Spring burbot in the Old port

This year for the first time learned that burbot fishing is possible in March. Usually I catch him at the Church pond in the Park Cité du Havre opposite the Old port of Montreal in November-December, until ice.

It turned out that the burbot remained in the places of spawning at the port and not in a hurry to leave for their summer home.

In mid-March, I went to the study place, but the fishery caught up ice and catch was difficult. Besides, it was after a heavy snowfall. In the end, I tonight had caught nothing, but my fishing partner pulled out a few burbot, which confirmed the version that burbot still spinning in the Old port. Decided to wait until the weather improves and the water is clear.

A trip from March 24: arrived at 7 PM, I thought that the lighter even walleye can bite… But Zander was not. The first bite Nalimov went around 8 PM, when fully dark. Up to 9 hours pulled 8 burbot and another one went. The water is very clean, burbot bite aggressively.

Caught on smelt. The ice continued to catch up from the St. Lawrence, but less fish. Noticed that when it came, the wind drove away a little of the ice from the shore, then it calmed down and the ice floes became larger. Overall, it was a great outlet for burbot.

A trip from March 25: no ice at all, throw the Donk was a pleasure. Little over an hour took ten burbot. The bite started around 8 PM, after dark. Caught on smelt. Made surveillance – when the water is clean, burbot cruet very well. If after rain the water is muddy, the bite worsens. In General, burbot still spinning in the Old port, so catch him at this time.

Burbot from the local fishermen is not very popular, it here few people know. The Old port burbot comes only in winter to spawn, ie here he is hanging out 3-4 months, and then diverges along the river on summer Parking.

A couple burbot burbot caught with parasites. But I like burbot the fact that when skin tightening “stocking”, then all the parasites that get under the skin, immediately visible and easily removed.

Observations about tips: I have used smelt in two sizes. Most that I usually use for pike on the imitation fish, burbot well been swallowed on the lower hook (sliding snap leash about 30cm), i.e., when the bait lay on the bottom. Burbot deeply swallows the bait, the hook at the same time to get difficult.

Small smelt on smaller hooks the fish well attacked, when the nozzle slightly lifted above the bottom (dull snap with sinker and two leashes). With this method only one time burbot have time to deeply suck in the bait, in other cases, the hook was in the corner of the mouth and easy to get.

Until 1 April you can catch on dead fish, and then only on worms. Burbot and eats well. So I think that is still some time to catch burbot in the spring the ground is quite real.

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