Locate And Catch Spring Bass

Brian sets up 5 rods to help target every depth range in his home lake confidently. From jerkbaits to finesse rigs, Brian will show you how and where to fish some of his favorite springtime baits.

Brian Latimer showcases where, when, and how to catch big spring bass. In this video, B-Lat hits his local waters to do some spring prespawn bass fishing and dial in the bite.

B-Lats Favorite Spring Baits


Brian rigs the Z-Man Big TRD in Green Pumpkin Goby onto a 1/5oz Finesse Shroomz jig head. This combo draws first blood in this video as Brian targets deep water spotted bass.

Brian feels that the larger profile TRD soft plastic helps get bites from bigger fish and the heavier jig head weight allows him to detect bites with better sensitivity.

Z-Man Finesse TRD

”Pull up on any rocky point and you can catch a fish on a TRD” – B Lat

When Brian pulls up to a sandy flat section of the lake, he picks up the Finesse TRD to target fish sitting on a transition area on the edge of the sand flat.

The small profile and easy to fish natural continually draws big bites from even the wisest bass. During a calm day on a clear lake, when the water looks like glass. There are few better baits than a Ned Rig.

Strike King KVD Jerkbait

The KVD Jerkbait is a workhorse of a lure perfect for targeting bass during the beginning and later stages of the spawn. Bass need to fuel up before and after the spawn and minnows happen to be one of their favorite meals. Brian chooses a jerkbait to help mimic herring during this time.

Jerkbait Fishing Tips
  • Fish jerkbaits over points, drops, or bank transition areas
  • Tie on a jerkbait when fish are suspended in the water column
  • Fish jerkbaits before and after the spawning period
  • Jerkbaits work great on 10-12lb fluorocarbon
Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad

The Baby Bull Shad helps mimic the preyfish swimming in Brians home lake. They look and swim exactly like what bass are feeding on. Whenever you see shad busting on the surface, it’s a good time to tie on the Bucca Baby Bull Shad.

Z-Man SlingBladeZ

Brian rigs Z-Man SlingBladez spinnerbait to target shallow water bass in stained of muddy water. The added flash and vibration helps draw strikes from early spring bass whose vision is restricted from the dirty water. Look for hard cover like wood, docks, and bushes located close to the bank.

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