Rules of first aid drowning

Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia Ryazan region informs residents of the region about the rules of first aid drowning.

Assistance, which was promptly provided to the person in the water can help to save his life. If You managed to get a drowning man out of the pool, put his stomach on a bent knee face down and remove the water trapped in the lungs and the trachea by repeated pressing his hand to the back.

The lack of breath the victim for 1-2 minutes can cause death.

The main signs of cardiac arrest are the absence of a pulse, dilated pupils. In this case, you need to initiate artificial respiration “mouth to mouth” and chest compressions.

After the first aid you should call a medical team or independently to deliver the victim in medical institution, to also report the incident to operational service of the Ryazan region.

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