5 Fishing Things You Can Do Without Leaving The Couch

Here are five productive fishing ideas to dial you in for that next fishing adventure, whenever it may be! If you’re an angler stuck at home but still eager to scratch that fishing itch, this is the list for you. We broke down five of the best fishing tasks for anglers to do from the comfort of their home.

Learn Or Perfect Fishing Knots

Realistically you only need to know a handful of knots to be a successful angler – one knot for tying line to your lure, one for tying line to line, and one loop knot for multiple purposes.

The Palomar and Clinch knot are the two most famous line to lure knots. First learn either the Palomar or Clinch knot and then move to your line to line knots. Popular line to line knots include – FG Knot, Alberto Knot, Blood Knot, and Double Uni Knot.

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Tweak Your Tackle

One way or another, I’m sure we could all benefit from spending a little time organizing or optimizing tackle.

Stock up new tackle trays, clean out old ones, or wipe down your favorite lures. Anything to spruce up the arsenal before your next fishing trip counts.

Here are few ideas for you: Swap out hooks, grease fishing reels, or customize crankbaits with a sharpie.

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Practice Casting/Flipping

Set up a flipping target in your living room!

Learning to flip and pitch with a baitcasting reel effectively is essential for target fishing shallow water bass. Under a bush, around the dock, beneath a hanging branch – the kind of spot where an overhand cast won’t cut it.

Once you can flip and skip your lure with a baitcasting combo while pinpointing casts, you’re getting close to bass hammer status.

Practice at home by getting a small target (cup, Mystery Tackle Box, or bowl) and pitching a jig into the cup. Use an underhand cast with your rod and be graceful with your casts.

Cut your hook or wrap it with tape to prevent injuries.

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Plan For A Fishing Trip

Studying maps is a great way to jumpstart an upcoming trip.

Daydreaming about fishing trips is a good thing, it puts your mind in a good place while helping you visualizing something that you love.

What’s even better? Taking that thought to the next level by planning a fishing trip. Now is a better time than ever to learn more about the bodies of water you want to fish.

Look at a lake map, read stocking reports, and skim through old fishing reports. Doing a little preparation will go a long way when it comes to planning a fishing adventure.

Sometimes, I will just go on lookup rivers that I fish on Google Maps and then scroll down them looking for unique features or access points. I’ve found some of my river fishing spots doing exactly this.

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Get Fishing Tackle Delivered

Get the best fishing tackle delivered to your door.

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