Lake Volgo, Tver region

If you pass the town of Ostashkov on the way to Rzhev collapse near the village of Sorokino in the side, then very soon you can be at this picturesque Russian lake. With fabulous beaches open his eyes all the beauty of the Valdai hills.

In comparison with the majestic Seliger from the Volga, undoubtedly, has a distinct advantage: due to the lack of large areas of reed there is almost anywhere possible to conduct fishing from the shore.

Therefore, in the open water season it is not necessary to push yourself in the campaign on the Volga and even a rubber boat.

Fishing on the lake Volgo

On all sides the lake is surrounded by dense forest. The regional center of green Paradise called Selizharovo. In fact, the lake Volgo is actually the Volga river, dammed by a dam above the town and stretching across the flooded gullies for tens of kilometers. The forests around the Volga – a real storehouse of natural gifts. Lovers of mushrooms and berries in season out and the ears will not pull out. And with the opening of the hunting season in the vicinity of lake rushes an army armed with double-barreled guns people. But the most important thing here, of course, fishing.

Fishing on the Volga is fantastic. From late October until freeze-up here, excellent bite burbot ordinary postawski. With nozzle can not particularly ceremony, as the burbot in the Volga do not care, treat you a roach or just a cutting from it. Moreover, often it is even to cut pieces of small fish caught the largest representatives of the cod family of fish. You have the liver tasty!

Pike, perch, bream, roach – all of these fish are constantly present in the catches on the Volga. With the bream here, unfortunately, did it to the end does not get better: hasn’t recovered yet from the fish tapeworm, although bite just perfectly, especially at depths of 4 to 5 meters. (By the way, this is the usual average depth of the lake Volgo.) Anyone caught bream have to check, gut. But increasingly in recent years become come across healthy specimens. It looks like it is on the mend.

Circles often possible to catch quite a decent perch. The best live bait in the fall is the roach, which are easy to catch at a depth of 1.5–2 m somewhere near the shore. Imported Karasik is also good. He had long maintained in Cana. Pike in addition to these fish with an appetite to eat and perch; in the Volga oculata scurrying flocks near the algae.

Lake Volgo, Tver region recreation center Chaika

When our company arrives on the Volga, we usually stay at the base “the Seagull”. It is a decent base – a two-story, brick, hotel, kitchen, heating, provided to live. Dishes to bring is not necessary. Local administration rather carefully refers to our brother fisherman. From the base to the lake only a few minutes walk away.

Where to fish on lake Volgo

In a shallow grassy bays hiding in the thickets of the Volga hordes of sharp-toothed predators. But to catch pike, perch or walleye, even in such a fertile place for them too, should be able. Much depends on the knowledge of specific habitats in sharp-toothed. So don’t be shy, if you appeared for the first time on this lake. Ask at the expense of local fishermen, they are people friendly, willing to prompt fish places. Most likely, you will be advised to go to the upper Volga dam, where a huge amount of discharged together with water Malek is going to a squadron of predators. Judge Judy-or Judith Sheindlin, as she goes by when she’s not on television-is looking forward to nesting in Newport, Rhode Island, at the aptly named

The story about fishing on lake Volgo

Me (the story will lead one of the authors) is often reminded of a wonderful incident that happened with my friend Victor on a fishing trip a year ago on the Volga. In two boats we slowly crept to one of the many shallow creeks. The weather was wonderful, although under the evening sky on the horizon tightened gray clouds. Thunderstorm, most likely, could erupt at night, so we took our time on base, despite the fact that the Cape was left in the car.

We anchored next to you, turning backs to each other, and immediately began to sh in areas of water along the grass. I teased the predator long silver “long”, while Victor chose somehow ordinary domestic “spoons” type “Moscow”.

At first the advantage was clearly on my side: the pair pound jacks already bucked at the bottom of a well-worn “omega”. And I was about to call Victor to show off the catch, before dropping the pike in the tank, suddenly heard behind, in the distance, loud and sharp slap on the water. I turned around. The first thing I saw was pressed to the water finely vibrating the tip of a spinning friend. And then I noticed how tense the back of a mighty Victor. My friend – the strong man, straightens a bent ice pick, a slight movement of the hands. But then!.. I feared for Viktor, knowing that on the other end of the line under the water lurks a real monster. If Victor before leaving for the evening dawn would not bet on the spinning super fishing line diameter of 0.3 mm, than made me laugh, it is likely to hold now on the line would have been certain.

At this time, the clutch does not creaked, as usual, and just screamed, probably out of admiration for the power of the enemy. As he tried instantly sweaty Victor to lift the spinning over the water, the good of his efforts was not enough. Brake clutch continued to scream, stretched a string line was ready to break at any moment. And then a miracle happened.

First, the tip of the rod slowly but surely crept up to the frowning before the storm the sky. Then my friend, bewildered was in an unequal struggle, has become higher and higher to raise the spinning, pumping the fish. I even at a distance felt a sigh of relief Victor. There is no doubt that now he is this monster can handle it.

Strange, but fish were moving in the direction of our boats almost without a struggle. And if I did not see how rapidly a moment ago slipped away into the water line, you would think that we are moving up from the bottom log. I have long put aside your old “Abu” and silently watched the scene.

Victor was sitting in the boat now almost sideways to me, turning towards open water. I saw the fishing line gradually filled the remaining on the spool notch. Clutch occasionally creaked, but now weak and rare. We were the last meters. Once under the surface of the water began to emerge the outlines of a predator, Victor reached for the landing net, but soon realized that he is useless – the fish just won’t fit into it.

It was a real monster with a length of 1.5 m: dark, almost black back, huge head. The distance between man and fish has become critical. Both stopped. The ellipse rods formidable bow tie stood on the bluish background of the forest. Those few seconds while your opponents silently studied each other, seemed like an eternity. Bagaric would be the moment! But, first, we have the boat hook was not, and secondly, unlikely to be pike agreed to move at least a few inches to the boat.

The first recovered fish: unexpectedly rapid for such a big reversal, a powerful tail strike, explosion spray, okatyshi from head to toe my friend, and again painfully familiar nasty song clutch of the exhausted coil.

Pike torpedo flashed past my “omega”, then suddenly changed direction, leaping almost on poltulovischa out of the water, jerked in the air a terrible huge head, freed from the gleaming steel spinners, then angrily flopped in his element and was gone forever. About the mental state of my friend, I will not tell. I can only say that to talk about that fishing for some reason he does not like.

That’s what sometimes things happen with our brother angler. And not in the lower reaches of the Volga, not in the Siberian wilderness, and not so far from Moscow! Oh, you always have to be prepared for the unexpected meeting. Then inadvertently ask themselves the question: “maybe the Volga starts with the Volga?”

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