5 Things Any Outdoorsy Person Should Have In Their Wallet

Whether it’s a lack of general coordination or a series of continuous oversights – there is something about me that is accident-prone. I don’t even like holding babies until their toddlers. Carrying an infant feels like holding a caseless iPhone while standing on a latter. Just way too much could go wrong.

I’m clumsy as can be. It’s so bad that if we were to become friends, I would immediately leapfrog your clumsiest buddy. And it wouldn’t even be close, we’re talking a landslide victory.

Anyways, This past weekend I tried to open the backdoor of my aunt’s house way to aggressively and I ended up gashing the knuckle on my thumb. I assumed the door was open (it wasn’t), and my hand slipped as I tried to turn the handle. I ended up bashing my hand against a protruding edge on the door. Another bonehead move by this guy.

After a few choice words, I went looking for a first aid kit but since this wasn’t my house, I struggled in my search. After my third lap around the kitchen, my dad hollered at me from across the room.

”What are you looking for?” – He chirped without looking up from his John Sandford novel.

”A bandaid” – I replied

”I’ve got two in my wallet, you can have one. Or you can have both if you need two” – My dad said back

”I just need one. Thanks.”

My dad is one of those people who keeps a knife and lighter in his pocket at all times. He lives for that moment when someone asks for a lighter at a birthday party or a knife when trying to open a box.

Inspired by my father – here are 5 things that any outdoorsy person should carry in their wallet.

Slip a few bandaids into the back of your wallet and forget about them. They’re lightweight, handy as heck, and they don’t expire. This little hack comes in extra helpful if you have kids.


Another hack straight from my dad’s playbook. A toothpick comes in handy when in the woods snacking on a sack of jerky or when you’re back in town gearing up for that big date.

Paper Clip

There are so many functions for this little tool and they take up virtually no space in your wallet. Repair glasses, seal bags of chips, or accomplish countless other life hacks with a simple paper clip.


One of my scoutmasters once had me wrap duct tape around my water bottle about ten times before we set off on a big trip. This way, I could carry a useful amount of tape into the woods without needing to haul the entire roll.

Take an old gift card and make 8-10 wraps with either duct tape or electrical tape and carry that in your wallet. One day that little piece of tape may save your butt!

Cash Money

There aren’t any ATM’s out in the woods. Carrying cash can help you or someone else get themselves out of a jam. Fold up a twenty and stash it away somewhere in your wallet. Chances are you won’t remember it’s there until you really need it.

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