways of fastening hooks. It is possible to allocate following basic variants:

  • rigidly welded single or double;
    Photo 2. With soldered hook.
  • rigidly welded tee;
  • suspended over the crown ring;
    Photo 3. With soldered tee.
  • suspended on the chain.

Advantages and disadvantages of each method of attachment of the hook. A game with rigid fixation of the hook is more stable, the overlap for the main line are excluded, however, if necessary, replace the hooks, this can pose a problem.

Photo 4. Baubles with horizontal suspension, soldered dinamikom and suspended tee.

The hook attached to the chain or through the winding ring being equipped with a bright a plastic tube or a fly, serves as an additional precipitating factor. It also brings an element of unpredictability to the game. The disadvantage of this method of mounting is considered to be possible overlap with the active game.

Animation winter baits

Trolling in the winter is fundamentally different way of filing and animations from the summer lure fishing spinning. First of all it concerns the direction of transactions – in the spinning the game takes place primarily in the horizontal plane, ice-fishing involves animating lures solely in a vertical plane.

After the fisherman chose the site of fishing and drilling sufficient number of wells, it is necessary to determine the depth. To do this, releasing the brake coils need to wait until the bait drops to the bottom then raise it about 5 inches above the ground. Then podbrosili different frequency and intensity make the spinner work. If bites should not need to podmochat two feet of fishing line and fix the brake coil. And so long as the spoon will not reach the surface of the water in the hole.

The intensity of the animation depends on the season. In early winter the fish are more often active, and hence the supply of the spinners should be aggressive, fast. In gluhozime activity of the predator decreases, which decreases the speed of the game, as well as reducing the size of the lures. In the spring, with the growing appetite of the fish, increase the size of baits, as well as the pace of their presentation.

Important! In the frost line may be covered with ice, which leads to difficulty in the work gear. Avoid this by brushing the line of fat, which also is odor to attract predators.

Ten of the best

To draw up any lists of the best options in the case of problematic fishing – lures work well on the same reservoir can show mediocre results on the next, so the attitude of fishermen in different regions to the same spinner can be diametrically opposed.

But still in the list of the 10 best winter lures should include:

  • Kuusamo Sinfonia – versatile option, suitable for catching perch and Zander with the pike.
  • Lucky John is known not only silicone, but the spinners, for example model Scandy.
  • Alaskan Ecopro is designed primarily for pike in the conditions of strong currents, but works well for bass in calm water.
  • Danсer Ecopro.
  • Nils Master Hanski.
  • Kuusamo Kilpa-Loiste.
  • Rapala Bergman BWB030 SG.
  • Famous baubles from Kuusamo – “Professor” is popular with anglers, but many use it as winter. Some anglers argue that if put in place, attaching a leash to a tee, you can get a completely different bait.
  • Nils Master Raptor.
  • Extrime Nord Water’s”.

All of the lure in a different way to Express themselves depending on the conditions and object of fishing. Greatly affects the efficiency of the lures and the angler – some models do not require special skills of animation, others on the contrary, sensitive to errors.

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