How to catch bass on live bait

Perch fishing on live bait in the summer is most often associated with fishing, where the bait used is a little fish – fry. This fishing is inherent in the entire open water season, but the most active perch caught on fry in spring and autumn, especially in autumn.

But that his biting is not only in the so-called “Indian summer”, when the quiet pools filled with perch, eagerly grabbing the fish fry, but, oddly enough, in the middle of summer… Yes, it is in gluconate in some reservoirs, the bass are often very active and have enough of a variety of artificial lures as well as bait and live bait. This period is somewhat different in timing at the different reservoirs, but usually occurs in July-early August. And the more smooth and quiet is the weather with hot days, the best perch is sorami early and late evening, almost night. This is for large instances, which is also called Humpbacks.

For catching fry most often will apply with respect to a long pole and reel, spinning is better. Snap is a solid main line with a sliding float, a sinker-olive, a leash made of Kevlar or braided lines and two hooks on the leash in the form of snastochki. Sliding float helps to make aiming long balls, especially in a side gusty winds, when the ordinary float, hanging out on the fishing line five feet from the sinkers will be discharged in the direction of the wind. For fixing it on the fishing line at the desired depth use different rubber or silicone stops. Sinker also rests on the rubber stop, to not crash the node on the line.

A thin metal leash from the Kevlar driver material serves not only to rescue leash from the teeth of the pike, which is also not averse to catch live bait, but in order for the bait fish are not twisted fishing line to a state of the spring. Not necessarily – living fry, but drowning it revolves around its axis, if caught behind the back. Well, like a propeller… Wartlike cope with this twist, not always.

Two hooks on the leash – not required snap-in. Just so much more reliable. There will be less empty poklevok. There are two options of nozzles of fry or baitfish. The first baitfish clings to his lip and back. And in another embodiment the second hook is just hanging near the bait, protecting from empty grasps.

When Malek-drowning live bait requires some movement with the rod, the simulation transactions to a drowning fry could attract a predator not only smell, but also movement. Sometimes this helps the wind as a hindrance for fishing. But here the float, dancing on the waves, forced to play the fish on the hook.

Perch fishing on live bait in the summer is not just limited to fishing with Malcolm, when the prey become the perch of medium size, seldom more than three hundred grams. There is one catch, in which trophies can be a perch-heroes to three pounds weight. This fishing happens in the middle of summer in some lakes of the deaf taiga forest type. It megdonia peat lakes, which often live only perch, pike, tench, crucian carp.


But weighty perch-Humpbacks do not take these fingerlings, which are eagerly grabbed the smaller perch. Even brought to the lake as live bait, white carp, nimble and elongated, become the object of attack perch no heavier than two or three hundred grams. The real mother Humpbacks, weighing more than a kilogram, enough of his fellow perch. Therefore, imitation fish-fliers, which are used on lakes for catching big perch and pike, perch nazhivljajut only.

Imitation fish and stationary mugs are usually installed in the gaps and little aquatic vegetation where pike and perch go hunting. In July zhor come across very large specimens of perch.

There are more active types zhivcova fishing on forest lakes where large perch are also caught. One such species is the track, long known, but at the present time rarely used. The essence of catching lies in the wiring along the strip of grass bait for snastochki. Here is the spinner, which is the classic basis of “track”, moving bait fish supported a large, pear-shaped float. The speed of the rowing boat is quite small and the movement along the grass is only when fishing all new sections of the reservoir. Often, this method of fishing is more effective than Gerlich.

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