The pike fishing how to choose the location, time and bait

Pike fishing – how to choose the location, time and bait. How to choose the time and place of the pike? What bait works best?

Fishing was engaged in by our ancestors. Naturally they fished for what to use it for food and could not even think about what the place will be fishing in the list of entertainment that will be drafted by their descendants. Entertainment is an action aimed at the removal of brain fatigue from the daily routine.

Today, a large number of people believe classes, which brings them pleasure in their hobby. One of such activities is fishing. There are different kinds of fishing and each one brings its effect satisfaction. Float fishing can be compared to meditation, their strength is to calm the body and the liberation of the mind from extraneous information. But there is another group of people who enjoy the adrenaline. The feeling among the fishermen is directly related to pike fishing.

The correct choice of time and place of fishing for a good catch.

It is no secret that each fish species has its specific period of time when she had a particular bite. Why every self-respecting fisherman should be able to choose the time and place of fishing. Time to pick up is not difficult, because pike can be caught year round. But I still think that in the autumn it is most active. The sun in this period of time is not so heats the water. Fallen leaves floating downstream, like the fish of the protracted winter. Therefore, our beauty and begins the hunt in pursuit of the accumulation of vital substances in her system.

Regarding the choice of place, here all depends on the area where we plan to catch. Pike picks the places that are suitable for masking. These include : snags , deep holes , aquatic thickets of a specific reservoir. A large predator should look close to snags and at depth. The smaller instances, an ambush off the coast, hiding among aquatic plants. Pike are such species: common, striped, Amur and red.

The types of baits and lures for pike.

Once the fishing location chosen, you should turn to your fishing Arsenal. As a rule, it consists of baits and lures. To baits are spinners, turntables, wobblers and silicone fish.

Catching pike on the lure.

Trolling, is an old antiquated method. And now many anglers use spinners of the old production. Spinners come in different shapes, length and weight. Baubles will Shine in the sun. It is especially useful for those who are still very little aware of spinning fishing. The opportunity to spend it with different speed and way is the main advantage of spinners. Even the most inexperienced fisherman with it can attract the attention of pike.

Catching pike on the spinner.

The chopper also has a different size, color and weight. Its advantage is that it can be done in places where a very dense concentration of algae growing from the bottom of the reservoir. Characteristic for it is spin and Shine. Transaction commit at different speeds , but the most effective consider it slow , lifting the turntable from the bottom and carrying it not long in a horizontal position again given the opportunity to sink to the bottom . Typically the pike reacts to the reduction of bait on either a sharp move to the upside.

Catching pike on a Wobbler.

Wobbler is not a bait, its characteristic feature is an unusual movement. With his game he reminds pike wounded prey. This type of bait also different in color and form. But the most important difference can be seen in the fact that it is designed to dive to a certain depth. This suggests that when fishing Wobbler, you need to know what the bottom topography of this area of the reservoir. With proper wiring you can achieve very impressive results. If you are unsure of your wiring, and no bites, it should ensure that the bait is not damaged and is working properly. Wobbler is a lure that is situated to damage. Be very careful with their operation.

In its Arsenal of many fishermen hold the same lure as the Popper. In your choice when using Popper fishermen guided by the fact that pike like to feed in the thickets, complicating his capture. Popper’s easily possible to spend over the grass. Pike reacts to movement and jumps out of the water for prey.

When fishing for pike on spinning, you need to use teachingby wiring method. At its core, this transaction is accompanied by jerks. Jerks these skilful fisherman does with his brush, not with spinning. Teachingby transactions can be monotonous, rhythmic and chaotic. Monotony is the order of pauses and jerks in the rhythm of the cyclical repetition of jerks and pauses, but the randomness depends on the choice of the angler.

Pike fishing with soft lures.

In addition to all this, there are soft lures. In my experience the most productive fishing has been in the use of such baits. They also have a kind of color, size and sensitivity of the tail. Versatility is their main advantage. Using silicone baits can be successfully sh as deep space and shallow water. The secret when using this wiring. Each fisherman originally. Learn fishing the silicone is not difficult, the main thing to understand is that when posting bait should periodically gently down to the bottom.

Unlike spinners, wobblers and turntables it is soft, it is said that a pike after the attack did not immediately realize that the bait is artificial. The tail on these baits is very sensitive. The movement of this lure as close as possible to the movement of this production. Often a pike attacking a lure for its smooth dip or a sharp movement to the upside. There are speed and uniform wiring for silicone lures. It is important when fishing the silicone is part of the experimental fishing.

Catching pike on live bait.

Live bait fishing is most effective, it is performed using zherlits. Imitation fish use in the winter time. The most important moment in this fishing is that the imitation fish can be installed in such areas, during the warmer time of the year hard to reach when fishing from the shore. As a rule, they are placed in close proximity to snags and deep holes. In winter the predator is less active. It is difficult to catch on artificial lures. Installing imitation fish, I prefer a medium size roach. But really you should consider when choosing live bait on the characteristics of the reservoir and which fish is most common in it.

And there is a trolling method of fishing. It is used in the use of boats. The whole process is in tow bait. The key point is that this method enables the pike at the same time for a few rods that are fixed on the craft. This method is mainly used in huge reservoirs and that’s a topic for another article…

The pike fish.

Pike are a strong fish, so when vyvazhivaete, problems can occur. For that would be to avoid them, you should remember that you can not give the line slack. Also, if the attack occurred, and the pike on the hook, you should not make mindless moves. It should be thoroughly exhausting and make you tired. Spinning should be kept at an angle of ninety degrees relative to the line, then the pressure on the fish the most. She quickly loses strength and begins to resist less energy.

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