What biting White amur

Certainly, the dream of every angler is the presence in the cage of grass carp. To catch it is quite difficult, but if you know some peculiarities of fishing then this task becomes more simple. Lets consider fishing for carp in order and to begin with, what biting carp. Because the tastes of this fish-specific and not all are known

It is best to choose fishing clear calm days. And the best season is spring and autumn, to be more precise then from may to October. During this period, forage fish are the leanest, because in may of aquatic vegetation is not enough, and in October she had a chance to settle to the bottom, and part of her is dying.

Also the Cupid is particularly active in the period of sharp warming of the water namely in summer. But then the angler lets the abundance of aquatic vegetation and fishing of the Amur river is an ordeal. To pick up the bait and the bait becomes more difficult.

But to learn that biting carp in the summer is not very difficult. You just need to watch the fishermen and to carry out several independent experiments.

I did, in the end I can say that the fish prefers:

  • the leaves of aloe (definitely need to clean them from the thorns);
  • beans and peas (in pods);
  • cucumber, diced;
  • the stem and leaves of dandelion;
  • cabbage leaves;
What better bait to add bait to Cupid

So I guess the question you got the answer. Now to help you a little with the selection of bait, here are a few important components.

The bait must contain the following components:

  • wheat;
  • corn;
  • peas;
  • anyway;
  • Motyl;
  • maggot;
  • worm.

Of course, a lot depends on the pond where you will catch. Therefore, the selection of lures and bait grass carp is strictly an individual concept, I just gave the most common components and bait. Seen, and repeatedly, if the bait is slightly raised above the bottom, it has a positive effect on the bite of the Amur river.

But, even better if you have the opportunity to buy the activator biting fishhungry and add it to the bait. Then the effect will be absolute, and the captured cupids will delight you in winter and summer, spring and autumn are of course a bit worse, but still no fish home you get back.

Many of you will say that they know what they are biting carp, and I forgot to write about it. And don’t forget, I just decided not to include in the list, and allocate separately, such as the bait shoots of reeds and algae. Because it is considered a classic and has been used successfully in most lakes and rivers.

This bait is more familiar to fish, as the cucumber in the water is unlikely to swim, but the reeds and algae is another matter.

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