Student holidays

Came with student holidays, and my son, returning to the native land, wished to go with his father fishing. And the Pope need only this: there is a great opportunity to talk with Sonny after a long separation, and at the same time to indulge in your favorite hobby.

And here we are at the pond where you can catch almost everything, starting bleak and ending with the catfish. Dawn was glorious. Not hot and not cold, the sun is on the rise and the calm. Only the splashes of fish, Yes the chirping of birds breaking the serene water of the lake and complete silence. We also joined the “troublemakers”, adding the painting a few strokes with the splash of oars and creak of oarlocks.

First, we decided to drive on water grassland predator battle-proven reliable whips Korean – Hektor and Kola. And as a bait ball chosen is well proven domestic “edible” silicon imported with the name the Red Machine.

Boy striped and spotted-toothed girls don’t have to wait long. And my almost grown boy, squealing from yet another puppy enthusiasm, excitedly pulled out to fresh air then perch, pickerel. I thus managed not only to give valuable guidance, but also to organize a photo shoot.

But not just so remained for centuries the words of king Solomon: “this too shall pass. And it will pass”. The biting pretty quickly came to naught, and the soul (in our case – one for two) demanded continuation of the Banquet. And we has. No, not what many thought. We grabbed the float rod and decided to try his hand at another genre. For this was in comfort, having thrown as bait a couple of handfuls Smychka.

And this “invited to the Banquet” more than a dozen selected ounce of platic who desperately resisting, every time did not want to come out into the light of pond depths than brought to us, the fishermen, the pleasure in its purest form.


The holiday of a lifetime could last longer, but the July Jari has become has become too much about yourself to understand, but it is not had to taste us or the small fry. It’s time to pull up stakes – literally and figuratively.

Day in all senses failed. My son had rested; though we fish in is not supported, thoroughly talked, enjoyed numerous bites and perpetuation of the memory of our minipedia the final photo shoot on the beach. And at the same time the younger Rybak’s performance in the role of tooperator, not wanting to force any youth complexes show the city and the world its in General photogenic face. Had for all to be answerable to the Pope!

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