The biggest pike in the world

Most of the population of the planet the male spends a lot of time on the banks of ponds, waiting for the fish to bite the fish.

And some of them had a chance to catch a fish of impressive size, which is then photographed and the pictures along with the stories and legends left in the network.

But mostly it’s just a legend. But there is official data, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, and the biggest pike and not even one of them will be discussed in our article.

The biggest pike in the world facts book of records
  1. In 1930 was the first recorded the biggest pike in Russia, and also for the first time officially recorded the capture of a pike, the weight of which was 35 kg Place of fish catch was lake Ilmen. Many fishermen say that this is not isolated cases, but they’re just silent about success because you’re afraid of too much noise and confiscation of catch.
  2. In the state of new York on the St. Lawrence river have been caught pike-muskellunge, weighing in at 32 kg, the fishermen were not able to pull the catch out, so they had to help the boat.
  3. In Sortavala was recorded the fact of catching the biggest pike, weighing 49 kg, as bait used was live bait, pike is also not small in size, and to be precise it is 5 kg.
  4. In the lake Uldah, which is located in the North was caught a huge pike, the weight of which amounted to 56 kg .
  5. The significant facts of catching pike on lake Ladoga and in the Ukraine too, but her weight was not very impressed, which is not true about the age. Official sources report that the oldest pike in the world lived for about 33 years.
  6. It is an interesting case, which occurred in the Netherlands, there to catch the predator, the length of which was 120 cm, and vivarelli her attention for 10 minutes. Fish were released in their native element immediately after photos and measurements.
  7. And here relatively recently, in 2011, Canada had recorded the capture of a pike long, 118 cm, which is just a few days beat the anglers on the St. Lawrence river, catch the predator 130 cm inches in length.
The biggest pike in the world

A huge pike always was and will be the subject of fables, legends, and stories that compose the fishermen for several centuries. The most sensational legend that Germany had caught the biggest pike in the world. Her weight was 140 kg and a length of 5.7 meters. Also there is mentioned about the record age of fish, which amounted to 270 years, is based on information obtained through the ring that was put on the fish in 1230 on the orders of Emperor Frederick II.

The skeleton of this fish was in the Museum of the city of Mannheim for quite a long time, delighting the eyes of tourists and without disturbing anyone. But one day the scientists decided to verify the authenticity of the exhibit. And proved that it is just build bones from a few dozen predatory fish of smaller size. So it’s not more than a legend.


But despite stories of this kind, a giant pike is and always recorded by representatives of Guinness Book of world Records. About the official data we talked above, so I think I duplicated it makes no sense, but still pay some attention to the large pike caught in Russia.

Huge pike caught in Russia

Record pike in Russia is considered to be predators that lived to be 20 years old and weigh 16 kilograms. Most of these trophies are caught on lake Ladoga. But the fishermen constantly silent about them, nativirus the fact that the fish will take and we get nothing.

The biggest pike caught in Russia was caught and officially registered at the above Ladoga lake near the city of Sortavala, the fish weighed a whopping 49 kilos 200 grams,and was caught on live bait – pike weighing 5 kg, which just caught on Wobbler and dragged to the shore.

The biggest pike in the world photo

Angler from Germany named Stephan Gockel broke the previous record, while fishing in the Netherlands. He managed to catch a pike of 120 cm long, and vivarelli he pretty quickly, about 10 minutes. Fisherman surpassed the previous record holder is only 2 centimeters. Fish were captured, measured and released in their native element.

In Canada, a fisherman named mark Hutton, purposefully hunted for a trophy, and September 26, 2011 he still caught it. Long large predator were 1.18 meters, which is only 2 cm less than the previous catch.


It records that relate to the normal pike, but I think many of you may be interested in and its American cousin, the pike, the muskellunge. Angler mark Carlson of Rockford caught a copy of 132 cm in length and weighing about 27 pounds. The biggest pike in the world was caught by trolling and vyvazhivanii about 15 minutes. Traditionally, our American colleagues, the trophy was photographed and released.

No less significant is the record was set was set by Michael Fargona on the St. Lawrence river in the U.S. he also caught trolling maskinonge length 130 cm

I would like to provide more information about record pike of Russia, but alas, reliable sources of information to find in our country pretty hard. What is the same pike Putin, which has become another “sadhana” from all your favorite and popular media.

Fishing for large pike video

Videos about fishing giant pike on the river Cloudberries on the artificial frog, Walker and Jitterbug. Interesting video, which shows a few techniques and tactics of fishing, but perfectly visible bite big pike and fish.

Video compilation of world records of catch pike of large size. In a nutshell, this is a photo of a large pike, which is decorated in the style of slide show and is accompanied by music. But many of you came here to see the photos, so I thought a video would be interesting to all.

If to speak briefly about videos, this two-minute video, stuffed with foul language that accompanies the playing of a pike, weighing approximately 15 pounds. Oh, the court added? That because it’s exciting to watch, and caught our Russian fishermen, so it’s much more interesting foreign movies.

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