8 Father’s Day Fishing Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day and fishing go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it is only natural that Father’s Day fishing gifts would be the first thing you think of when trying to make sure your old man has a special day. While we’re sure all he REALLY wants is some alone time on the water, catch him on his way out the door with any of these fishing gifts and you’ll make him the happiest guy on earth.

Mystery Tackle Box Subscription

6 Mystery Tackle Box options available.

Cost: Varies

Hook your dad up with not one, but MULTIPLE months of Mystery Tackle Box and save 10% on your order! Get a box of baits delivered to the best dad in the world for the entire fishing season!

Father’s Day Fishing Gifts $50 & Over
Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President

Cost: $49.99-$59.99

One of the most famed spinning reels, the Pfleuger President can stand up to any presentation that calls for spinning gear. When your dad wants to put the baitcaster away for a finesse presentation, this reel is the choice for him!

13 Fishing Concept A

Cost: $174.99

The 13 Fishing Concept A is the bell cow of 13 Fishing’s line of reels. Built as an all-purpose reel you can fish fast or slow, you can add this to just about any of your favorite rods. The reel is made with a rugged, but lightweight aluminum frame. This reel will work in both freshwater and saltwater applications. Just pick the proper gear ration for your old man’s fishing style! If you’re not sure how to find the proper gear ratio, read about it here!

Father’s Day Fishing Gifts $50 & Under

A more affordable option, these Father’s Day fishing gifts still feature some of the essentials your dad will love. Not quite breaking the bank as much as the premium gifts at the top of this post, this group is for the budget conscious.

Fathers Day Specialty Box

If your dad is looking for some premium baits at an insane discount, look no further than the Mystery Tackle Box Father’s Day Box.

Father’s Day Fishing Gifts $25 and Under
MTB Twill Camo Hat

MTB Twill Camo Hat
Cost: $17.49

The MTB Camo Twill Hat is an awesome fishing hat your dad can wear for ANY of his outdoor activities! Perfect for a day on the water, mowing the lawn, or a trip to the ballpark, the digital camo is a sleek, stylish design that just screams “I’m an outdoorsman!” The twill fabric also fits like it’s been broken in the first time your dad takes it out of the box!

Mystery Gift Box

What better father’s day fishing gift could there be, besides Christmas every month? A Mystery Tackle Box loaded with bait well above the price you pay, an awesome new sticker to slap on your tackle box, and a magazine loaded with fishing tips and tricks! Unwrapping and unboxing the Mystery Tackle Box will be the best part of your dad’s day!

Fshing Shirts For Dad

Is your dad the best angler you know? Then this is the Father’s Day Fishing Gift for him. Hook him up with the MTB Elite T-Shirt so everyone else can recognize his greatness, too! The MTB Elite T-Shirt lets everyone know your dad is a top-notch angler. Plus, it’s super comfortable, so he can wear it for long days on the water!

Give Dad An MTB Gift Certificate!

MTB Gift Subscriptions

Cost: Price VariesDo you know your dad loves fishing, but just aren’t quite sure what to get him? Get him a gift certificate from Mystery Tackle Box and he can choose his own gift! Check out our gift certificate options to get your father signed up with the #1 fishing gift. You buy it, and he can customize his own gift!

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