A good Chub morning

The third day of my trip for Chub. Woke up and managed to catch the sunrise. Quickly Packed up, had coffee and went to note the roll.

This roll we noticed more since yesterday. Comrades caught it, and I only had bites and gatherings. This time I used the rod SPRUT RENZO 190UL. Fishing began with kalabalik, but they didn’t want to work. Then I noticed how someone attacked a trifle on one small sateska. Send valleron SPRUT RINI CRANK in natural color, slowly lead a Wobbler, and on the border of streams and quiet water is a long-awaited bite. But after three meters playing go fish, and it was definitely a Chub…

Continue harvesting of the shallows, but more and more often throw a Wobbler at the point where the bite was. And now, the bite is resumed! I noticed that the Chub active only in the first seconds of a fight. Hard at first resists, and then when it picks up the flow, simply drag it as a package. Load all the same RINI CRANK.

But nevertheless, this boat I was happy. Send handsome into the wild, make the next cast, posting on a similar path and again the bite! And here’s another red-finned handsome in my hands!

Here is what I have picked up the bait under the conditions. Filing in the right place and here it is the fish. Decide not to change a working decoy. And now, with a slightly different point, is more neat bite, but with a more fervent resistance. It’s on my crank coveted small pickerel. These pencils are very like to stand for.

Decide to put SPRUT RINI CRANK in an interesting greenish color. And just a dozen casts happens a confident and powerful bite. And here’s another, golovchik in my hands. He swallowed crank very deep, only the blade protruded from the mouth. Selected today wand, by the way, good job catching on cranky.

After that I was no more Chub gatherings and bites. Then I periodically prevlevel small acusat on the same crank.

Decide to walk along the river. During the transition, I had a very good bite in a typical Chub. And fish are spotted. The resistance of the stream was very strong. To the last thought caught a hefty Chub, but there it was, caught a pickerel. Well caught, grabbed the pike. Then she looked out of the water, the cord in her teeth, leap and float away with my lure.

More on transitions of contact with the fish I had. At the morning roll I manage to catch a couple okoset on the sinking minnochka SPRUT TABURO TROUT. Overall, the fishing I was very pleased.

After lunch we decided to look for new places on the river. Went downstream, were very much, very badly burned, found a couple of interesting rolls, but they were empty. So on the last day in the mood to visit all the same peracetic.

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