News from the opening of the season

The long-awaited beginning of the season of fishing from boats, as expected, accompanied by many emotions, both positive and negative.

The reason for the latter not only in the nibble fish or in the summer weather with heat, hurricanes, and the murky water, but in the consequences of human actions.

Repeats pattern characteristic of the last few years. Once again “clarified” that the fish was not enough. With the exception of small ponds and lakes that are periodically replenished artificially carp.

The ongoing debate on the ban of trolling in a particular region. Anglers are actively discussing poaching, but catch-pike, perch and Chub. Like every year, expectations are ahead of reality.

Because the fish is unaware of the removal of restrictions on fishing and not supported by enthusiastic anglers. In this case, of course, about the predators, but with peaceful fish, many related disappointments. No longer “working” time-tested places and points due to the fact that conditions change, so that the fish slowly but surely destroyed.

Sounds sad, but the most stable and predictable results for those anglers who have adapted to fishing in reservoirs under constant pressure from poachers. On the small rivers have long to catch a single pike or bream was the successful completion of fishing.

Pleased with the carp, despite the fact that, in many places, this fish continued to spawn. Near the shore were flocks occupied with spawning, and bite a little deeper the exact same size carp and crucians. Biting temporarily turned from summer to spring. That is the most important thing was not a bait and quality tackle, and hit the worm on the hook under the nose of the fish.

But in General, everywhere the character of fish became the summer, that is, the fish began to feed and peck at certain intervals. And these periods are becoming shorter. Already there are days when the fish are biting only at the sunrise and at night. Increasingly have to experiment with lures is becoming more important as the bait and the ability to use it.

There are periodic bursts of activity from the bream and white bream. Very active bass, which is now caught everywhere and on everything, that’s just the size of the fish is not very impressive.

Traditionally at this time the most difficult to find walleye. The task is complicated by the fact that the last point may not work. In this sense, it is easier to catch in rivers than in reservoirs.

But the opening of the bathing season in the Central regions traditionally causes additional inconveniences and even dangers for everyone on the water and in the water: the waters move and carry boats of different caliber, run by people of questionable sanity.


The atmosphere in General is comfortable for leisure and professional fishing. The fish are biting as the coast edge, and watering and exit from the pits. The outcome is determined by how well the chosen location and depth of fishing with this weather condition.

At the sunrise the bream with roach approach the coast, where they easily can catch the usual centrifugal rod. Very good fishing the feeder at night and at relatively small distances.

Zander fell back and stood at the pits, the pike prefers smaller places and smaller lures. At the edge of riparian vegetation across large bream.


Here the changing weather stirred up the fish, not just roach, perch and small carp, but also pike. In the last days of the decade everywhere caught near the shore on the ground about a meter in depth.

It is noteworthy that the nature of the bite was almost the same as in small ponds, and large and deep quarries. Fish temporarily became very active, which was immediately evident in its reaction to the bait.

Started working flavored compositions with a relatively high content of large edible fractions. One to two kilograms of bait mixture for a day of fishing just not enough small urban ponds.

In a deep quarry it is necessary to use 3-4 kg of the mixture, diluted with the same amount of land. However, it should be noted that some quarries because of the recent cold snap the water is transparent like glass, so the fish do not bite during the day in Sunny weather.


In larger rivers, fishing is really only during the week or when it rains. The fish still took a more or less permanent. Displacements occur under the influence of changes in water level, the strength of the flow and pressure of anglers.

In larger rivers, it becomes less and less areas where you can more or less guaranteed to catch a decent size predator. The preservation of the remains of large fish rather contributes to the saturation of the market tackle the “junk” lures from the category “costume jewelry”.


Pleased to note that agriculture, which supports a herd of active trout and pike, “dragged” to their waters a lot of anglers who are concerned about the narcissism. On the small rivers became a little calmer. Small trout caught. With a pike that was to be expected, those who knows how to catch.

About the same as most other fish, such as carp, carp, tench. Those who chooses to tackle at the behavior of the fish catches are much better than those wings gear under the hair.

Nice sturgeon caught, only prices for the same fish, the same fish can vary by almost two times.

In General, on paid reservoirs became more enjoyable. Decreased pressure from the not too skillful lovers “freebies”.

The carp bite is always and everywhere, but you have to discover correctly and purposefully lure to catch.

Many are already fed up with pulling Karpov and moved into the camp of hunters for predators, roach and bream.

Diversity will soon add the mushrooms.

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