Report about fishing 23.06.2018

Friday night decided to hold on to the pond in search of a striped predator. A day earlier, is already “running” on the opposite Bank covered with aquatic vegetation failed to earn a single bite, only a small drawstring tempted by valleron Megabass ION.

Yesterday I glanced towards the beach and thought to get to him, but unfortunately failed. So today, the main goal was to survey the beach.

Oblaivanie coastal areas was complicated by gusty strong wind.

Weather in the southern Urals this summer, unfortunately not a happy warmth.

“Poiskovik” I usually use the lure Relax Kopyto, in the amount of 1 inch, and a pre – “cooked”, to use it with the minimum scales of 0.5-1 Gy.

Make your first casts, one, two, three…one of the cast felt the bite, small chatter bait, hooking…empty…space…the bass picks up the bait again, and this time it manages to hook in.

Small kusochek barely managed to cram in my mouth inch vibrohvosta.


After the first capture of immediately successive bait for Fanatik Raider, in the amount of 1.6 inches, and color #008, on the head 1 C.

Make your first casts, and perch not long to persuade, get a bite, which is very difficult to implement because of the small size of the predator, the only way a long pause, with the aim of giving the “jammed” the lure perch.

Little by little the process starts getting better and stable fishing. Wiring in dual some jetés, or a slow drag along the bottom brings results.

Part silicone crustaceans in the result of catching said goodbye to his limbs. Claw – a weak spot, and small perch easily separates them.

Therefore, to save the “silicone” decides to go to the bait Fanatik Larva, in the amount of 1.6 inches, and the color to #023. Fewer protruding parts, limbs, gave hope for reducing the consumption of silicone

But after changing the bait, the bite was just like switched off. In 10 minutes, not a single bite. Why, color, size, secret!!!

Decide to go back to silicone crustaceans, and try to catch the bait without end, give her animation in the form of a shake during lifting, bites are present but in smaller amounts.


Fortunately by nightfall the wind began to subside and I started to think about using the jig.

Hastily tie on a jig, and in the form of a nozzle using silicone bloodworms from Lucku John Extra Blood Worm.

Make your first casts, the flight range in comparison with a jig fishing of course less, and “mortising” is usually catching “feet”.

Immediately starts biting. Nano bass that tugged at my bait silicone now can easily swallow the lure.

Doing the wiring pelagic, with a shiver and pauses of 1-3 seconds. And almost every cast from the water goes to the pinstripes.

Fishing spoil the fluff which sticks to the cord and there is a possibility of the formation of beard. Therefore it is necessary from time to time exhausting the cord from the spool and clear it out.

But in spite of this you decide to still with half an hour to wander along the beach. Little snapper allows you to catch only the lure, definitely pushing the boundaries of fishing lures.

All the whales after capture and not a long photo shoot, he was pardoned.

Enough looking at the nano bass decide to go home, Pooh…well, torment only)))

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